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EDSA Revolution Holiday – February 25, 2025

EDSA Revolution Holiday is celebrated each year on February 25 in the Philippines. The revolution is also known as the “February Revolution” and the “People Power Revolution”. Protestors took to the streets in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, to demonstrate against dictatorship and restore democracy in the country. EDSA Revolution is one of the most significant people’s movements of the 20th century. EDSA Revolution Anniversary commemorates the efforts taken to bring back democracy to the Philippines and encourage citizens to participate in democratic movements, ensure that their democratic rights are respected, and foster a culture of communication and accountability from the government.

History of EDSA Revolution Holiday

The EDSA Revolution took place in the capital city of Manila from February 22 to February 25, 1986. The people of the Philippines remember the EDSA Revolution as a prolonged campaign of civil resistance against regime violence and electoral fraud. The peaceful revolution ended with the departure of Ferdinand Marcos, bringing an end to his two-decade-long stunt as the dictator of the Philippines and the restoration of democracy in the country. It is known as EDSA Revolution because the demonstrations took place along the Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue road in Manila city.

The remarkable aspect of the EDSA Revolution is the sheer number of people that participated in the revolution — more than two million civilians, political and military leaders, and religious leaders joined hands to bring back democracy and democratic elections to the country. The three-day revolution resulted in three important events — Ferdinand Marcos gave up his dictatorship after 20 years of misrule, the ruler and his family were exiled to Hawaii, and Corazon Aquino took office as the country’s eleventh president.

Since the success of the EDSA Revolution, the Philippines has remained a democracy. As the news of Marcos fleeing the country reached the demonstrators, many celebrated the downfall of the dictator by dancing and singing, and some even stormed the palace which had thus far been off-limits to the general public. The Philippines’ victory in achieving democratic rule not only earned praises from first-world countries but also became a model for modern-day revolutions. It taught the world that the greater good can be achieved without violence and bloodshed.

EDSA Revolution Holiday timeline

Ferdinand Marcos Comes to Power

Marcos defeats the incumbent president, Diosdado Macapagal

Marcos Wins Re-elections

Although allegations of fraud and misconduct are reported, Marcos wins the elections.

Ferdinand Marcos Declares Martial Law

Cities civil and martial unrest for justification of applying martial law occurs.

The Opposition is Established

Benigno Aquino Jr founds LABAN party to challenge Marcos’ dictatorial ways.

EDSA Revolution Holiday FAQs

What is the EDSA Revolution Holiday?

The events of February 25, 1986, are celebrated as the EDSA Revolutionary Anniversary in the Philippines. The revolution restored democracy in the country.

When did the EDSA revolution start and end?

The EDSA Revolution started on February 22, 1986, and concluded on February 25 of the same year.

What is February 25 in the Philippines?

The Philippines celebrates EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary each year on February 25.

How to Observe EDSA Revolution Holiday

  1. Attend a democratic protest

    If you happen to know of any democratic protests taking place near where you live, you might want to attend them on EDNA Revolution Anniversary. It is a great way to honor the spirit of the EDNA Revolution.

  2. Brush up on your democratic rights

    Observations, such as EDNA Revolution Anniversary, are a great way to remind yourself of your democratic rights. Do quick online research or read your country’s constitution to find out what your rights as a citizen are.

  3. Spread the word

    Not many people outside the Philippines know about the EDNA Revolution. On EDNA Revolution Anniversary, take to your social media to inform people about this remarkable revolution and the role it played in shaping modern history.

5 Fascinating Facts About Democracy All Over The World

  1. British Parliament is the ‘Mother of Parliaments’

    The Westminster System of parliamentary democracy is followed by many former colonies.

  2. 51 countries operate under a parliamentary system

    Some of these countries may function in combination with other systems.

  3. There are two types of democracy

    These are Parliamentary Democracy and Presidential Democracy.

  4. The word ‘democracy’ has its roots

    It comes from the Greek word ‘demos’, which translates to ‘people.’

  5. India is the world’s largest democracy

    By the virtue of its population, India has the highest number of eligible voters.

Why EDSA Revolution Holiday is Important

  1. Testament to people’s power

    Revolutions led by the common masses, such as the EDNA Revolution, make a good study. They are a testament to the grand achievements that are brought about by common goals and faith in each other.

  2. Celebration of democracy

    EDNA Revolution Anniversary is also a celebration of democracy and its values. Through such movements, people are reminded that democratic values such as freedom of speech and expressing opinions are also basic human rights.

  3. Inspires generations

    EDNA Revolution Anniversary has inspired generations of people who are fighting for fair and timely elections. It also encourages citizens to be unafraid and pursue what is good and right.

EDSA Revolution Holiday dates

2025February 25Tuesday
2026February 25Wednesday
2027February 25Thursday
2028February 25Friday
2029February 25Sunday

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