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Kate Thompson, also known as Kate Beaufoy, was born on November 17, 1959, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. She is an actress best known for her roles in movies and television shows such as “Criminal Conversation” in 1980, and “Bracken,” which aired from 1981 to 1982. Thompson is married to Malcolm Douglas, with whom she has a child. She is also well known for her numerous light-hearted novels, including “It Means Mischief,” released in 1999, “Striking Poses,” in 2003, “Love Lies Bleeding,” in 2007, and “That Gallagher Girl,” in 2011. Today, we celebrate her special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kate Thompson


Pixie Pirelli

Birth date:

November 17, 1959



Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

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Kate Thompson was born in Belfast on November 17, 1959. She began her professional acting career in 1979 when she appeared in an episode of “Play for Today,” a British television anthology drama series that aired on B.B.C. 1 from 1970 to 1984. She later appeared in the 1980 drama series “Escape” as a B.E.A. girl. Thompson played Mary Rose O’Regan in the 1981 television miniseries “The Ante Room,” and went on to take the role of Lucy in an episode of the television mini-series “The Price,” in 1985. Thompson’s last acting role was as Terry Killeen in two episodes of the drama series “Glenroe,” which ran from 1995 and 1997.

Thompson has published a dozen novels as Kate Thompson, including the number one bestseller “The Blue Hour,” which was published in 2002 and was nominated for an R.N.A. award. She holds an M.A. in French and English literature from Trinity College, Dublin, and is a recent ‘Bram Stoker Award’ winner. Thompson has also written and broadcast for RTE, contributed to numerous newspapers and magazines in Ireland and the United Kingdom, and is frequently invited to participate in literary events across the media.

As Kate Beaufoy, Thompson released her first historical novel in 2014, the critically acclaimed “Liberty Silk,” and spent four weeks on “The Irish Times” bestseller list. Her second book, “Another Heartbeat in the House,” debuted the following year and was nominated for an Irish Book Award in the popular fiction category in 2015. Her most recent novel, “The Gingerbread House,” was published in 2017 and has been described by Roddy Doyle as “gripping, heartbreaking, funny, and surprising.” The book was a finalist for “The Guardian” newspaper’s ‘Not the Booker Prize’ and was named among the ‘Books of the Year’ by the Irish daily publication, “The Independent,” in 2017.

Career timeline

Her First Acting Role

Thompson makes her acting debut in an episode of "Play for Today," a British television anthology drama series that aired on B.B.C. 1 from 1970 to 1984.

Her Last Acting Role

Thompson makes her last appearance as Terry Killeen in an episode of the drama series "Glenroe."

She Publishes her First Novel

Thompson releases her first romantic novel, "It Means Mischief," which follows a young woman as she learns the difference between infatuation, lust, and love.

She Publishes a Bestselling Novel

Thompson publishes "The Blue Hour," a number one bestseller that is nominated for an R.N.A. award.

Her First Historical Novel

Thompson publishes "Liberty Silk," her critically acclaimed first historical novel, which spends four weeks on “The Irish Times” bestseller list.

Her Most Recent Novel

Thompson issues her latest novel, "The Gingerbread House," and Roddy Doyle describes it as "gripping, heartbreaking, funny, and surprising."

Why We Love Kate Thompson

  1. She is very creative

    Thompson is a very creative novelist, as evidenced by her numerous novels. She constructs her novels extremely well, each is unique, and her characters have depth and come to life for the reader.

  2. She has an impressive career

    Thompson's career demonstrates how much a person can accomplish in their lifetime. She was a successful actress before switching to writing, where she excelled and expanded her fame and success.

  3. She wrote excellent novels

    Thompson has written over ten romantic novels and three historical novels, with the majority of them receiving positive reviews. She excelled at romantic and historical novels. Critics, as well as readers from all around the world, praised Thompson’s work.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She won an award for acting

    Thompson won the ‘Best Actress’ award at the Dublin Theatre Festival after 10 years of appearing in a successful Irish television drama before becoming a full-time writer.

  2. She enjoys swimming

    Thompson enjoys swimming in her spare time and is an advanced-level scuba diver and wild swimmer.

  3. She has a unique cat

    Thompson is the proud owner of a beautiful Burmese cat, a breed that originated in Burma and is thought to have its roots near the Thai-Burmese border.

  4. Her novels are available in several languages

    Thompson's novels have been translated into French, German, Greek, Italian, Czech, and Dutch, and are available as audiobooks.

  5. She practices Bikram yoga

    Thompson is a committed practitioner of Bikram yoga, a hot yoga system developed by Bikram Choudhury.

Kate Thompson FAQs

What is Kate Thompson doing now?

Thompson currently divides her time between Dublin and the West coast of Ireland with her husband Malcolm Douglas.

Will Kate Thompson act again?

Thompson has not stated whether she will return to acting, but she has revealed that she misses the camaraderie and the sense of belonging to a tribe.

Where does Kate Thompson live?

Thompson currently lives in Western Australia with her daughter, Clara Douglas, and new grandson, Dante.

Kate Thompson’s birthday dates

2024November 17Sunday
2025November 17Monday
2026November 17Tuesday
2027November 17Wednesday
2028November 17Friday

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