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MonJun 3

Chimborazo Day – June 3, 2024

Chimborazo Day is celebrated on June 3 every year. Although it isn’t the tallest peak on the planet, Chimborazo mountain holds the distinction of being the highest point on Earth. It is an inactive stratovolcano in the Cordillera Occidental range of the Andes in Ecuador. The mountain is measured at an elevation of 20,000 feet, which makes it the highest mountain in Ecuador. The Chimborazo is also a top destination for mountaineers. On this day, revelers gather together to celebrate the farthest point from the Earth’s center and the spirit of mountaineering.

History of Chimborazo Day

For a long time, Chimborazo was thought to be the tallest mountain in the world. And, just like with Everest, several mountaineers have made attempts to conquer its peak. Even though Chimborazo is no longer the highest peak on Earth, the mountain plays an important role in the planet’s geography. It is one of the two key points that helped in determining the actual shape of the Earth. A Lapland team working with the French Geodesic Mission gathered data from this mountain to determine that the Earth is not a sphere but rather an oblate spheroid.

For decades, mountaineers have tried to climb the mountain and have been challenged by its intimidating height, raggedy slopes, and altitude sickness. In 1880, Edward Whymper successfully scaled the height of the entire mountain, making him the first man to climb Chimborazo. Alexander von Humboldt climbed the mountain to 19,280 feet in 1802.

Chimborazo Day is celebrated to honor the significant progress that humans have made in geography and cartography. This day also celebrates the peak that is an important part of Ecuador’s identity. It’s also a great day for adventure lovers to observe Chimborazo Day by going on a hike or mountaineering. Along with these, one can also celebrate the beauty of nature and wildlife on Chimborazo Day — it really is a day of many celebrations!

Chimborazo Day timeline

550 A.D.
Last Eruption

Chimborazo, an inactive stratovolcano, erupts for the last time.

19th Century
No Longer the Highest Peak

Geologists realize that Chimborazo is not the highest peak in the world.

Chimborazo is Explored

The volcano is explored by French academicians from the French Geodesic Mission.

A SAETA Flight Disappears

SAETA Flight 232 carrying 55 passengers disappears en route from Quito, Ecuador, to Cuenca and the aircraft is found on Chimborazo in 2003.

Chimborazo Day FAQs

Is Chimborazo higher than Everest?

No, it isn’t. But the Earth’s curvature makes it the farthest peak from the center of the Earth. 

Why is there snow on Chimborazo?

The cooler temperatures at the peak have assisted in the formation of glaciers on Chimborazo. 

When is Chimborazo Day celebrated?

Chimborazo Day is celebrated on June 3 every year.

How to celebrate Chimborazo Day

  1. Go hiking

    Not all of us are meant for mountaineering but hiking is a fun activity that can be done by most of us. Lace up your hiking boots and go on a small adventure on Chimborazo Day.

  2. Visit Chimborazo

    This is a long shot but visiting Chimborazo on its special day will make for a memorable vacation. The whole of Chimborazo is a national park, which makes it a popular tourist destination.

  3. Visit a wildlife sanctuary

    Since Chimborazo is also a national park, you might want to visit another national park or a wildlife sanctuary. This is also a day that celebrates nature and its beauty.

5 Facts About Chimborazo That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Not the highest peak in the Andes

    Contrary to popular belief, the Chimborazo is not the highest peak in the Andes in terms of elevation — in fact, it is only the 39th highest peak in the Andes.

  2. The peak has black ice

    Climbing the Chimborazo peak requires special skills and gear due to the presence of black ice on the mountain.

  3. Its peak is visible from very far

    On a bright and sunny day, some claim that Chimborazo's peak is visible from the coastal city of Guayaquil, which is about 90 miles away!

  4. The mountain also has glaciers

    The top of Chimborazo mountain is completely covered by glaciers, which are also a source of water for the populations living nearby.

  5. The Chimborazo erupts sporadically

    The average time between eruptions for Chimborazo was 1,000 years — the last eruption happened 1,400 years ago.

Why we love Chimborazo Day

  1. It’s a day for adventure lovers

    Chimborazo Day is a special day for all adventure lovers. Mountaineers and hikers love this day and often go on an adventure to celebrate. It’s also the perfect day to go on your first hike.

  2. It celebrates human achievements

    The Chimborazo played a crucial role in determining the Earth’s shape. It’s a good day to reflect on human achievements and the strides we have made in science and technology.

  3. It’s a day to be in nature

    Since a big part of celebrating Chimborazo Day is by going on hikes or visiting national parks, the day helps us to reconnect with nature. Take a moment to cherish the wildlife and nature around us.

Chimborazo Day dates

2024June 3Monday
2025June 3Tuesday
2026June 3Wednesday
2027June 3Thursday
2028June 3Saturday

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