Lauren Orlando

Lauren Orlando was born on November 6, 2004, to parents Dale and Meredith Orlando. Orlando started appearing in her brother’s — Johnny Orlando — vlogs at the age of seven and that is what inspired her to start her vlog. Today, she creates her content and her sister Darian edits them. She also has a podcast that she runs with another one of her sisters, Maddie. Orlando is a social media star who loves entertaining her fans, followers, and subscribers with her quirky personality across her platforms. Join us in celebrating Orlando’s special day right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Lauren Orlando



Birth date:

November 6, 2004



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Lauren's Social Media:


Lauren Orlando has taken the world of YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram by storm with her bubbly videos, chronicling her family adventures, fashion tips, her fitness sessions, and more. Her passion is acting and she has starred in Brat’s popular “Total Eclipse” web series and Netflix’s “Next Level” dance drama film.

The actress and social media influencer was born on November 6, 2004, in Toronto, Canada. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio and she has an Italian heritage. The youngest daughter of Dale and Meredith Orlando, she is the sister of Johnny Orlando, a famous singer, and actor. Orlando became a YouTube star by first appearing in her brother’s videos.

Her rise to fame has been a long time coming, with first her own YouTube channel launch in 2013 and then her starring roles in “Total Eclipse” and “Next Level”. Additionally, she runs a fashion line with her brother, hosts his music tours, and writes his songs.

The 17-year-old is a star in her own right and we cannot wait to see what she does next.

Career timeline

A Star is Born

The YouTuber is born on November 6.

She Launches Her Blog-style YouTube Channel

After making her debut in a few of her famous brother Johnny’s videos, Orlando launches her own YouTube channel, sharing vlog-style clips of her lifestyle, fashion tips, and dance styles.

A Digital Series Star

The web series “Total Eclipse” debuts on network Brat’s YouTube channel and with it, Orlando’s status as a multimedia star.

Her Film Debut

The young actress makes her film debut as the lead in streaming network Netflix’s dance movie hit “Next Level.”

Why We Love Lauren Orlando

  1. She is close with her brother

    As the youngest of four kids and with two older sisters, Orlando is really close with her more famous brother Johnny. The two run a back-to-school essentials fashion line together and Orlando often hosts Johnny’s concerts.

  2. She adores Zendaya

    Another famous superfan of Zendaya is right here. Orlando is dying to work with the actress and singer in the future. Who doesn’t love Zendaya?

  3. She’s tenacious

    At such a young age, Orlando is already making her mark on the world. We can’t help but admire her.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is a sports fan

    As a fitness influencer, Orlando has incorporated her love of sports into her content; as a child, she enjoyed playing soccer and dancing.

  2. She has been creating videos since childhood

    Orlando was just seven years old when she started filming her video content.

  3. She writes her brother’s songs

    An accomplished songwriter, Orlando is the muse behind her brother Johnny’s popular tunes.

  4. She loves Spanish cuisine

    Being born in Canada, you’d think she’d love nothing more than waffles and maple syrup but the social media star is a huge fan of Spanish cuisine.

  5. Retail therapy helps her focus

    With a strong love for fashion, the teen is happiest when finding special and unique clothing items at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Lauren Orlando FAQs

Is Johnny or Lauren Orlando older?

Johnny is Lauren’s older brother; she is the youngest of the four siblings.

Where does Orlando live now?

The Canadian-born actress splits her time between Los Angeles and Toronto.

Is Orlando in Chicken Girls?

She starred in the series in 2019.

Lauren Orlando’s birthday dates

2024November 6Wednesday
2025November 6Thursday
2026November 6Friday
2027November 6Saturday
2028November 6Monday

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