Speaker Knockerz

Better known by his moniker Speaker Knockerz, Derek McAllister Jr. was born on November 6, 1994. At just 16 years of age, he acquired massive popularity among fans of rap and R&B with his first mixtape and did not look back. With the release of new singles that established him as a prodigy in the field, Speaker Knockerz went on to attain millions of views on his YouTube channel. Before he could be signed on by any record label, however, he was tragically found dead at the age of just 19 years. Let us help you celebrate the young rapper’s birthday with some trivia and insights into his life.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Derek McAllister Jr.



Birth date:

November 6, 1994

Death date:

March 6, 2014 (age 19)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Net Worth:

$250 thousand

Derek's Social Media:


Up-and-coming rap artist and emcee Speaker Knockerz was on the brink of fame and would have certainly gone far had destiny not intervened. Born Derek McAllister Jr. on November 6, 1994, in New York, he was the son of Derek McAllister, a former musician, and Mesha Wilson. He had a younger brother, Christian McAllister. When he was young, his mother moved him and his brother to South Carolina after their father was sentenced to a prison term. He attended Kelly Middle School, Ridge Valley High School, and Westwood High School. As a teenager, Speaker Knockerz developed an interest in hip-hop music and began experimenting with tunes on his computer and a beat-making program called FruityLoops.

The tunes Speaker Knockerz created on his computer marked the beginning of his career as he uploaded them to the internet and marketed them to the masses. His career as a rap artist took off in the year 2010 when he released his first mixtape “Flight Delayed.” The following year, in 2011, he sold his beats to the rapper Meek Mill, which was followed by another sale to Gucci Mane for the latter’s track ‘Re-up.’ The following year, he ended up uploading some 250 tracks to the internet, selling them all, and establishing his reputation as a musician. Then, in 2012, building on his fame, Speaker Knockerz began rapping and started his YouTube channel under the moniker Speaker Knockerz, which would become the name he would be most associated with. His single ‘Weekend’ became an instant hit, followed by another successful track ‘All I Know.’ In 2013, he went on to release two more mixtapes and also his hit “Rico Story” trilogy, followed by the track ‘Lonely.’ That same year, he also launched his own record label — Talibandz Entertainment — under which he released his new albums “Finesse Father” and “Married to the Money.” On March 4, 2014, Speaker Knockerz went missing, and his family reported the incident to the police. Two days later, on March 6, he was found dead in his garage by his father and the police. A few months after his death, another album “Married to the Money II” was posthumously released by Talibandz Entertainment, which had been taken over by his brother.

Till his death, he remained unsigned but his music videos on his YouTube channel averaged anywhere between 200,000 to 3,000,000 views, which testified to his popularity. While he was being pursued by Atlantic and Universal Republic, the deals could not come to fruition. His legacy and his music, however, continue to retain their fame among fans and followers.

Career timeline

He Makes His Mixtape Debut

Titled “Flight Delayed,” the mixtape launches Speaker Knockerz to instant fame.

He Sells His Beats to Fellow Rappers

Meek Mill and Gucci Mane buy his beats for their new songs.

He Makes Stride as an M.C.

After the upload of his single ‘Weekend,’ his career as an M.C. picks up.

He Releases the “Rico” Trilogy

His famous “Rico” trilogy with three gangsta rap singles releases to widespread popularity.

He Launches His Record Label

Called Talibandz Entertainment, the label becomes the platform for his future album releases.

Why We Love Speaker Knockerz

  1. He was a prodigy

    Right from an early age, Speaker Knockerz had a knack for making great music. His style and flow were prodigious and even inspired other rappers.

  2. He was great with his fans

    Speaker Knockerz was known for being popular with his fans even without being signed on to a record label. His popularity stemmed from his interactions with his fans on social media, which he carried out with great enthusiasm.

  3. He was very humble

    Speaker Knockerz came across as a genuine and humble person. His rising fame did not make him appear arrogant and he was loved by those who knew him.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He bought sneakers with his first sale

    After selling his beat for $50, Speaker Knockerz bought a pair of sneakers with the money.

  2. His last tweet was about his music

    On March 5, 2014, Speaker Knockerz posted his last tweet about his new single ‘Lonely.’

  3. His Instagram page has 200k followers

    His page, which has not been active since his death, continues to have 200,000 followers.

  4. He was to perform at a club

    On March 8, he was due to perform at Club Ambition in South Carolina but passed away before his performance.

  5. He once saved someone’s life

    In 2013, by his own account, he saw an elderly man collapse by the road during a drive and helped him up, saving his life.

Speaker Knockerz FAQs

How did they find Speaker Knockerz?

In 2014, he was found dead by his father and the police in his garage, holding his chest next to his car.

What was the cause of Speaker Knockerz’s death?

Official reports stated that he had passed away from a heart attack caused by a codeine syrup overdose.

What rappers did Speaker Knockerz influence?

With his style and flow, Speaker Knockerz influenced the likes of Gucci Mane, Lil Uzi Vert, and Denzel Curry.

Speaker Knockerz’s birthday dates

2024November 6Wednesday
2025November 6Thursday
2026November 6Friday
2027November 6Saturday
2028November 6Monday

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