Dez Bryant

Desmond Demond Bryant, more popularly known as Dez Bryant, was born on November 4, 1988. He started playing football in high school, often leading his school team to victory in multiple games. He had many university scouts interested in having him play for them and Bryant chose Oklahoma State University where he played for Oklahoma State Cowboys. After college, he moved on to play in the National Football League (N.F.L.). He played for the Dallas Cowboys in 2010 and then moved to the Baltimore Ravens in 2020. Join us as we celebrate this football player’s special day, right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Desmond Demond Bryant


Dez Bryant, The Black Mamba

Birth date:

November 4, 1988



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$4 million

Desmond's Social Media:


Dez Bryant was born Desmond Demond Bryant on November 4, 1988, in Galveston Island, Texas. He is one of the most celebrated sportsmen in America’s N.F.L., he scores goals and leads his team to victory. An African-American, he is the son of Angela Bryant. He attended Lufkin High School in Texas and joined the school football team.

Bryant’s impressive score record led to many universities wanting to admit him; the football player chose Oklahoma State University where he was enrolled from 2007 to 2009. He joined the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team. He made his college team debut in 2007, playing against the Georgia Bulldogs and leading his team to victory. In 2010, Bryant joined the N.F.L. team draft and was dubbed one of the most popular wide receivers. He signed up with the Dallas Cowboys in July of that year. He made his N.F.L. debut against the Washington Redskins, making a record with eight receptions in his first game. He returned in the 2011 N.F.L. season, and despite his injury, his team defeated the Redskins. Bryant would go on to play for the Cowboys as a rookie till 2014, after which his contract was renewed to a professional one until 2019. He transferred to the Baltimore Ravens in 2020, finishing his first season with the team with six receptions for 47 yards and two touchdowns. He then joined the New Orleans Saints for the upcoming season.

The star football player is in a relationship with Ilyne Nash: they have two children (a son and a daughter). In 2021, he launched a business enterprise called Personal Corner, which allows fellow athletes to take ownership of their brands.

Career timeline

The College Football Team

While studying at Oklahoma State University, Bryant joins the Oklahoma State Cowboys under coach Mike Gundy.

The Professional Debut

Bryant plays his debut game as a receiver for the Dallas Cowboys against the Washington Redskins.

The Contract is Renewed

After his rookie contract with the Dallas Cowboys ends, Bryant gets renewed as a professional player for five years.

The Team Transfer

After a year-long hiatus, Bryant joins the Baltimore Ravens.

The Business Venture

Bryant forms a business enterprise giving athletes like him a chance to take ownership of their brands.

Why We Love Dez Bryant

  1. His confidence

    Bryant shows self-confidence during his games. He knows he is one of the best wide receivers in the sport. Of course, his fans are aware of this too!

  2. He acknowledges all the support

    Bryant is grateful to everyone who has supported him in his life. He is especially thankful to his mother who raised him and has supported his career. He is likewise grateful to his many fans who adore him and his performances on the football field.

  3. His passion for the sport

    We admire Bryant’s fiery passion for football, which has played a major role in his successful career. He is an embodiment of the saying “make your passion your profession!”

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His mum was a teen-mum

    Bryant’s mother had him when she was only 13 years old.

  2. He makes an “X” after scoring

    Bryant revealed he does so to ward off any negativity and show his opponents to watch him!

  3. He paid a huge restaurant bill

    During his rookie days with the Cowboys, Bryant was hazed by his teammates and had to pay a $55,000 restaurant bill.

  4. He really likes junk food

    The footballer’s diet consists of sushi, hamburgers, and pizza.

  5. Bryant loves his monkey

    He bought a baby monkey in 2015 and built for it a beautiful sanctuary!

Dez Bryant FAQs

Has Dez Bryant retired?

No, he hasn’t retired; he took a break in 2019 to undergo physical rehabilitation and training.

Is Dez Bryant on a team?

He left the Baltimore Ravens after one season and is rumored to be with the New Orleans Saints for the upcoming seasons.

What does the name “Desmond” mean?

The name means “gracious defender.”

Dez Bryant’s birthday dates

2024November 4Monday
2025November 4Tuesday
2026November 4Wednesday
2027November 4Thursday
2028November 4Saturday

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