Cohen Muse

Cohen Muse, born on November 6, 2007, is a huge social media star from North Carolina. At just 10 years old, he began his online journey with his first photo on Instagram, a cute pic featuring his best friend. A year later, Muse joined TikTok under the username @flightnutsincurry, and his first video was a viral dance challenge. His content mainly spans funny and entertaining videos. Muse’s charisma and unique vibe have gained him a lot of popularity within his age group. Today, we are celebrating his talent and his stylish moves.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Cohen Muse

Birth date:

November 6, 2007



Zodiac Sign:



5' 3"

Net Worth:

$700 thousand

Cohen's Social Media:


Cohen Muse has become a household name in the online entertainment industry. His lovely and frankly unique personality can be seen in every single one of his videos and has captured the heart of millions of people all over the globe. Though Muse has experienced a lot of ups and downs in his early life, he continues to be an inspiring role model and keeps spreading positivity to all his followers.

Muse was born on November 6, 2007, in North Carolina. He is from a loving and supportive family, as shown by his mother, who has managed his social media and helped him navigate the online world, and his sister Kylie, who Muse has featured in some of his videos and photos. His social media journey began in 2018 when he was 10 years old. After opening his Instagram account, Muse posted a photo together with his best friend. The picture is even still available if you scroll down far enough. A year later, Muse opened his TikTok account under the username @flightnutsincurry, and the first video he released was a viral dance challenge. As he kept posting, Muse’s profile got more and more popular, even becoming one of the most followed accounts for his age group. His content consists mostly of funny, entertaining short videos and challenges.

Muse also has a YouTube account he created back in 2016, but he has yet to post his first video. With the rapid rise to fame he is experiencing, we have no doubts that, should he want to start posting vlogs or longer story times, he’ll be just as successful.

Career timeline

Muse Joins YouTube

Although he creates an account, he doesn’t post anything.

April 2018
His First Instagram Post

Muse shares a picture with his best friend.

December 2019
Muse’s First TikTok

He opens his account under the username @flightnutsincurry.

His First TikTok Milestone

Muse hits 1,000 followers.

A Deal With Amazon

Muse starts working with Amazon on a Back-to-School campaign.

Why We Love Cohen Muse

  1. He is a young entrepreneur

    His success at such a young age is quite impressive. He has a huge following, his own merch, and joined a media management company before turning 18.

  2. He is entertaining

    His content will always get you to smile. It’s great for those hard days when we all are a little bit grumpier than usual.

  3. He rocks his style

    Muse has nice, defined curly hair and rocks it every single time. We love a curly king!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is a soccer fan

    Muse has played soccer since he was a kid.

  2. He works with Slay Marketing

    The company also has many more TikTokers and content creators under its wing.

  3. His Insta pics are professional

    Photographer Justice Webber has taken many of his pictures.

  4. He has merchandise

    You can follow @shopmusefamily on Instagram to see his merch.

  5. He doesn’t post daily

    It once took him over a month to post another TikTok!

Cohen Muse FAQs

Who are Cohen Muse's parents?

Not much is known about Cohen’s parents, aside from the fact that his mother manages his social media.

Is Cohen Muse an only child?

No, he has a sister named Kylie.

Who is Cohen Muse's girlfriend?

As far as we know, he is single.

Cohen Muse’s birthday dates

2024November 6Wednesday
2025November 6Thursday
2026November 6Friday
2027November 6Saturday
2028November 6Monday

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