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World Digestive Health Day – May 29, 2024

World Digestive Health Day is celebrated every year on May 29 around the world. The holiday provides resources and tools for gastrointestinal (G.I.) diseases to help more people in the general public make better decisions about their health. Awareness can lead to the early diagnosis and treatment of G.I. diseases, including cancer. It should also be known that G.I. diseases can lead to obesity. It also creates more understanding and better support for patients experiencing digestive diseases when their issues and conditions are better understood by the general public.

History of World Digestive Health Day

World Digestive Health Day was officially established in 2004 to mark the 45th anniversary of the World Gastroenterology Organization’s founding. There are over 100 member societies and 50,000 individual members in the organization all over the world. Each year, a theme is selected by the World Gastroenterology Organization. This year’s theme is colorectal cancer. Examples of previous themes covered include inflammatory bowel disease and viral hepatitis.

World Digestive Health Day timeline

Obese Americans

About 45% of American adults are recorded to be overweight or obese

Digestive Health Day

World Digestive Health Day is established.

Overweight World

A study shows that about 1.9 billion adults in the world are overweight.

Obese World

About 650 million adults worldwide are estimated to be obese

World Digestive Health Day FAQs

What factors can be responsible for obesity?

Obesity is a multifactorial disease with genetic, hormonal, metabolic, or behavioral components.

What illnesses can be caused by obesity?

Obesity can lead to several severe and even fatal diseases, including cancer, heart disease, type 2 Diabetes, and gynecological/ sexual problems.

Does obesity affect the bones?

Obesity can lead to muscle and bone disorders such as osteoarthritis.

How to Observe World Digestive Health Day

  1. Take a glimpse

    This day is full of events. There are seminars held at various locations. There is also training and infomercials that help spread the word and teach people. Be there, you’ll learn a lot.

  2. Get a check-up

    Get a check-up for your digestive system. While you’re at it, you could get a general check-up for common diseases too.

  3. Plan a healthy diet

    Along with exercise, this is a great way to maintain not only your digestive health but also your whole body. Not sure how to start, there are some great resources online to help begin the process.

5 Facts About Obesity You Should Know

  1. On the rise

    The rate of obesity has almost tripled between 1975 and 2016 worldwide.

  2. Children

    In 2019, about 38 million children were overweight or obese.

  3. Obesity kills

    Obesity leads to many deaths around the world.

  4. Cardiovascular diseases

    Obesity is a proven cause of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease and stroke.

  5. Prevention

    Obesity is a condition that can be prevented with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Why World Digestive Health Day is Important

  1. It saves lives

    Spreading research and useful medical information about symptoms and treatments of various diseases is an enormous benefit. People who spot illnesses earlier can get the needed treatment and be saved.

  2. It helps professionals

    The holiday supports medical research which helps professionals learn more. More knowledge about digestive health improves the health sector as a whole.

  3. It encourages good health

    The campaign encourages more people in society to lead a more healthy lifestyle. They are encouraged to eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly.

World Digestive Health Day dates

2024May 29Wednesday
2025May 29Thursday
2026May 29Friday
2027May 29Saturday
2028May 29Monday

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