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Mexico: Lawyer's Day – July 12, 2024

Mexico: Lawyer’s Day is commemorated on July 12 and was first established in 1960 by President Adolfo Lopez Mateos. It’s a day to recognize not just the lawyers but their work as rights and justice advocates. It marks the day the first chair of law in Mexico was given over by Fray Bartolomé Frías y Albornoz at the Pontifical University. The Diario de México or Mexican Newspaper originally thought to use this date to acknowledge the start of the legal profession in the country.

History of Mexico: Lawyer's Day

During the Spanish viceroyalty days, lawyers and jurists had different roles. Jurists engage in legal consultations and studies, while lawyers attend to the courts. Lawyers were distinguished by their black suits with short pants, shoes with a gold or silver buckle, and the traditional gown. When Mexico gained its independence, they began to dress in simpler suits for their professional activities.

High school students in Mexico interested in becoming lawyers need to finish four or five years of legal education. They have options in relation to receiving their law degrees such as a major degree or master’s degree. Then they go on to receive their professional license from the General Professions Bureau or ‘Dirección General de Profesiones.’ This federal authority is contacted directly by the student’s university to process the license request. This is valid in all states within Mexico with no limitations on lawyers advising throughout the country. Notaries, however, can’t conduct litigation in court in place of someone else.

Under Mexican legislation, there are no textbooks or written codes of conduct that lawyers need to follow. There are, however, many civil bar associations in different states created by lawyers to develop the practice of the legal profession. This is done by promoting and sharing knowledge and judicial methods among each other. These private bar associations are not connected to any national or regional government authority. They follow their own rules of conduct per association and if a member breaches their internal code of conduct, the individual would be disbarred.

The law has evolved with the changing times, and lawyers are along with it. A lawyer’s duty will always remain the same – act in the best interests of their client and make sure justice prevails.

Mexico: Lawyer's Day timeline

200 B.C.
Orators as lawyers

In Ancient Greece, people use orators to plead their cases but they can’t accept payment.

381 A.D.
Canon laws

The Roman imperial church develops its canon laws, courts, and practitioners.

Experts in laws

Several men become canon law experts but go on to other occupations such as priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

Swearing an oath

Two French councils order lawyers to swear an oath of admission before practicing before the bishop’s courts in their area.

Punishing the guilty

A statute is enacted that punishes professional lawyers guilty of deception.

Mexico: Lawyer's Day FAQs

What is a lawyer called in Mexico?

Lawyers are called ‘abogados.’ Another type of legal professional are the notaries public or ‘notarios públicos.’

How long is Mexican law school?

Students who want to become lawyers must complete four to five years of legal education after finishing high school. How long it takes depends on the university they choose.

Is there a bar exam in Mexico?

After a four or five-year undergraduate program, a Mexican attorney can receive a law degree or what’s called a ‘Licenciatura En Derecho’ (L.E.D.). After registering as an L.E.D. graduate, they’re already considered lawyers. They don’t need a bar exam to become licensed to practice law.

How to Observe Mexico: Lawyer's Day

  1. Send a thank you note to your lawyer

    Show your appreciation to the lawyer in your life, whether they’re a friend, relative, or actual lawyer. A hand-written note or an email of thanks would go a long way in inspiring them to work better.

  2. Watch movies with lawyers

    Films such as “Legally Blond,” “The Accused,” and “To Kill A Mockingbird” showcase different kinds of lawyers tackling various cases. From funny to serious, there’s a lawyer movie that covers whatever mood you’re in.

  3. Use legal jargon

    Drop as many legal or courtroom terms in your everyday speech today. “I object,” “Guilty as charged,” and “Withdrawn” are some words or phrases you can use.

5 Qualities Of A Good Lawyer

  1. Assertive

    Lawyers who are assertive state their opinions and make themselves heard while continuing to remain respectful.

  2. Creative

    Every client and case is unique and the ability to think outside the box when searching for solutions is important.

  3. Articulate

    They need to know the best way to communicate information clearly to clients, judges, or juries.

  4. Patient

    Research and preparation for cases require patience, as well as cases that stretch on for months to even years.

  5. Compassionate

    Putting yourself in others’ shoes is useful in understanding both your client and opponent.

Why Mexico: Lawyer's Day is Important

  1. Lawyers defend our rights

    Regardless of what they have done, every citizen has the right to legal representation. Lawyers make people aware of their rights and the consequences of their actions.

  2. Lawyers can make someone’s life better

    They’re given the opportunity to use the law to change a person’s circumstances, most often for the better. Helping people is one of the biggest rewards of being a lawyer.

  3. Lawyers are problem solvers

    They can help prevent a problem from becoming one in the first place. When problems do arise, they use their expertise to assist their clients.

Mexico: Lawyer's Day dates

2024July 12Friday
2025July 12Saturday
2026July 12Sunday
2027July 12Monday
2028July 12Wednesday

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