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SatNov 9

British Pudding Day – November 9, 2024

British Pudding Day is celebrated on November 9 every year. It is a day when pudding lovers can gather and indulge in every kind of pudding that they ever desired. British Pudding Day celebrates the origins of British Pudding and how the rich culinary tradition behind baking puddings is still alive and a favorite of many all over the world. British puddings are different from American puddings in that the former comes in both sweet and savory flavors while the latter is usually a sweet dessert dish. Due to its rich and complex flavors, British puddings have been a staple cuisine of its people for many decades. This day is just another opportunity to give it the love it deserves.

History of British Pudding Day

British pudding traces its origins to 1305 where the word ‘pudding’ was derived from the Middle English word ‘poding,’ which meant a ‘meat-filled animal stomach.’ The British usage of the word ‘pudding,’ however, is closer to the Latin word ‘botellus,’ which means sausage. The word ‘botellus’ gave rise to the word ‘boudin’ which then came to mean pudding. Thus, the British pudding is often viewed as a descendant of the Roman sausage.

Many average households in the 16th century featured little ovens in the kitchen. These ovens did not reach a high temperature. These ovens were useful because they allowed them to bake a white pudding mixture in pastry over a low heat for a long time. Baked puddings were born as a result of this.

English puddings in the 17th century were either savory (meat-based) or sweet (flour, nuts, and sugar). Both flavors became popular among the English. Traditionally, the puddings were boiled in special pudding bags. Most traditional British puddings did not contain meat by the end of the 18th century.

In the 19th century, Bakewell puddings became popular in Britain. These puddings were descendants of the Ancient Roman Flan. Unlike other British puddings, the Bakewell pudding had almonds in it. The Bakewell pudding, unlike other British puddings, had almonds. Initially, they just used a few drops of almond essence in the sweet concoction, but over time, they began to add bigger quantities of ground almonds, resulting in a change in the consistency of the topping. Bakewell, a town in Derbyshire, is the source of the pudding’s name.

British Pudding Day timeline

The Early Origins of the Word ‘Pudding’

Pudding traces its origins to the Middle English word ‘poding,’ which means a ‘meat-filled animal stomach.’

16th Century
The Beginning of Baked Puddings

Ordinary houses in Britain come with small ovens in the kitchen that allow people to start baking the pudding mixture.

17th Century
Two Types of Puddings Become Popular

British puddings are separated into two flavors — either savory (meat-based) or sweet (flour, nuts, and sugar).

19th Century
The Rise of the Bakewell Pudding

These puddings are different from other British puddings, as they include almonds.

British Pudding Day FAQs

What is the difference between British pudding and cake?

A cake is always something sweet served that is eaten with a fork. However, a pudding can be sweet or savory and is usually eaten with a spoon.

What is British pudding called in America?

A British pudding is not the same as an American pudding. The American puddings are more similar to what the British call the ‘custard.’

What is the favorite sweet in the U.K.?

The Yorkshire pudding is a very popular and staple dish eaten in England. It is so loved that the first Sunday of every February is celebrated as the National Yorkshire Pudding Day.

How To Celebrate British Pudding Day

  1. Satisfy your pudding cravings

    This is the ideal day to go out and squander your money on some delectable puddings. Allow your inner gourmet to indulge!

  2. Bake one yourself

    DIY enthusiast? Make your own pudding to impress your guests.

  3. Share pudding pictures online

    Sharing food pics on social media is a must. Take some of your best pudding pictures and upload them with the hashtag #BritishPuddingDay.

5 Facts About Puddings That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Chocolate puddings were first mentioned in 1730

    The earliest print reference for chocolate pudding can be traced back to 1730.

  2. Rice pudding was regarded as a medicine

    Until the 19th century, rice pudding was used as a medicine because it helped treat digestive issues.

  3. There are no plums in plum pudding

    Pre-Victorian use of the word ‘plums’ actually meant raisins, so there are no actual plums used in the pudding.

  4. A pudding for the poor

    The Monmouth pudding in the 17th-century was a staple meal for the poor and was made using stale bread boiled in milk.

  5. The Queen’s favorite pudding

    In the 19th century, Queen Victoria loved the Manchester pudding so much that the chef renamed it the ‘Queen of Puddings’ in her honor.

Why We Love British Pudding Day

  1. It makes us appreciate different cuisines

    British Pudding Day encourages us to appreciate a traditional delicacy from a different region of the world. It awakens our taste buds to different flavors.

  2. Puddings are delicious

    The reason we celebrate this day? It’s simply because British puddings are delicious, and they must be given the love they deserve.

  3. Eating makes us happy

    A satisfied is a happy stomach. The British pudding is a wholesome meal that can keep you warm and happy throughout the day.

British Pudding Day dates

2024November 9Saturday
2025November 9Sunday
2026November 9Monday
2027November 9Tuesday
2028November 9Thursday

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