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SunMay 26

World Lindy Hop Day – May 26, 2024

World Lindy Hop Day falls on May 26 and we are getting our dance shoes ready to hit the floor. There isn’t a better way to create some positive vibes than by dancing, especially if you’re doing it in the right environment with the perfect music. That is what Lindy Hop is all about. A dancing style that has endured time by bringing people together and helping spread joy.

History of World Lindy Hop Day

Lindy Hop — also known as Jitterbug, is an American dance style that made its first appearance in the late 1920s with the popularisation of big bands. It crosses over dance style traditions from Europe like turns and embracing holds with body postures from Africa. Its geographical origin can also be traced back to Harlem, New York City.

Curiously, its name comes from a trend that occurred after Charles Lindbergh’s successful flight across the Atlantic in 1927. Many chefs, musicians, and even business owners paid tribute to the aviator by naming the creations and their establishments after the brave American.

The dance evolved together with the music it’s danced to. These musical styles stem from Charleston to Swing. Lindy Hop reached mainstream popularity during the 1930s with dance groups like the Harlem Congaroos and Hot Chocolate performing at exhibitions. The movie “Hellzapoppin’” also featured Lindy Hop dancers.

Lindy Hop enjoyed a revival since the mid 1980s, when Swing Legend Frankie “musclehead” Manning, an influential choreographer and performer of the era, was popularized it. World Lindy Hop Day was established to honor his contributions.

Today, Lindy Hop communities can be found in many cities around the world. One of the most famous examples is the town of Hërrang in Sweden, home of the Hërrang Dance Camp, a famous meet up for Lindy Hop enthusiasts.

World Lindy Hop Day timeline

Te Roy Williams Records 'Lindbergh Hop'

This song is both a tribute to the aviator and an early inspiration for Lindy Hop.

“A Day at the Races” Premieres

This legendary film stars the Marx Brothers and features a Lindy Hop dancing sequence.

The Savoy Ballroom is Demolished

The ballroom is a famous venue that serves as the proving grounds for jazz- and swing musicians — most importantly, it witnesses the evolution of Lindy Hop dancing.

Frankie Manning popularizes it

Lindy Hop enjoys a revival, thanks to Manning.

The First Lindy Exchange is Organized

These events bring Lindy Hop dancers together to practice new moves and have fun with other practitioners.

World Lindy Hop Day FAQs

Is Lindy Hop difficult?

Yes, but you can always attend a beginner’s class where you will find other dancers ready to pair up. 

What do you wear to Lindy Hop?

While professional dancers do wear special attire, for practice all you need are comfortable shoes and sports clothes. 

What are three characteristics of the Lindy Hop?

It is solid, low, relaxed, and energetic.

World Lindy Hop Day Activities

  1. Sign up for a class

    Many dance studios offer demo lessons making it easy for newcomers to experience Lindy Hop dancing.

  2. Attend an exhibition

    Don’t feel like dancing? The next best thing is to watch some seasoned professionals rip up the dance floor.

  3. How about a concert?

    Look for swing or jazz big band concerts in your area. You’ll definitely be in for a great time.

5 Swingin’ Facts About Lindy Hop

  1. It’s inspired by other dance styles

    Texas Tommy and Charleston are known to have inspired Lindy Hop.

  2. As seen on TV!

    Lindy Hop dancers were featured on an episode of the TV show “Ally McBeal”.

  3. It’s taught all over the world

    There are dance schools and professional Lindy Hop competitions from Los Angeles to Moscow.

  4. It has many variations

    The tempo at which you dance will dictate the style of Lindy Hop. It could be Savoy Style, Hollywood-Style or traditional.

  5. It involves air steps

    An air step is a move when both of the dancer’s feet leave the ground.

Why We Love World Lindy Hop Day

  1. It incentivizes physical activity

    Dancing is a fun way to get a workout. Celebrate World Lindy Hop Day and get healthier while you do it.

  2. Supportive communities are formed around it

    Lindy Hop enthusiasts are a very supportive bunch, especially when they celebrate this very special day.

  3. It has a rich history

    Celebrating this day isn’t only about dancing, it’s about recognizing an important milestone in dance traditions.

World Lindy Hop Day dates

2024May 26Sunday
2025May 26Monday
2026May 26Tuesday
2027May 26Wednesday
2028May 26Friday

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