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National Window Safety Week – April 7-13, 2025

National Window Safety Week takes place during the first week of April each year. What is window safety? It’s a movement to help families prevent accidents or deaths from window fall-related incidents. At least 3,300 accidents a year in the U.S. are related to falls from windows. Most cases involve very young children. April’s wonderful to catch the spring breeze. But it’s also that time of the year when families keep their windows open. It increases the chances of small children falling from a height and sustaining significant head injuries. The good news is that window safety is easy. No matter where you live, anyone can take the necessary actions and keep their family safe.

History of National Window Safety Week

In 1997, the National Safety Council (N.S.C.) and the Window Safety Task Force established Window Safety week. The first week of April signals the arrival of spring. Spring is when everyone wants to throw open those windows and let in the fresh air. It’s also a time when accidents and falls from windows are statistically more likely to happen.

National Window Safety Week aims to help families learn the best ways to safeguard against window falls. It also provides information on how windows are crucial to escaping a fire or other emergencies in the house.
Most families consider window falls as freak accidents. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The United States records over 3,300 injuries from window falls each year — accidents grave enough to warrant hospitalization. Out of this number, around eight children under five years die.

Children in preschool are usually more susceptible to window falls. They’re curious without having developed a sense of danger. Often, their growth and development take place rapidly. Before you know it, they’re opening and closing lids or clambering up a window sill!

During National Window Safety Week, families can get a refresher course on safety tips regarding windows and children. Keeping windows locked is always golden. Try to arrange furniture away from windows as much as possible.

For extra safety, baby-proof all the windows with window guards and stops. It’s important not to rely on screens. Screens keep bugs and critters away but won’t do much for accident prevention.

National Window Safety Week is the perfect time to reinforce how to use windows as an emergency escape. Families can teach children how to access an emergency exit window in case of a fire. The NSC provides a ton of fun family resources like infographics and coloring books to make window safety engaging and interactive.

National Window Safety Week timeline

1300 B.C. — 1201 B.C.
The First Windows

Early window designs have cloth, wood, or animal hide as screens.

Beautiful, Wrought Iron Bars

19th-century window guards add to a home’s aesthetics with decorative medallions, tassels, or flowers.

Ornamental Ironwork Trends

American pattern makers continue to design sturdy yet ornamental ironwork inspired by the Victorian age.

N.Y.C.’s Window Guard Program

Civic leader Charlotte Spiegel introduces the window-guard rule mandating all N.Y.C. apartments with children under 10 years to install window-limiting devices.

National Window Safety Week FAQs

How do I stop my child from falling out the window?

Ensure that windows are locked when not in use. Additionally, never leave a window open if your child is alone inside a room. For enhanced safety, install child safety window guards and stops. It’s also good to keep benches or other objects away from a window area.

What is window safety?

The Window Safety Task Force aims to raise awareness on ways families can prevent window-related falls, especially for more susceptible children. Keep windows closed and locked at all times when your children are around.

When is National Window Film Day?

April 30 is National Window Film Day. It’s a day that serves to educate homeowners and businesses on protecting their skin and homes from the sun’s UV rays. The day also promotes window safety.

How to Observe National Window Safety Week

  1. Childproof your windows

    Start the week off right by double-checking window guards, if you haven’t already. Consider installing stops since they limit the time for which a window can remain open.

  2. Review your home’s safety

    Make a note of windows that are potential safety hazards. Remember to never leave children unsupervised around them. You could also keep those shut and choose other windows to let in the fresh air.

  3. Draw up a safety plan

    Get the family involved and draw a safety plan for your home. Sketch the house on paper, designating safety zones or emergency exits — maybe color those in for emphasis. Include pictorial depictions of what to do in case of a fire, earthquake, or burglary.

5 Facts About Windows That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The Romans first used glass windows

    Before the Romans, windows were simply holes inside walls.

  2. Stained glass

    The use of stained glass was popular in Medieval Churches during the Middle Ages.

  3. Windows for the wealthy only

    During the 1600s, people paid higher taxes based on the number of windows in a house since they were deemed a luxury.

  4. The bigger, the better

    Large windows were indicators of a family’s social status in the 1700s.

  5. The underrated skylight

    They may have fallen out of favor, but skylights offer 30% more light than vertical windows of the same size.

Why National Window Safety Week is Important

  1. For safety’s sake

    There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our family. If something as simple as double-checking windows can keep them safe, it’s worth doing.

  2. Reviewing security is always a good idea

    We usually associate April with spring cleaning. National Window Safety Week gives us an incentive to review our home’s safety. It’s something we should do more often but typically don’t get around to doing.

  3. Peace of mind

    Parents worry a lot. Window safety is one less thing to stress about in the house. It helps everyone, especially parents, unwind and relax for a while. Appreciating great weather is easier when you know your home is secure.

National Window Safety Week dates

2022April 4Monday
2023April 3Monday
2024April 1Monday
2025April 7Monday
2025April 7Monday

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