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TueFeb 25

Pistol Patent Day – February 25, 2025

Pistol Patent Day is on February 25 every year, and we are here to help you celebrate the day. Do you know that it has been almost 500 years since the very first pistols emerged? Pistols, revolvers, and other sidearms have played a significant part in shaping how civilizations evolved. New patents were submitted as centuries passed by giving birth to modern sidearms. Pistol Patent Day is observed to commemorate the day Samuel Colt received the patent for the revolver in 1835. On this day, we look at the life and times of the farsighted genius, Samuel Colt.  

History of Pistol Patent Day

The word pistol is said to have first emerged in sixteenth-century Europe when the first-ever handheld firearms were manufactured and designed to be shot from horsebacks. The word is said to have derived from the French word ‘pistolet.’ Another story suggests that it may come from the Czech word, ‘píšťala,’ which translates to whistle or pipe. Some also say that pistols came from the word, ‘pistolese,’ which in turn comes from the name of the city well-known during the Renaissance Era gunsmithing, Pistoia.

In the nineteenth century, revolvers emerged. Samuel Colt in 1835, received his patent for the first-ever revolver. A year later he received his patent for the American model. The firearm included basic principles of revolving breech-loading. In his patent, he included the folding trigger firearm which was named Colt Paterson. It is said that Colt never took credit for inventing the revolver. He believed that he simply designed a more practical version of Collier’s revolving Flintlock. Colt’s new design had interchangeable parts, and the percussion cap made ignition more reliable, faster, and safer compared to the Flintlock.

In 1916, the Steyr M1912 was born in the Austro-Hungarian empire. The Steyr M1912 was capable of firing fully automatic rounds. This was a revolutionary invention that changed the way firearms were perceived and paved the way for modern weapons. Since then, many ultra-modern, sophisticated fully-automatic handguns have come up that have made people who enjoy practicing shooting extremely happy.

Pistol Patent Day was created to mark the anniversary of the day Samuel Colt received his first pistol patent. On this day, people look back at the life and times of Samuel Colt and take inspiration to come out with remarkable new patents.

Pistol Patent Day timeline

1550 A.D.
Pistol is Born

Handheld firearms named ‘pistolets’ emerge in Europe.

The First Patent

Samuel Colt submits his first patent for the revolver.

Fully Automatic Sidearms Emerge

The Steyr M1912, capable of firing fully automatic rounds, is created.

Pistol Patent Day

Pistol Patent Day is created to commemorate the receiving of the first pistol patent by Samuel Colt.

Pistol Patent Day FAQs

What is the oldest gun?

Heilongjiang hand cannon dates back to 1288, and it is the oldest gun. It was discovered in the Acheng District, which was a famous battleground in 1288. 

Is a revolver better than a pistol?

Revolvers and pistols are both known for their advantages and disadvantages. The revolver is advantageous due to its simplicity, while pistols are known to be capable of holding more ammo, which is effective for quick reloading.

How much did the first colt revolver cost?

The 45-caliber Colt Revolver known as ‘Peacemaker’ was sold for $242,000 in 1873.

How To Observe Pistol Patent Day

  1. Learn more about pistols

    What better way to observe Pistol Patent Day than to read and learn more about pistols? Read books, articles, or blogs on pistols and use this day to expand your knowledge on pistols and their history.

  2. Share it on social media

    Many of us don't know about Pistol Patent Day and its significance. Let everyone know the importance of the day and that you are celebrating it. Post fun facts on pistols and Pistol Patent Day — so that more people know about this day and are motivated to celebrate this day.

  3. Come up with your own design

    If you want to make the celebrations more interesting, you can come up with your own design and get a patent. Learn more about the designs of pistols and other firearms, and then let your creativity out. This can be done for not just firearms, but also a patent or design you want to create for just about anything!

5 Facts About Firearms That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It is a piston engine

    Firearms, according to thermodynamics, are a special type of piston engine where the bullet acts as a piston.

  2. Long-barrel firearms are more efficient

    Due to a better volume ratio, firearms with long barrels are more efficient.

  3. Large firearms have less heat loss

    Barrel heat loss is less in large firearms as they have a better volume to surface ratio.

  4. There are two types of guns

    Broadly classified, guns are of two types, long guns which include rifles and shotguns, and handguns which include revolvers and pistols.

  5. Glock pistol has a safety on trigger

    The Glock pistol has a safety on the trigger itself that ensures that a finger must be on the trigger for the gun to be fired.

Why Pistol Patent Day is Important

  1. It allows us to know more about the history of firearms

    Pistol Patent Day gives us a chance to read and expand our knowledge on pistols — their history, types, and how they impacted society. This day allows us to set aside our monotonous daily routine and spend time reading about historical facts.

  2. It inspires creators around the world

    Pistol Patent Day is observed to commemorate the submission of the first pistol patent by Samuel Colt. Colt's ingenious patents paved the way for the future for semi-automatic and automatic firearms. This day acts as an inspiration for creators, designers, and inventors.

  3. It gives us a glimpse of Samuel Colt's struggles

    While we read the success stories of inventors like Samuel Colt, we tend to forget the hardships and struggles faced by these inventors. Initially, when Colt submitted his first patent, there were no underwriters to fund the machinery that would mass produce these pistols. Colt had to take many loans, travel to many destinations, and convince many bureaucrats and businessmen before his venture became a success. This day serves as a tribute to this great visionary.

Pistol Patent Day dates

2025February 25Tuesday
2026February 25Wednesday
2027February 25Thursday
2028February 25Friday
2029February 25Sunday

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