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Oxfam Water Week – June 11-17, 2024

Oxfam Water Week takes place from July 11 to 17 every year. The day is used to campaign for people to get access to clean, safe water all over the world. It is estimated that the number of people without access to safe water at home is about 2.2 billion. That is a very high number of people lacking a major necessity. Not having access to enough clean water can lead to health issues and can greatly lower the standard of living for people. The day raises awareness about this fact and helps to provide solutions.

History of Oxfam Water Week

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right that shouldn’t be denied to anyone. Water is essential to our survival as living organisms, so everyone in the world deserves access to clean water. A lack of adequate water can lead to illnesses like diarrhea and cholera. Moreover, extreme dehydration can lead to death. Hence, a water crisis can be very dangerous. The week is used to spread information about the state of water availability around the world. This allows conversations that can lead to solutions for the problem.

There are various factors that can lead to water scarcity in an area. This includes climatic factors like low annual rainfall, poor infrastructure, and natural disasters. These factors can lead to water vulnerability. Water vulnerability can look like having to travel a long way to find water, not having proper sanitation, not having enough water that is clean for drinking or cooking, and not being able to grow crops.

Oxfam’s Water Week gives people the opportunity to be a part of the solution to the water crisis. As people of communities, we can collectively decide to reserve water resources and reduce wastage. The holiday encourages fundraising activities to help provide clean water for people who do not have access to it. This helps to preserve human life and gradually reduce the effects of the unequal distribution of water around the world.

Oxfam Water Week timeline

Oxfam is Launched

Oxfam helps improve the lives of people all around the world by creating strategic plans for removing the inequality that causes poverty.

Oxfam Holds Greek Week

The committee raises £10,700 from the launch of Greek Week.

Charity of the Year

For the Virgin London Marathon, Oxfam is chosen as the Charity of the Year.

The GROW Campaign is Launched

Oxfam launches the GROW campaign to create a world where everyone always has enough to eat.

Oxfam Water Week FAQs

What did famine committees do?

In 1945, famine committees in the U.K. persuaded the government to let Brits send food and water parcels to Germany.

What leads to water vulnerability?

Factors that lead to water vulnerability include drought, floods, poor infrastructure, and conflict.

Which natural disaster causes water scarcity?

Typhoons and earthquakes can lead to water scarcity.

How to Observe Oxfam Water Week

  1. Conserve water

    Think of ways that you may have been wasting water and try to cut down. Conserving water is good for everybody around the world. If we collectively save water, we will help less fortunate communities gain access to clean water.

  2. Drink enough water

    If you have access to clean water, it’s a privilege you should cherish. Drink enough water every day to maintain your health and keep your body functioning properly.

  3. Make a donation

    There are many charities actively helping people facing the water crisis. A donation can help provide water to someone who needs it. Even if your community is not currently running any charity events, you can even start one by yourself. Get family and friends involved too!

5 Interesting Facts About Water

  1. Dirty water causes diarrhea

    It is estimated that diarrhea caused by dirty water leads to 800 children's deaths every day.

  2. Not all water can be used

    The water fit for consumption is less than 1% of the Earth’s supply.

  3. Getting water can be difficult

    On average, about 20% of the world’s population walks about 3.5 miles a day to get drinking water

  4. We may run out soon

    It is estimated that the world’s two most populous countries, China and India, may exceed their water supplies in less than 20 years.

  5. Water infrastructure in America is poor

    The American Society of Civil Engineers did a study and rated the country’s drinking-water infrastructure a ‘D’ in 2017.

Why Oxfam Water Week is Important

  1. It creates awareness

    The holiday helps to inform more people about the water crisis. This awareness helps bring us closer to sustainable solutions to the problem. It allows programs to run in our communities and schools, teaching everyone about the importance of clean water for our survival.

  2. It helps people

    People who are affected by the water crisis are able to receive assistance. This help can save a lot of precious lives and will aid in lowering the number of health issues cases caused by inadequate water supply.

  3. It protects the environment

    Oxfam’s campaigns encourage people to be more attentive to environmental issues. The more people care and take measures to protect the environment, the better. This shows our love for our planet as we are encouraged to work together to sustain our natural resources — for today and generations to come.

Oxfam Water Week dates

2024June 11Tuesday
2025June 11Wednesday
2026June 11Thursday
2027June 11Friday
2028June 11Sunday

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