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SatMay 10

National Golf Day – May 10, 2025

National Golf Day is celebrated every May 10 of the year. Seasoned golfers, today is perfect to get those golf clubs out of their dusty storage and tee off on the green. Novices and amateurs, don’t worry, the day is as much for you as it is for the pros. This special day actively encourages more people to take up the sport. Over the years, industry leaders in the U.S. have worked to make golf more accessible and affordable since most people consider the sport elitist and very expensive. The good news? Golf participation has increased dramatically, particularly during the 2020 pandemic wherein the need for outdoor recreation spiked up. National Golf Day reinforces the sport’s emotional, social, physical, and environmental benefits. It is a day to remember that this excellent sport could be for everyone.

History of National Golf Day

The official creator and origin of National Golf Day are still under discussion within the community. What we do know for sure is that the game has come a really long way. The earliest golf game dates back to 15th century Scotland, although in a quite unfamiliar figure. Golf looked vastly different way back — people using clubs or bent sticks to hit a pebble around tracks or dunes. The game was wildly popular across Scotland but eventually became a problem. The passionate pursuit of golf led many people to neglect military training when the English invasion loomed. Due to this, King James II and the Scottish Parliament banned the game entirely. However, most golf enthusiasts responded by ignoring the order.

In 1502, the game of golf received royal approval when Scotland’s King James IV took to the game, becoming the world’s first golfing monarch. His love for the game laid the foundations for what would become one of the greatest sports in the world. Although played by the likes of royalty, golfing equipment at the time was simple. Golfers were using handmade wooden clubs made from beech wood until the 1700s. Golf balls were not accurate since they were essentially feathers wrapped in horsehide. Rumor has it that players even experimented with wooden golf balls.

The 19th century saw the rise of the British empire. As the country’s political ambitions reached all corners of the globe, golf followed suit. The game found large fan followings in many countries. Years later, the Industrial Revolution would shake up economies and restructure the traditional social fabric. The railways allowed ordinary folks to travel outside their towns and discover new worlds — the world of golf is one of them. Golf clubs began to spring up everywhere in the countryside. Enterprises also harnessed the power of machines to manufacture clubs and balls commercially. The game became an official phenomenon and accessible to more people.

In 1894, golf lovers in the U.S. established the United States Golf Association (U.S.G.A.) to regulate the game. Within five years, 1,000 golf clubs appeared across the country. Since then, the U.S. has remained the center and heart of professional golf. Among other objectives, National Golf Day aims to make golf more inclusive.

National Golf Day timeline

The Birth of Golfing Standards

The first 18-hole golf course comes up in St Andrews, Scotland — establishing the foundations for official standards of the game.

The Game Goes International

The first golf club outside the U.K. opens in Bangalore, India.

A Sporting Obsession Begins

More than 1,000 official golf clubs are formed throughout the United States.

More Golf Players Than Ever Before

In the U.S. 3.2 million people play golf for the first time — mostly women and people of non-Caucasian descent.

National Golf Day FAQs

When did Tiger Woods turn pro?

Woods is one of the greatest golf athletes the world has ever seen. He turned professional in 1996 and has been smashing records ever since.

How do you celebrate National Golf Month?

National Golf Month in the United States is annually observed in August. The best way to celebrate is by playing the game. Make time for a fun game with co-workers, friends, or family. Better still, plan a golfing trip someplace outside town.

Which golfer has the most holes in one?

California’s Norman Manley holds the distinction of making 59 holes in one over his 15-year career. The odds of any golfer making a hole-in-one are a slim ratio of 125,000 to one.

National Golf Day Activities

  1. Play golf

    Dust off those golf clubs and hit the greens today! Enjoy a blissful morning or afternoon game with friends or family.

  2. Learn golf

    Never played golf before? Start your journey today. Sign up for classes at a practice range near you.

  3. Register for a tournament

    Look up tournaments in your area and sign up to play. You could also register for charity golf tournaments. Nothing better than playing your favorite sport to support a cause you love.

5 Interesting Facts About Tiger Woods

  1. How he got his name

    His father named him after a friend and army compatriot, Col. Vuong Dang Phong, also called Tiger.

  2. His first hole in one

    Woods was only eight years old when he made his first hole-in-one at Heartwell Golf Course in California.

  3. He is not a graduate

    Woods attended Stanford University but dropped out to play professional golf.

  4. Among the wealthiest athletes in the world

    Woods was the first to become a billion-dollar sportsman.

  5. Record breaker and maker

    Woods has won 82 PGA tournaments, tied only with Sam Snead for the most victories in the history of professional golf.

Why We Love National Golf Day

  1. For the love of the game

    What golf means to golfers is tough to put down in words. It involves everything — the feeling of being out in the green, the triumphs, the high stakes. Golf is a continual battle with the self and nobody else.

  2. Sporting and cultural heritage

    Golf is not just a sport but a way of life in the United States. We celebrate this incredible game today and how it brings people together.

  3. Life lessons

    From perfecting skills to developing the right temperament — a game of golf is a lesson in life itself. At its best, golf is a constant endeavor toward self-betterment and overcoming adversity.

National Golf Day dates

2025May 10Saturday
2026May 10Sunday
2027May 10Monday
2028May 10Wednesday
2029May 10Thursday

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