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Gaby Vilumsone was born to a Latvian mother on November 4, 2014. She has become a child sensation in the UK and beyond. Together with her brother, Alex, she has created hundreds of YouTube videos that have amassed over a billion views in less than five years. Gaby rose to popularity for the video titled  Bath Song. She has shot several videos in which she and her brother sing nursery rhymes, play with toys, and even share DIY hacks. A beautiful thing about the siblings is that even though they are under ten, they’ve already become self-made millionaires.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Gabrielle Vilumsone



Birth date:

November 4, 2014



Zodiac Sign:


Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$8.5 million

Gabrielle's Social Media:


Gaby Vilumsone, born on November 4, 2014, is well-known as Gaby to her fans. Her rise in popularity began less than six years ago when her mother, Sabine Vilumsone, a Latvian immigrant in the U.K., created a YouTube channel for her two kids. Gaby was born a year after her older brother, Alex, in London. She is a YouTube star who came to prominence through the family’s friendliest kids channel on YouTube, Gaby and Alex. Both siblings have become huge online influencers, thanks to their mother banking on her children’s early love for YouTube videos to create a channel for them.

Vilumsone first created the YouTube channel Toys and Little Gabby, where she regularly uploaded videos of her two kids playing with toys, singing nursery rhymes, and other fun content. She later changed the channel’s name to Gaby and Alex. Gaby’s YouTube journey began in 2016 when her mother, who manages the YouTube channel, uploaded her debut video, Go Bubbles! Gaby is having fun with her bubble toy. The popular video, Bath Song Nursery Rhyme for Kids, was uploaded. By 2019, the video had already amassed 370 million views. In the same year, the channel’s subscribers were nearly 11 million, and their total video views shot over three billion.

Today, the channel has over 17.5 million active subscribers, which peak it over hundreds of other British YouTube channels.

Career timeline

Alex is Born

Gaby's older brother, Alex, is born.

Gaby is Born

Gaby is born to a Latvian mother in London.

Gaby’s First YouTube Video

Gaby shoots her first YouTube video, which gains millions of views.

Her Mother Uploads ‘Bath Song’

The popular video is shared on their channel.

Why We Love Gaby - Gaby and Alex

  1. She is a child sensation

    One great thing about Gaby is that even as a child, she has shown just how good she is in front of a camera. We love her for that and believe she would get even better and bigger as she celebrates more birthdays.

  2. She entertains people

    Together with her older brother, Alex, Gaby provides a form of entertainment to not only their children viewers but also to adults. The quality of their video content strengthens their hold on viewers.

  3. She is a guide

    With their D.I.Y. and fun videos, Gaby and Alex teach other children how to do certain things by acting as guides through their videos. We have seen how effective that could be and believe it goes a long way to entertain and help other kids.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. The siblings hold a U.K. YouTube record

    Gaby and Alex hold the U.K. record of the most followed YouTube channel.

  2. The biggest young British influencers

    Gaby and her brother, Alex, are Britain's biggest, youngest influencers.

  3. Gaby has wonderful hobbies

    Gaby loves reading, photography, traveling, and learning.

  4. Gaby’s most famous video

    Her channel's most famous video titled 'Bath Song' has nearly one billion views.

  5. They have more subscribers than Cartoon Network

    “Gaby and Alex” has more YouTube subscribers than Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel.

Gaby - Gaby and Alex FAQs

Are Gaby and Alex twins?

No. Gaby and Alex are not twins. Alex is a year older than Gaby.

How rich are Gaby and Alex?

At a very young age, Gaby and Alex made millions of dollars through the earnings from their YouTube channel. In 2020, they raked in over a million dollars, and following trends, this amount is bound to increase in subsequent years.

How old are Gaby and Alex?

Gaby is seven-years-old while Alex is eight.

Gaby - Gaby and Alex’s birthday dates

2024November 4Monday
2025November 4Tuesday
2026November 4Wednesday
2027November 4Thursday
2028November 4Saturday

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