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SatMay 10

National Clean Your Room Day – May 10, 2025

With the exception of people who are born organized neat freaks, we can all admit our rooms can get chaotic from time to time. To the delight of parents and more polished family and friends, May 10 is National Clean Your Room Day. Research into the holiday doesn’t reveal who founded it, but for those of us who may need it (or have family, friends, and roommates who do), it’s nice to have a holiday that reminds us to get our act together — starting with our rooms!

National Clean Your Room Day timeline

2800 B.C.
Soap Use Becomes Common

Soap is first used by Babylonians to clean pots and pans.

0 A.D.
Religious Cleaning Customs

Various religions practice cleaning rituals before important holidays.

The Origins of Spring Cleaning in America

Spring cleaning originates from having to clean homes during spring because using fireplaces and rudimentary heaters during winter would leave homes with a layer of soot.

The Feather Duster is Invented

A farmer in Iowa invents the feather duster by taking turkey feathers to factory and requesting that they make a brush out of this.

May 2010
One of the Earliest Blog Posts

Although the creator of this day of cleanliness is unknown, one of the earliest blog posts about this day is written.

National Clean Your Room Day Activities

  1. Make sure your parents also clean their room

    Children and teenagers are usually the culprits of messy rooms, but some kids have messy parents. Even if they aren't messy, it's fun watching parents complain about doing chores too.  You can even help your parents decide which old items of theirs they should throw out or donate!

  2. Redecorate your room

    If you think about cleaning as a boring chore, then make a plan for how you could redecorate your room as you clean it. Maybe you could rearrange furniture, add plants, or posters, or you could decide if there's a theme you'd like for your room. Plus, you can give yourself an incentive to keep your room clean for long after May 10.

  3. Celebrate cleanliness

    Once you're finished cleaning, go out and celebrate your clean room. Hey, it's hard for some of us to stay organized and on top of cleanliness, so choose something you'll use to treat yourself once you're done. Maybe you can go to a nice restaurant, buy yourself something nice, or get a new accessory that can shine in your clean space.

Why We Love National Clean Your Room Day

  1. Cleaning your room can make you feel more relaxed

    Having a day to clean your room lets you put things in a particular place, organize, and can help you feel more relaxed because you'll know where everything is. Research actually shows that making your bed every morning can make it easier to keep up with other positive habits.

  2. Cleaning can help you see how fortunate you are

    We often complain about not having enough. By giving your room a deep-clean on a designated day, you can dig up old clothes, shoes, toys, or gadgets you no longer use. These can be given away as gifts, donated to shelters, or given to friends who may use them so they won't take up space or go to waste.

  3. National Clean Your Room Day is great for procrastinators!

    May 10 is a great day to catch up on any spring cleaning you may have put off. A designated national day for cleanliness can give you a deadline to work with so that you lead a life with reduced dirt and clutter.

National Clean Your Room Day dates

2025May 10Saturday
2026May 10Sunday
2027May 10Monday
2028May 10Wednesday
2029May 10Thursday

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