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FriNov 29

Chadwick Boseman Day – November 29, 2024

Chadwick Boseman Day, observed on November 29, is held on the late star’s birthday and is a day for us to remember the actor who sadly left us too soon. Boseman was perhaps most famous for playing Black Panther in the Marvel franchise, but also played James Brown in “Get On Up” as well as featuring prominently in “21 Bridges” and “42”. Known for his welcoming, humble personality and down to earth nature, Boseman died on August 28, 2020, as a result of complications due to colon cancer. He was 43. On Chadwick Boseman Day we remember his talents, but also the wonderful person that he was.

History of Chadwick Boseman Day

Chadwick Aron Boseman was born in Anderson, South Carolina on November 29, 1976, and was the son of Leroy and Carolyn Boseman. As a child, he was a basketball enthusiast and played for the school team before graduating from T. L. Hanna High School in 1995. Boseman wrote his first play in his junior year. “Crossroads” was in memory of a classmate who was shot and killed and was staged at the school.

Boseman studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts in directing at Howard University and graduated in 2000. During this period Boseman committed most of his efforts to becoming a writer and director. He moved to New York City and graduated from the city’s Digital Film Academy before moving to LA in 2008 to pursue an acting career.

Having picked up numerous small roles, his big breakthrough came in 2013 when he played Baseball star Jackie Robinson in the film “42”. In 2014 he played James Brown in “Get On Up” as well as starring in Draft Day alongside Kevin Costner, with his character being an NFL draft prospect.

The Marvel President had noticed Boseman playing James Brown and by 2016 he was making his first appearance as Black Panther in “Captain America: Civil War.” In 2018 “Black Panther” was released to critical acclaim and was one of the best performing movies of the year.

In 2019 Boseman got engaged to Taylor Simone Ledward with the two reportedly getting married in secret not long before his death. Boseman had been diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016 but kept the diagnosis a secret. His condition worsened and Boseman died at his home on August 28, 2020. His death was greeted with shock and sadness across the world, with a huge outpouring of grief, respect, and fond memories all being shared online.

Chadwick Boseman Day timeline

November 29, 1976
Boseman is Born

Chadwick Boseman is born in Anderson, South Carolina to Carolyn and Leroy Boseman.


Boseman graduated from Howard University in Washington D.C. with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Directing.


Many see his role as baseball pioneer Jackie Robinson in the film "42" as Boseman’s breakthrough role.

A Marvel

After agreeing to a five-picture deal with Marvel, Boseman makes his first appearance as Black Panther in "Captain America: Civil War".

Black Panther

The "Black Panther" movie is released to critical acclaim and was one of the highest-grossing films of the year.

August 28, 2020

Boseman sadly died at his home as a result of complications to colon cancer.

Chadwick Boseman Day FAQs

Why did Chadwick Boseman Die?

Chadwick Boseman died aged 43 due to complications as a result of colon cancer.

Did Chadwick Boseman have children?

Chadwick Boseman was married to Taylor Simone Ledward, but the couple didn’t have any children.

Who knew Chadwick Boseman was sick?

Only a handful of non-family members knew Chadwick Boseman was sick. These included producing partner Logan Coles, longtime agent Michael Greene, trainer Addison Henderson and 42 director Brian Helgeland.

How to Observe Chadwick Boseman Day

  1. Watch Black Panther

    It’s the role he was most famous for and a movie that inspired people throughout the world. Watch it again, it’s a great movie that is always worth watching.

  2. Watch a lesser known movie

    Some of Boseman’s other movies include 42, 21 Bridges, Get on Up, and Gods of Egypt. Check them out.

  3. Donate to a good cause

    There are many colon cancer-fighting charities that you could donate to. These include Colon Cancer Coalition. Colorectal Cancer Alliance, and The Colon Club.

5 Lesser Known Facts About Chadwick Boseman

  1. He had West African ancestry

    Boseman took a DNA test to learn more about his ancestry. The results revealed that his ancestors were from the Mende and Limba people of Sierra Leone, the Jola people from Guinea-Bissau, and the Yoruba people of Nigeria.

  2. He was a huge basketball fan

    He was a talented athlete when he was younger and Boseman told Vanity Fair that basketball was his favorite sport.

  3. He didn’t have to audition for Black Panther

    Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige met Boseman in “Get On Up” and instantly wanted him to play Black Panther. He was so sure that Boseman was right for the role that he never even had to audition.

  4. He was vocal about social issues

    Boseman used his platform to speak about the issues that were important to him. He was part of Operation 42, an initiative that helped donate medical equipment to hospitals fighting Covid-19, and was a supporter of Families Belong Together, a campaign against separating immigrant children from their parents.

  5. He trained hard for “Get On Up”

    For the movie in which he played James Brown, Boseman trained with a choreographer for 5 to 8 hours per day. He fully committed to the role and was referred to as Mr. Brown whenever on set.

Why Chadwick Boseman Day is Important

  1. A great talent

    Chadwick Boseman was a great talent who left us far too soon. He entertained and inspired millions around the world with his performances that will live long in the memory.

  2. A real-life hero

    As well as playing a hero on screen, he did things in his day to day life that touched those around him. He gave away his MTV award for “Best Hero” to someone who had shut down a shooting and was known for his efforts to be uplifting to those around him.

  3. A chancer to remember

    Boseman was a humble man who kept his health problems hidden from most of the world. He deserved to be remembered as a great man, a talented man whose love impacted his family, friends, and fans. This is a day to remember his humility, his talent, and his kindness.

Chadwick Boseman Day dates

2024November 29Friday
2025November 29Saturday
2026November 29Sunday
2027November 29Monday
2028November 29Wednesday

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