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TueDec 19

Look for an Evergreen Day – December 19, 2023

If you still haven’t hunted down your Christmas tree, then you’re in luck with Look for an Evergreen Day on December 19. You can always go for an artificial tree but, let’s be honest, there is nothing like the sight and scent of a freshly cut tree to get you into the spirit of Christmas. Holiday trees are generally spruces, pines, and firs, but the varieties have evolved over time for more personalized preferences. With all the Christmas shopping to complete, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, this is your last opportunity to buy a tree if you haven’t already.

History of Look for an Evergreen Day

The origins of Look for an Evergreen Day are unknown, but the celebration has been around for a while. What we do know is that it was originally established by The National Arborist Association to appreciate evergreen trees in their full glory, outside of Christmas ornaments and lights. An evergreen tree remains green and lush throughout the four seasons, creating a beautiful contrasting spectacle between green and white, which is associated with winter.

Evergreens have been essential in societies throughout the ages. Their apparent eternal nature, even in harsh seasons, have made them the choice for religious practices and observances. Such is the importance of their role, that Native Americans who resided in the Pacific Northwest were completely dependent on the red cedar tree for various vital uses such as making clothing, ropes, and fishing lines and building canoes or huts.

Going back further in history, a lot of people are familiar with how the philosopher Socrates drank a cup of hemlock tea without flinching once. If you don’t know, hemlock is a type of evergreen with tiny pointy needles. So yes, even though the chances of you being in such a situation are quite slim, it is important that you can identify between evergreens.

The first time that an evergreen tree was ever decorated was in 1510 in Riga, Latvia. From the 18th century onwards, jingle bells, tinsels, ornaments, fairy lights, and garlands were being used for decorations.

Look for an Evergreen Day timeline

Debut of a Decorated Evergreen

An evergreen tree is decorated for the first time in Riga, Latvia.

A Tradition Begins

Germany initiates the Christmas tree tradition by bringing decorated trees into their homes.

The Christmas Tree Becomes Popular

The Christmas tree rises to popularity after a family portrait of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert standing around a Christmas tree with their children is featured in the “Illustrated London News”.

Tallest Evergreen is Displayed

A Norway Spruce tree was displayed at the Rockefeller Center.

Look for an Evergreen Day FAQs

Some of the most popular types of evergreen trees are:

Photinia x fraseri or ‘Red Robin’
Cordyline australis
Acacia dealbata
Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. niphophila
Quercus ilex
Ilex altaclerensis or ‘Golden King’
Magnolia grandiflora
Maytenus boaria

Are mango trees evergreen?

Yes, mango trees are evergreen and thrive in sunshine and drought conditions.

What does evergreen mean?

Evergreen means plants that continue to retain the texture and color of their foliage year-round, as opposed to abscission — losing their foliage as the seasons change.

How To Celebrate Look for an Evergreen Day

  1. Discover types of evergreens

    Nature is full of wonderful living things that often go unnoticed by the average person. Look up different types of evergreen and look for them. The holiday season is one of the best times to find different kinds of evergreen trees everywhere.

  2. Visit a park

    If you don’t want to actively search for types of evergreen trees, just head to your favorite park and marvel at these incredible trees, which have the ability to bring life and color to the greyest and most dismal of winters with their rich shades of green.

  3. Show off your evergreen tree

    After you have found your perfect soul-tree, decorate it with your favorite Christmas lights and ornaments and share photos of it on your social media accounts.

5 Evergreen Facts About Evergreen Trees

  1. More shades than just green

    These trees come in different shades. The blue spruce, for example, is an evergreen tree with silver-blue needles.

  2. All over the world except…

    Evergreen trees are found on every continent except in Antarctica.

  3. True to its name

    As the name suggests, evergreen trees can even survive conditions of drought.

  4. More than just a pretty face... uh, tree

    Other than looking lovely, evergreens provide lumber, ingredients for medicinal purposes, and firewood.

  5. The tallest trees in the world

    Growing over 380 feet tall, California redwood trees are the tallest trees in the world.

Why We Love Look for an Evergreen Day

  1. The spotlight is on the tree

    The most wonderful time of the year has countless traditions. While the Christmas tree is the center of attention, it is great that the trees themselves are given appreciation, outside of their stunning lighting and decor.

  2. Everybody gets a tree

    As much as we love Christmas, preparations can get really hectic and crazy. In case buying a Christmas tree is still pending, Look for an Evergreen Day ensures that everyone gets a tree in time.

  3. Just another fun aspect of Christmas

    What is Christmas without all these fun mini-holidays over the season? Just like Christmas Jumper Day, one of our other favorite holidays, Look for an Evergreen Day is another joyful festive celebration.

Look for an Evergreen Day dates

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2024December 19Thursday
2025December 19Friday
2026December 19Saturday
2027December 19Sunday

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