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International Day of Argania – May 10, 2024

The International Day of Argania or International Day of the Argan Tree is a holiday observed on May 10 of every year. This day, established in 2021 by UNESCO, is celebrated in hopes of broadening people’s knowledge of argan trees and raising awareness of their environmental importance to the world.

History of International Day of Argania

Argan trees are trees located in the southwestern region of Morocco. These plants can overcome a great amount of heat and dryness and can live up to 200 years. Their height can vary between 26 and 33 feet and the circumference can reach 230 feet. Argan trees have lots of branches, from which hang argan fruit. The fruit surrounds the seeds that contain a lot of oil. This oil is used in the beauty industry as the base for many moisturizers.

Because of its economical advantages, a lot of farmers and cattle ranchers have been found around the Argania region exploiting the argan trees to make firewood and overfeeding goats and camels with the argan fruit. These exploited trees were never replanted and UNESCO declared an environmental crisis, which led to the creation of the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve. This area is under the jurisdiction of UNESCO. This same organization has posted know-how on dealing with argan oil production and other practices related to the argan tree.

Since then, the region has thrived, and locals have been able to produce quality products from the sustainable argan tree business. In 2021, UNESCO announced the creation of the International Day of Argania, to be observed every year on May 10, to promote and secure the development of argan trees in Morocco.

International Day of Argania timeline

Arganeraie is Created

UNESCO defines the southwestern region of Morocco where the argan trees grow as a biosphere reserve.

Inscribing at UNESCO

“Argan, practices, and know-how concerning the argan tree” is inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity at UNESCO.

The 2030 Agenda

The U.N. and many countries adopt the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The first International Day of Argania

UNESCO sets May 10 as the International Day of Argania, to be celebrated annually.

International Day of Argania FAQs

Where does argan oil come from?

Argan oil comes from the fruit of the argan tree, which mainly grows in Morocco.

Where does the argan tree grow?

Argan trees grow in semi-deserts where it doesn’t rain a lot, in the southwestern region of Morocco, near the Sahara desert.

Is argan a fruit?

Yes! The argan fruit is very firm and thick and it kind of looks like an apple!

How to Observe International Day of Argania

  1. Visit the argan region

    If you’re able to do so, go see the trees for yourself in the argan region in southwestern Morocco! Not only will their height astound you, but so will their beauty.

  2. Post on social media

    Write a post on social media all about the importance of argan trees to the Moroccan people and the preciousness of argan oil! Don’t forget the hashtag #internationaldayofArgania

  3. Draw an argan tree

    You can always look up a photo of an argan tree online and try to replicate the image by drawing it on a piece of paper. Show it off to all your friends and family!

5 Interesting Facts About Argan Trees

  1. They are ancient

    Argan trees are estimated to have grown on Earth around 80 million years ago!

  2. They are at risk

    Farmers and cattle ranchers have been known to exploit argan trees to use as firewood and feed camels and goats, but never plant any other trees back.

  3. Argan oil is a great moisturizer

    Did you know that argan oil is used by local women to counter the dryness in their skin caused by the Moroccan heat?

  4. Goats love argan fruit

    Tourists visit the argan region every year to watch goats jumping on the tree branches to try and get a bite of argan fruit.

  5. They are tall

    Argan trees can reach up to 33 feet in height!

Why International Day of Argania is Important

  1. It raises awareness

    It’s so important to raise awareness of how much our planet needs its plants and animals. We should always stay on the lookout for environmental and sustainable actions.

  2. It puts argan trees in the spotlight

    When else would we get the chance to talk about argan trees? This day is important because it allows us to focus on this great plant.

  3. It brings us together for a cause

    It’s easy for us to feel disconnected from the people around us. But whenever we get together for such an honorable cause, we feel just a little bit happier.

International Day of Argania dates

2024May 10Friday
2025May 10Saturday
2026May 10Sunday
2027May 10Monday
2028May 10Wednesday

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