November Holidays

Here at National Today, we're celebrating Thanksgiving by giving thanks for all the amazing holidays in November! It's one of the most eventful months of the year—it's a time to shop on Black Friday, give back on Giving Tuesday, and eat lots of turkey on Thanksgiving. Every four years, we get the privilege of electing our new president. And, of course, there are those fun quirky holidays that make life worth celebrating, from National Sandwich Day to National Cake Day.

We've got all of these fun national days on our November calendar—so get ready to mark them down!

FOOD: Is a hot dog a sandwich? Find out the answer on National Sandwich Day (November 3). If you're dessert-inclined instead, there are days in November for both National Cake Day (November 26) and National Candy Day (November 4)! Did you know candy dates back all the way to 2000 BC?

CIVIC: Get ready for Thanksgiving (November 23) and the plethora of November shopping holidays that fall close to it—among them Black Friday (November 24) and Cyber Monday (November 25). Americans eat 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving—will you contribute to this number?

RELATIONSHIPS: One of the most fun national days in November celebrates our most important relationship—the one with ourselves! We're looking forward to celebrating Singles Day (November 11) by treating ourselves to all the products and food we've always wanted.

CAREERS: A million books get published every year, and that's why there's a holiday in November to celebrate America's prolific authors—National Author's Day (November 1). We also celebrate the important men and women who work in STEM on National STEM/STEAM Day (November 8).

Find a complete list of November holidays below, and happy celebrating!

National Authors Day
What can be better on a brisk day to curl up with your favorite book and spend a time drifting ...
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Day Of The Dead
Celebrated on November 2, Day of the Dead os a traditional Mexican holiday that stems from the ancient indigenous people ...
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National Sandwich Day
Observed annually on Nov. 3, National Sandwich Day is one of our favorite holidays. The sandwich is believed to be ...
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National Candy Day
They come in different colors, shapes ,and sizes. They smell sweet or taste sour. According to one famous ad campaign, ...
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S.T.E.M. - S.T.E.A.M. Day
There's no way around it: our children are significantly better off with strong science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics skills ...
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National Sundae Day
Today we celebrate National Sundae Day, held every year on November 11. These ice cream, chocolate sauce, and decadently-topped treats ...
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Singles Day
They say one is the loneliest number. But is it really? Could one really be the most fun number? That's ...
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Remembrance Day
Every country has a special day commemorating those who fought and died in the line of duty. Remembrance Day in ...
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World Kindness Day
The world can sometimes feel like a lonely place, with the grind of work and home. Take a moment on ...
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National Pickle Day
While the world of food is constantly seeing new innovations, there's one food type that just won't seem to quit: ...
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National Entrepreneurs Day
From the wheel to the commercial jet, and the taco to the microchip, radical inventions by brilliant minds have shaped ...
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National Unfriend Day
Dear Jimmy Kimmel, you are a gentleman and a scholar. On behalf of the users living in the digital era, ...
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In 1621, long before the birth of the United States of America, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a ...
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Black Friday
Legend has it that Black Friday got its name back in 1961, when pedestrians and cars overcrowded the streets of ...
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Small Business Saturday
In the age of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's easy to skip over the mom-and-pop shop for the big ...
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National Cake Day
You can eat it on your birthday, you can enjoy it by the ocean, or you can simple just have ...
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Cyber Monday
What has awesome deals like Black Friday but gives you the chance to shop in your pajamas from the comfort ...
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Giving Tuesday
What better way to feel better about ourselves after waiting in long lines to purchase things we don't need on ...
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