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Sacrifice Feast Eve – June 6, 2025

Sacrifice Feast Eve is celebrated every year, usually about seventy days after Ramadan. This year the day will be marked on June 6. Residents of Muslim countries such as Turkey determine the date of the Sacrifice Feast Eve, which begins on the tenth of the twelfth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The Feast of Sacrifice commemorates the story of Ibrahim (Abraham), who sacrificed a ram after showing his willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to God. The tradition of preparing for the Sacrifice Feast Eve dates back to the Qur’an.

History of Sacrifice Feast Eve

Sacrifice Feast Eve is one of the oldest Islamic holidays celebrated in Turkey to commemorate the story of the Prophet Ibrahim. Allah once asked the Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice the thing dearest to him, to prove his love and faith in God. Being devoted, the Prophet Ibrahim decided to sacrifice his only son, who was most precious to him. But when the Prophet was about to offer a sacrifice, God replaced his son with a ram. The moral of the story: No one ever goes wrong obeying God.

Thus, once a year, about 70 days after the end of Ramadan, Muslims in Turkey celebrate the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice. The ram (or the sheep) and the Mosque are the most common symbols of the Sacrifice Feast Eve in Turkey. The eve of the festival is called ‘Arefe,’ which is an official holiday in Turkey. Office buildings, schools, and post offices are usually closed, although shops and supermarkets remain open. Public transport schedules may vary. Traffic jams can occur because many people travel to other cities during the holiday. Some people buy new clothes and prepare food during the Sacrifice Feast Eve. Others clean their homes and prepare for guests who may want to stay over during the four-day Sacrifice Feast, which follows the Sacrifice Feast Eve. The head of each household can choose a sacrificial animal (usually a goat, sheep, or cow) for the Feast of Sacrifice.

Eid al-Adha has special significance because it marks the culmination of ‘hajj’ or ‘pilgrimage,’ the fifth pillar of Islam. This annual trek to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is only required of men and women who are physically and financially capable of performing it once in their lifetimes.

Sacrifice Feast Eve timeline

570 A.D.
The Birth of the Prophet

Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam is born in Mecca.

622 A.D.
The Great Migration

Muhammad and his followers migrate from Mecca to Medina.

The Sana Manuscripts

The Sana Manuscripts, the oldest text of the Qur’an, are discovered in Yemen.

Fragments of a Very Early Qur’an

Fragments of an early Qur’an are found in the library of the University of Birmingham, England.

Sacrifice Feast Eve FAQs

How is Sacrifice Feast Eve celebrated?

Qurbani is the act of sacrificing a sheep, goat, or cow and is a central ritual of Eid al-Adha. Islamic rules declare that the animal must be an adult and in good health. In Britain, the law states that it must be killed in an official slaughterhouse.

Is animal sacrifice necessary on Eid?

Sacrificing animals on Eid-al-Adha is only compulsory for people who can afford it. A third of the food is gifted to the poor to promote the spirit of giving and sharing.

How is Eid al-Adha celebrated in Turkey?

Eid al-Adha, also known as Sacrifice Feast Eve in Turkey, is an official holiday. Many schools and offices closed for the celebrations. 

How to Observe Sacrifice Feast Eve

  1. Go to the Mosque

    Traditionally, on the first day of the Sacrifice Feast Eve, men go to the mosque for special morning prayers. This is then followed by a ritual sacrifice of sheep, lambs, or cows.

  2. Visit your relatives

    It is customary to visit the older relatives — greet them by kissing their hands and then give the children money. Unlike Ramadan, this day serves meat dishes, not desserts.

  3. Share the meat

    About a third of the meat of a sacrificial animal is usually shared by relatives and neighbors. Another third is given to the poor, and the rest is prepared and served to guests during the holidays.

5 Facts About Islam

  1. It is the second-largest religion

    Only Christianity has more followers.

  2. The sacred book is the Qur’an

    The Qur’an is a holy book in the Islamic faith and its followers believe it is a revelation from God.

  3. Allah means God in Arabic

    Muslims only use the name Allah whenever they are making reference to God.

  4. There are two major denominations

    These are Shia and Sunni.

  5. It’s a religion for everybody

    Everyone can convert to Islam, and it doesn't matter what your skin color or nationality is.

Why Sacrifice Feast Eve is Important

  1. It’s time for an offering

    In addition to festivities, people who have recovered from an accident or illness also sacrifice an animal to show their gratitude to Allah. It is called an offering.

  2. It recognizes faith and sacrifice

    This holiday commemorates Ibrahim’s willingness to give up his son as an act of submitting to Allah. Before Ibrahim slaughtered his son, Allah intervened by sending his angel Jibreel to replace him with a sheep. Revisit Ibrahim’s story and think about your faith.

  3. It’s a celebration

    Sacrifice Feast Eve brings joy and celebrations. People travel to see their family and friends and exchange gifts to show affection. This day is the perfect time to have fun with those you’re closest to.

Sacrifice Feast Eve dates

2022July 10Sunday
2023June 29Thursday
2024June 16Sunday
2025June 6Friday
2026May 26Tuesday

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