Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot was born on November 17, 1938. The Canadian singer-songwriter is well-known for his work in the folk, folk-rock, and country music genres. He has more than five decades of experience in the music business and is regarded as one of Canada’s most significant artists. Early on, Gordon’s skill was recognized, and he frequently sang in both the school and church choirs. Before beginning to compose his songs, he later joined several ensembles. His songwriting career took off when well-known musicians performed his work. He then entered into a contract with United Artists and worked with them to make several albums. Later, he joined forces with Warner Bros. Records, where he enjoyed enormous success and notoriety. Despite numerous physical obstacles, Lightfoot continued to tour around the world and made fans everywhere. Today, we celebrate him and his accomplishments.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Gordon Meredith Lightfoot Jr.


Dr. Gordon Gordon, Gordy, Gord

Birth date:

November 17, 1938



Zodiac Sign:



6' 2.05"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$30 million

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Gordon Lightfoot was born on November 17, 1938. He was born in Orillia, Ontario. His mother saw and appreciated his obvious singing talent and encouraged him to perform in front of others. He routinely performed at school. Ray Williams, his first mentor, and inspiration directed the choir at St. Paul’s United Church where he also participated. He used to frequently perform when he was a student at the Orillia District Collegiate and Vocational Institute. He also learned the piano, guitar, drums, and other percussion instruments. At Massey Hall, he made his debut in the area before starting to perform throughout the neighborhood. Gordon was also a natural athlete who participated in competitive shot throw, pole vault, and football in addition to music. His versatile skills earned him scholarships at the University of Toronto and the Schulich School of Music at McGill University. He relocated to California in 1958 to attend Westlake College of Music. To make ends meet, he also contributed to commercials and jingles.

In 1960, he returned to Toronto. When Gordon Lightfoot visited his hometown again, he and the well-known local band The Swinging Eight performed in various local cafes. He collaborated with the Gino Silvi Singers as well. He released two singles in 1962 as his fame continued to rise. The radio played his tracks ‘I’m the One’ and ‘It’s Too Late, He Wins,’ which became popular locally. Later, in 1962, he collaborated with Terry Whelan to make the live album “Two-Tones at the Village Corner.” In 1963, he began his European and British tours. He also hosted the “Country and Western Show” for the B.B.C. It was in 1966 when he released his first studio album, “Lightfoot!” under United Artists. In 1967, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation hired him to write a special broadcast. He then recorded four albums for United Artists over the ensuing years: “The Way I Feel” (1967), “Did She Mention My Name?” (1968), “Back Here on Earth” (1968), and “Sunday Concert” (1969). These albums’ tracks went on to achieve high positions in the Canadian charts. Lightfoot’s frequency of overseas tours increased after partnering with Warner Bros. He played in Australia, Europe, and New York City. He kept performing several times a year despite his declining health and advanced age. He also performed at the 100th Grey Cup at the National Arts Center in Ottawa in 2012. In addition to touring the U.K. in 2015, he also went to Scotland and Ireland.

From 1963 to 1973, Lightfoot was married to Bita Ingegerd Olaisson. The reason for the divorce was Lightfoot’s adultery. They had two children, Fred and Ingrid. In 1989, he married Elizabeth Moon; they separated in 2002. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that they got a divorce. They had two children together. At Rosedale United Church in December 2014, he wed Kim Hasse for the third time.

Career timeline

He Starts Performing in Europe

He embarks on his first tour around the U.K and Europe, even becoming the host of a B.B.C. T.V. show, “Country and Western Show.”

He Releases His First Studio Album

His first studio album, “Lightfoot!,” is released, and it is well-received among fans of country music and folk rock.

He Performs in the Olympics

At the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Lightfoot performs alongside K. D. Lang.

A Bronze Sculpture is Built for Him

A bronze sculpture titled “Golden Leaves: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot” is inaugurated in his hometown.

Why We Love Gordon Lightfoot

  1. He makes great music

    He is a very talented musician, whose music has at some point been beneficial to its listeners. Even though he has some melancholic songs, most of his compositions are cool, calming, and lighthearted, evoking images of lush forests and mountains in the countryside.

  2. He tries his hardest

    Even at his very advanced age, he still performs. His voice is no longer the smooth and strong baritone it once was, but you have to appreciate his commitment to his art!

  3. He is charitable

    He has performed in several benefit concerts. On the day of his 80th birthday, he performed at a benefit concert in his hometown, with proceeds divided between the town's theatre and hospital. He also established the Lightfoot Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to providing homeless shelters and scholarships.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was a heavy smoker

    He used to be a heavy smoker, but quit smoking in 2018.

  2. He almost died in 2022

    He had a near-death experience in 2002 when his abdominal artery burst, and he was in a coma for six weeks.

  3. He was named after his father

    He was named after his father, Gordon Lightfoot Sr., who owned a dry cleaning business.

  4. He can play various instruments

    He can play the guitar, piano, and drums.

  5. He can perform for the camera

    Apart from being a great music performer, he also does well in front of the camera, having appeared in T.V. shows and documentaries.

Gordon Lightfoot FAQs

What diseases does Gordon Lightfoot have?

He has been diagnosed with emphysema. He also had an aneurysm in 2002 and a stroke in 2006.

is Gordon Lightfoot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Yes, he has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Does Gordon Lightfoot sing Tenor?

No, Lightfoot has a rich baritone voice.

Gordon Lightfoot’s birthday dates

2024November 17Sunday
2025November 17Monday
2026November 17Tuesday
2027November 17Wednesday
2028November 17Friday

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