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Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week – December 6-10, 2024

We celebrate Older Driver Safety Awareness Week in the first full week of December, from December 6 to 10 this year, to make the roads a safe place for the older generation. The elderly may experience several challenges such as weak eyesight, hearing issues, dementia, sleep disorders, and physical disabilities that may impact their driving. These drivers are more at risk of experiencing car crashes that often lead to death. It is also important to note that traveling in vehicles is often necessary for the elderly who cannot walk for long intervals or distances. Do your part in making the world a better place for the older drivers and celebrate Older Driver Safety Awareness Week.

History of Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

Based on statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are about 44 million licensed drivers over 65. These individuals often choose driving over walking due to certain disabilities, illnesses, or lack of strength. However, it’s tragic that around 7,700 of these older drivers die in motor vehicle accidents annually, and more than 257,000 sustain severe injuries and have to visit the E.R.

Can these accidents be avoided? The answer is yes. If all drivers wear a seatbelt and take note of the required security measures, they are less likely to experience fatal injuries even if a car crash occurs. It is also important for the younger generation to follow traffic rules keeping in mind that many elders have slow reflexes due to physical ailments and may not be able to save themselves when confronted with a reckless driver.

The American Occupational Therapy Association initiated the Older Driver Safety Awareness Week in 2009. To discuss the various aspects of driving awareness for the old, they chose December as a way for families to gather and ponder driver safety. Created in 1917, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) is a national professional association representing the interests and concerns of occupational therapy practitioners and students. When the elderly are injured in crashes, they are often sent for occupational therapy to improve their movement, so AOTA took note of the problem and dedicated an entire week to it.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week timeline

Print It

Ads regarding road safety are published for the first time.

Safety First

Scientists introduce a scientific response to auto safety problems through crash testing and analyzing the effects of collisions.

Seatbelt On

Volvo introduces the three-point seatbelt.

Safe Cars

Congress pushes forth safety standards for new cars.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week FAQs

What does driver safety mean?

Driver safety assesses the safety of a driver in different traffic conditions. 

What is driver awareness training?

The course helps drivers understand speed limits and road safety.

What is the most important rule of driving?

The most important rule of driving is to focus on the road and avoid accidents.

How to Observe Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

  1. Host a driving session for the elderly

    Teach the elderly in your town about the importance of driving safety and the measures they can take to secure themselves.

  2. Post about it

    Spread the message through social media by posting about the importance of driving safety and the problems often faced by the elderly.

  3. Print flyers

    Create awareness regarding driving safety by printing flyers and circulating them around your town. Flyers are more likely to reach the elderly faster.

5 Interesting Facts About Driving Safety

  1. Drinking and driving laws

    Enforcing these laws around the world could reduce alcohol-related crashes by 20%.

  2. Traffic crashes deaths

    More than 1,2 million people die from crashes every year.

  3. Injuries and disabilities caused by traffic crashes

    Over 50 million people become victims of crashes every year.

  4. Drinking laws

    Only 45 countries have national drink-and-drive laws that meet best practices.

  5. Dangerous cell phones

    Using a phone while driving increases your chance of crashing by 400%.

Why Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is Important

  1. It teaches you to be safe

    The week is essential since it talks about the importance of driving safety awareness and teaches one to be safe on the road.

  2. Raises awareness of the problems the elderly face

    This week plays a great role in bringing the elderly’s problems to the forefront. It also explains precautionary measures that older drivers need to take when on the road.

  3. It is informative

    The week highlights the elderly’s problems and provides solutions that we can apply to increase driving safety awareness.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week dates

2022December 5Monday
2023December 4Monday
2024December 2Monday
2025December 1Monday
2026December 7Monday

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