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Brian Holland Legacy Day – November 9, 2024

Brian Holland Legacy Day is observed on November 9 every year and honors the life and impact of a truly remarkable man. Holland was a strong community leader, a beyond professional industry man, a real confidant, and a master of guidance and positivity, known because of his never-ending love, solid mentoring abilities, easiness in teaching, and far-reaching kindness. He was the cornerstone of a tight community that has set to keep moving forward, honoring his work. Holland’s legacy inspires us all every day to be better versions of ourselves and to never forget to laugh.

History of Brian Holland Legacy Day

Brian Holland is the founder of the Brian Holland Legacy Foundation, a community focused on providing support in three major areas of social impact: L.G.B.T.Q.+ equality and support, arts and education, and fostering community. Holland was a proud gay man and was deeply involved in the well-being of the L.G.B.T.Q.+ community. Moreover, Holland was a teacher, and as such, he had an innate ability to see the very best and true potential of people.

Holland and his family are lifelong Monmouth County natives who donated a lot of their time and effort to Asbury Park. He was a deeply loved person and his friends say that he was as selfless as can be, someone who would sacrifice his time, energy, and money to charitable causes all across the state of New Jersey.

He also advocated for those whose voice wasn’t loud enough to reach the platforms that could really make a difference. In meetings, conversations, discussions, and events, Holland spoke up for those who could not speak for themselves. He forced everyone around him to see that the world in which we live is not a ‘this or that’ sort of thing, but rather a beautiful collection of colorful moments that all of us should slow down to enjoy. Since 2019, the Brian Holland Legacy Day recognizes this wonderful man and shines a light on the foundation itself, honoring its ongoing work.

Brian Holland Legacy Day timeline

Brian Holland is Born

Holland is born in Brooklyn.

The Asbury Hotel Opens

The boutique hotel in which Holland works as a director of guests’ experience opens.

Holland Passes Away

Holland is involved in a train accident and passes away.

The Brian Holland Legacy Day is Created

A whole day to honor this remarkable man is created.

Brian Holland Legacy Day FAQs

How can I help?

You can contact any organization nearby. They will tell you how to help.

What is the true meaning of charity?

The true meaning of charity is generosity and helpfulness, especially toward those in need or suffering.

What is a symbol of charity?

There are many symbols, but the heart is usually the typical symbol of charity or love.

How to Observe Brian Holland Legacy Day

  1. Spread the message

    Share information about the existence of the Brian Holland Legacy Foundation. Help spread the message!

  2. Become a volunteer

    You can also join the organization to make a positive impact. Becoming an advocate yourself is the best way to celebrate this special day.

  3. Donate

    This is a non-profit organization. Therefore, you can help it raise funds by donating some money.

5 Ways In Which You Can Make A Difference

  1. Help a stranger

    Many people need help, so show your support to a person who could use a hand by giving up your seat on the train or just smiling for someone you don’t know.

  2. Teach kids about giving

    They are the future, so getting the children involved in charity is essential to change the world.

  3. Share food

    You can help someone by offering a free meal every day or twice a week.

  4. Donate

    Donate blankets, toys, gloves, and anything you can think of to those who are homeless.

  5. Attend charity events

    Attending charity events is also another way to help since there you can meet people who are in need.

Why Brian Holland Legacy Day is Important

  1. The foundation helps in complex issues

    The foundation works with three main areas that can be considered complex issues. These should be addressed in order to make the world a more inclusive place.

  2. Brian Holland was a very loved person

    He was very important to people, as he was always trying to help. His legacy is, of course, continuing to support those who need help.

  3. It is a day to encourage charity

    This day is an opportunity to encourage charitable activities. If we all help, the world will become a more fair and equalitarian place.

Brian Holland Legacy Day dates

2024November 9Saturday
2025November 9Sunday
2026November 9Monday
2027November 9Tuesday
2028November 9Thursday

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