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Launceston Cup – February 26, 2025

Launceston Cup is an annual horse racing event that will be held on this year February 26 at the Launceston racecourse in Launceston, Tasmania. This race is held in Launceston during the Tasmanian summer racing carnival, where the locals gather for a great day of racing. Did you know that this race has held a group three listing for the past 35 years? Currently, the prize money is a whopping $250,000.

History of Launceston Cup

Horse racing is an age-long sport that attracts thousands of people from all walks of life. The thrills from watching and cheering the athletes (equine and human) with the jockeys saddled on their racecourse are exciting. We love watching the amazing athletes dexterously using their natural strength, balance, muscle, and speed to vigorously compete in the race.

Globally, horse racing is a sport recognized and practiced. The history of the Launceston Cup dates back to around 150 years ago and has been the signature racing for the town of Launceston in Tasmania of Australia, for this long period. As a culture, on Wednesday in February, thousands of locals would array in their beautiful apparel to grace the event that has become synonymous with the town, as it has been since 1985.

The sport started relatively as a local event about a century ago but as years rolled by, it began to garner the attention of dignitaries from inside and outside of Launceston, Tasmania, and even Melbourne. The first event attracted a crowd of about 6,000.

In recent years, the cup draws an increased number of attendees, numbering up to 12,000 when the weather is favorable. The Launceston Cup is hosted by the Tasmanian Turf Club and runs over a distance of 2,400 meters at Launceston Racecourse in Mowbray, Tasmania, Australia every February. It has become a renowned Group Three open handicap thoroughbred horse race.

Symbolically, the winner of the racecourse is awarded the Launceston Cup and the prize money. Today, the race is celebrated as a holiday, each February 23. We encourage you to partake in this exciting event in the world of sports.

Launceston Cup timeline

Tasmania Turf Club

The establishment of the Tasmania Turf Club, which hosts the Launceston Cup annually in Mowbray, Tasmania, takes place.

First Horseracing in Launceston

Historical documentation of the first horse racing event in Launceston emerges.

Ban of Bookmakers

The banning of bookmakers from placing bets at the racecourse, in favor of totalizers takes place.

Queen of Fairies

The Launceston Cup makes a mark in Australian history as one of its racehorses becomes the first in Australia to travel by plane.

Launceston Cup FAQs

Is the Launceston Cup a public holiday?

The Launceston Cup is observed as a holiday in Launceston, which allows everyone to fully join in the event. The holiday is observed every February 23 in Launceston, Tasmania.

When is Launceston Cup 2022?

The Launceston Cup 2022 will be held at the Launceston racecourse, Tasmania on Wednesday, February 23. These events attract lovers and enthusiasts of horse racing from all over Tasmania and Australia.

Is horse racing a safe sport?

Horse racing, like most other sports, demands dexterity and physical exertion. The athletes have to be thoroughly trained to avoid mishaps. Safety precautions are taken to ensure there are no injuries during a race, to horse or jockey.

Launceston Cup Activities

  1. Visit the racecourse

    Horse racing is best enjoyed live. If you're a lover of horse racing, the best way to relish this celebration is by paying a visit to the racecourse to have a real-time experience of the event as it unfolds.

  2. Stake to win

    Horse racing, like most other sports, is open to bookmakers and totalizers. And if you don’t have a problem with gambling, why not wager a few on your favorite horse?

  3. Learn how to race

    Now, this may seem way out of the league of most people but ... what's the harm in trying? You could be the next big jockey in your county or nation. If you love the energy and the beauty of racing with a horse, why not give a trial to training and practice?

5 Fun Facts About Horse Racing

  1. It was invented in Central Asia

    The origin of horseracing can be traced back to the prehistoric nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia, who were the first to domesticate horses around 4500 B.C.

  2. Australia has the highest number of racecourses

    Internationally, Australia has the highest number of racecourses of any nation around the globe.

  3. Better watched live than on T.V.

    Despite the popularity of horseracing in most countries, people rarely sit back to watch the televised version at home, as watching it live brings more shrillness and happiness.

  4. Horses are great athletes

    Thoroughbred horses have resting heart rates of 40 minutes per minute, and they are incredibly fast runners.

  5. Horse Racing was once banned

    During the reign of Oliver Cromwell, racing was banned and the majority of the horses were demanded by the state after the Civil War in Britain ended.

Why We Love Launceston Cup

  1. It is accessible to all

    Horse racing is accessible to all and sundry, both young and old, from any background, all year round. Most of the racecourses are open and family-friendly such that every member of the family can be a spectator at the event.

  2. It showcases the beauty of racehorses

    Beholding the beauty and magnificence of racehorses as they run around the track is a thing of joy for many. Horses are beautiful and friendly and racecourses are places where we can all have a closer view of these amazing creatures.

  3. It is an exciting social event

    Horse racing attracts a lot of diversity in personalities, social class, and culture. Whichever angle of the track you are, whether you're mingling with people or keen on the contest, the racecourse offers an opportunity to explore. The bands, sounds, songs, and fanfare make the atmosphere a full vibe.

Launceston Cup dates

2024February 28Wednesday
2025February 26Wednesday
2026February 25Wednesday

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