ThunThun Skittles

A. Alana, professionally known as ThunThun Skittles, is an American social media content creator born on November 26, 1999. She’s better known for comedic skits and lip-sync videos, and her charm has won her over eight million followers on TikTok. Alana also frequently posts on other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, both with quite large communities as well. She often records and posts content of herself trying new things for the first time, such as experimenting with new makeup or reacting to viral videos. She actually began her content creation on Vine and YouTube in 2013, before the former was shut down in 2016.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

A. Alana


ThunThun Skittles

Birth date:

November 26, 1999



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Net Worth:

$100 thousand

A.'s Social Media:


A. Alana, professionally known as ThunThun Skittles, was born on November 26, 1999, and you’ve probably seen her before, even if you don’t picture it yet. She’s the face of many memes and gags that have been around the Internet for quite some time right now.

Her content creation journey began in 2013 on YouTube and Vine. She created her main channel in September, and as of today, her videos have gathered more than eight million views in total. She currently has over 340,000 subscribers who adore her content, which mainly revolves around her creating comedy skits and lip-syncing videos across platforms. Oftentimes, she also documents herself trying new things and reacting to viral content, like TikTok videos and K-pop gossip. She often uses body humor when she posts, along with self-deprecating jokes. One of her most popular YouTube videos is “Tried doing a makeup tutorial for the first time – FUNNY.” She also has a second channel called ThunThunIRL, created in 2017, but sadly, it has no uploads.

Alana gained a considerable amount of fame on the short-form video-sharing platform Vine before it was shut down three years after its launch. She also began posting on Instagram around that time, quickly gaining a strong following. Alana also began posting videos on TikTok when the platform started gaining traction here in the Americas. She amassed over 8.6 million followers there. However, for unknown reasons, the creator recently set her account to private. We can only hope she’ll return soon to share her humor with the rest of the world.

Career timeline

The Initial Posts

Alana starts creating content on Vine.

September 2013
The YouTube Channel is Launched

She creates her YouTube channel.

Vine Shuts Down

The App is discontinued, and no more videos can be posted.

The Most Viral Video

Alana posts “I tried doing a makeup tutorial for the first time - FUNNY” on YouTube.

Why We Love ThunThun Skittles

  1. She’s hilarious

    Alana is hilarious. She has been making people laugh for years.

  2. She has endured the test of time

    Many people who began creating content around the time she did lost relevance long ago. Alana’s content seems to have stood the test of time.

  3. She makes people happy

    Perhaps the reason why she continues to be so popular is that she makes people happy. Alana has, undoubtedly, made millions of people smile.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has a sister

    Although Alana keeps her private life away from the spotlight, Alana has revealed that much.

  2. She loves Harry Potter

    Alana says she has rewatched the entire series over five times.

  3. Alana’s all for equality

    Alana has expressed her support for the L.G.B.T.Q. community before.

  4. The origin of her username

    Her nickname growing up was “ThunThun,” and she loves Skittles; go figure!

  5. She is on radio silence

    Both her TikTok and her Instagram account are private, and she hasn’t posted anything in a while.

ThunThun Skittles FAQs

Where is ThunThun Skittles from?

Alana is from the U.S.

Is ThunThun Skittles on TikTok?

Yes, she is! Her account is private, though.

Where did ThunThun Skittles go?

No one but Alana seems to know.

ThunThun Skittles’s birthday dates

2024November 26Tuesday
2025November 26Wednesday
2026November 26Thursday
2027November 26Friday
2028November 26Sunday

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