Addie, professionally known as MTQcapture, was born on November 17, 1987. She is a Canadian gamer who produces content mostly related to the “Final Fantasy” franchise. Addie is best known for her walkthrough videos, which have garnered her more than 195 thousand subscribers and 57 million views. She streams for more than 70 thousand Twitch subscribers. She makes a ton of entertaining and informative content and is an excellent gamer. On her YouTube account, she has posted over 300 videos. Even though she shares a lot about her life, she is a private person — even her full name is kept secret! Today, we honor this YouTube celebrity and her accomplishments.

Fast Facts

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Birth date:

November 17, 1987



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Net Worth:

$1.5 million

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Addie, professionally known as MTQcapture, was born on November 17, 1987, in Canada. She is a well-known YouTube content creator who creates “Final Fantasy” content and uploads them to her YouTube channel, also named Addie. Even though she plays games from the “Final Fantasy” franchise the most, she streams a variety of games for about 70 thousand Twitch viewers. She is well-liked among game streamers by developers. She has also given speeches at several gaming conferences and offers guidance to aspiring game developers who wish to work in the industry. On her YouTube account, she uploads gaming-related videos and snippets, with an average of 200 thousand views per video. On her Twitch account, she has also captured more than 73 hours of live streaming. She writes simple step-by-step instructions for particular game elements that players could find difficult to comprehend. Despite some viewers’ complaints that she doesn’t get into depth in her guides, others have praised them for being digestible and simple to understand.

Little to no information is known about her private life, to the point that she has never revealed what her last name is. However, she has shown some glimpses of what is generally going on in her personal life. She was pregnant and gave birth to her daughter on December 20, 2020. She sometimes shows her daughter to her audience on live streams. She also has two pets: a cat and a dog. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as traveling and hiking.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel

Addie joins the YouTube platform in August of this year, uploading her first video: “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Sastasha Dungeon Guide.”

She Gains Popularity on Twitch

Addie becomes popular on the streaming platform, Twitch, streaming “Final Fantasy XIV.”

The YouTube Subscriber Milestone

Addie reaches a milestone of 100,000 subscribers on her channel, making her eligible for a silver play button.

The Most Popular Video

Addie releases her most popular YouTube video with over 500,000 views: “HADES'S ELEGY TRIAL GUIDE (HADES EX).”

Why We Love MTQcapture

  1. She is an animal lover

    It is no news that Addie likes animals and currently has two pets. She loves showing us lovely pictures of her pets on her Instagram page, whom she loves very much!

  2. She supports the gaming community

    Addie provides content that guides gamers in completing difficult parts of the games she loves. She helps gamers by explaining what players need to do that need to defeat bosses, solve puzzles, and ultimately complete raids and dungeons.

  3. She makes interesting content.

    Addie makes content about an interesting game, and she has a quirky personality that is very entertaining. She draws a lot of people to her live streams and her YouTube videos because of this. Her fan community supports her because of this as well, and you can see it in the comments and the chat when she streams or posts a video!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She likes outdoor activities

    Despite being an avid gamer and spending a lot of hours gaming at home, Addie enjoys going out and being adventurous.

  2. She has uploaded hundreds of raid guides

    Addie has uploaded about 270 “Final Fantasy XIV” raid and dungeon guides on her YouTube Channel.

  3. She has sponsorships with Corsair

    In her videos, you can see a lot of her peripherals and accessories are from Corsair, a leading source of gaming P.C. components.

  4. She is an industrious streamer

    Addie streams on Twitch every single day since she became active on the platform.

  5. She can speak other langauges

    She once revealed on one of her streams that is a fluent French speaker.

MTQcapture FAQs

What is Addie’s real name?

Her real name is Addie. However, she has never revealed her last name.

When did Addie become pregnant?

She became pregnant in 2019.

How many YouTube videos does Addie have on her channel?

She has 382 videos on her channel.

MTQcapture’s birthday dates

2024November 17Sunday
2025November 17Monday
2026November 17Tuesday
2027November 17Wednesday
2028November 17Friday

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