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ThuMay 29

Put a Pillow on your Fridge Day – May 29, 2025

Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day is celebrated on May 29 and it’s meant to bring you prosperity and good fortune. The name of this day is quite literal, for on this day people are to put a pillow on their fridge for the magic to work. In the old tradition, people would put their pillows inside of their fridge for this ritual to work, but not everyone finds sleeping on a chilly pillow all that comfortable. You’re more than welcome to try that instead to honor the old ways, but only if you can withstand the cold.

History of Put a Pillow on your Fridge Day

Pillows have come a long way from their rustic origins. It’s believed that pillows have existed since 7000 BCE, in early Mesopotamia. Back then, they were made of stone and while that couldn’t have been the most comfortable, it is believed that they kept bugs from crawling into their mouths, noses, and ears. Egyptians believed that the head was the seat of spiritual life and used different materials like marble, ivory, stone, ceramic, and wood as pillows.

The ancient Greeks and Romans created pillows that were closer to what we use today. Common people of the time used materials such as cotton, straw, and reeds, while the wealthier citizens stuffed their pillows with soft down feathers. Despite the change in comfortability, people didn’t use them all that often, especially those who couldn’t afford the extra expense.

During the nineteenth century, the Industrial Revolution made the pillow common. At this time, almost every household used pillows. The industrialization of many processes made them more attainable to the common person and more affordable because they were mass-produced. The engineering of the pillow continued throughout the years and materials such as cotton, linen, silk, and velvet were used for pillows. Throw pillows were even used as decorations for rooms.

Today, there are many pillow brands offering people a great range of options to suit their specific needs. There are gel pillows, boyfriend pillows, and body pillows to help people find peace while they sleep. The exact origins of Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day isn’t known, but many believe that it’s a modernized version of the old tradition of putting linens in the pantry to bring good luck. No matter what you believe in, everyone can agree that now that we have the pillow, we can’t imagine sleeping without it.

Put a Pillow on your Fridge Day timeline

21st Century
Pillow Talk

Pillows come in a range of options and people celebrate a revised old tradition of putting them on their fridge to bring good luck.

19th Century
Pillow Technology

The Industrial Revolution mass produces pillows and they become more affordable for the public to purchase.

8th Century BCE
Softening Up

In Ancient Greece, people would use cotton, straw, and reeds in their pillows, but they weren't common.

4000 BCE
Stone Protection

In Mesopotamia, people used pillows made of stone to keep bugs from crawling into their mouths, noses, and ears.

Put a Pillow on your Fridge Day FAQs

When should I replace my pillow?

Feather and down pillows should be replaced every 5-10 years and polyester should be replaced after 2 years.

When should I wash my pillow?

You should wash your pillow every six months.

What are the risks of sleep deprivation?

Sleep deprivation can cause memory loss and the ability to plan and sense time can be severely impacted.

How To Celebrate Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day

  1. Take your pillow on a trip

    The best way to celebrate Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day is right in the name! Putting a pillow on your fridge is harmless fun and it could bring you good luck. For an extra dash of excitement, don’t tell people in your house what you’re doing and see how they react.

  2. Invest in a cool new pillow

    Treat yourself to a new pillow and get bold with it. Many people only care about the comfort of pillows but they can be so much more. Switch out the pillowcase for something that expresses who you are.

  3. Fight with pillows

    Remember those times as a kid when you’d attack your siblings with pillows? Relive your childhood by challenging friends or family to a game of pillow fighting and find out who the real champion is.

5 Interesting Facts About Pillows You Might Not Know

  1. Carving a spiritual path

    Ancient Egyptians would carve images of gods into their pillows and placed them under the heads of those who had died to keep unwanted spirits away.

  2. Neck health

    Specialized pillows can properly support your head and neck, giving you a good night's sleep and it helps to avoid head and neck problems throughout the day.

  3. Banning comfort

    King Henry VIII banned soft pillows for everyone except for pregnant women.

  4. Nasty pillow

    10% of a pillow's weight is built up of sweat, mold, dead skin cells, and dust mites, and dust mite feces.

Why We Love Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day

  1. It could bring you good luck

    No matter if you believe that it’s true or not, putting a pillow on your fridge brings the right amount of zaniness into your life and it could bring you good luck too. Who couldn’t use a bit more good fortune?

  2. Pay attention to your dreams

    Pillows are symbolic of sleep and therefore they’re symbolic of your dreams as well. This day reminds us to never stop believing and hoping for the best, even if we have to do something silly to break us out of our routine.

  3. Pillow health and safety

    Our head and neck health are critically important and both should be given special attention. Making sure we get a good night’s sleep will make us more effective members of society and it helps prevent problems that could worsen over time.

Put a Pillow on your Fridge Day dates

2025May 29Thursday
2026May 29Friday
2027May 29Saturday
2028May 29Monday
2029May 29Tuesday

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