Briana Monique

Briana Monique, born November 7, 1996, is a YouTube influencer best known for her makeup tutorials, product reviews, and lifestyle vlogs. The YouTuber created her channel in 2015 and posted her first video in 2018. Monique posts regularly and has over 350K subscribers to her channel. In 2022, the glamorous beauty enthusiast released a few teaser posts to her Instagram account about her upcoming beauty brand launch “Flesh and Nude Beauty.” We celebrate this beauty queen’s birthday with some fun and interesting facts about her life and career.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Briana Monique



Birth date:

November 7, 1996



Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Briana's Social Media:


Briana Monique, one of YouTube’s most popular influencers, was born on November 7, 1996, in Virginia, U.S. Monique has always been interested in fashion since childhood and has turned her passion into her career through her self-titled YouTube channel.

Monique created her YouTube account in 2015, however, uploaded her first video later in 2018 titled “SIMPLE GLAM MAKEUP LOOK | BRIANA MONIQUE.” Since the upload of her first video, Monique has kept her subscribers entertained with makeup tips/tutorials, skincare routines, product reviews, lifestyle vlogs, and much more. Her most popular video, uploaded in 2018, is titled “DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION ROUTINE | NO FLASHBACK | BRIANA MONIQUE.” It has over 1.7K views. To date, the glamorous YouTuber has amassed over 350,000 subscribers and has over 22 million combined views.

In 2021, Monique sparked outrage amongst her fans and fellow Black Americans when she made an unpleasant comment about the texture of Black hair. In her YouTube video, she stated that she feels blessed to have her type of hair and texture, and is glad that she doesn’t struggle to find products for her hair. It turns out Black American viewers were not too happy about this comment. However, Monique quickly issued an apology to her viewers. The YouTuber will release her beauty brand “Flesh and Nude Beauty” in 2022. She has recently created an Instagram account for her newly found brand, where she’s been posting sneak peeks into her upcoming products!

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel Debuts

Monique creates her self-titled YouTube channel.

The First Video Upload

Monique creates and uploads her first makeup tutorial to her YouTube channel called “SIMPLE GLAM MAKEUP LOOK | BRIANA MONIQUE.”

The Most Viewed Video

Monique uploads her drugstore foundation routine video, which becomes her most viewed and most popular video on her channel.

The Flesh and Nude Beauty Brand

Monique works on the release of her beauty brand called "Flesh and Nude Beauty" and plans to release it within the same year.

Why We Love Briana Monique

  1. Her new venture into entrepreneurship

    Monique has recently taken her passion for beauty to the next level and is launching her own beauty brand "Flesh and Nude Beauty", which her fans are eagerly anticipating. We love that she’s taken her career to the next step by launching a new product line into the market.

  2. Her expert beauty advice

    Monique shares expert advice on makeup and the beauty products she uses. Her passion for beauty shines through every tutorial and review.

  3. Her natural skincare routine

    We absolutely love her natural skincare routine recommended for dry and oily skin. For those with dry and oily skin, check out Monique’s skincare routine using all-natural products on her YouTube channel. In other videos, Monique shares her self-care nighttime routine and curly hair-wash day routine.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her favorite drink is water

    Monique revealed in a YouTube video that she wasn’t allowed to drink a lot of soda when she was young, so she’s grown used to drinking water and describes that as her favorite drink.

  2. She was once obsessed with Drake

    When she was young, she loved Drake passionately and revealed that she once cried when she saw him kissing another woman on television.

  3. She lived in Hawaii for three years

    Monique described her experience of living in Hawaii for three years as amazing, stating that although expensive, it’s a beautiful place.

  4. She doesn’t like eating avocados

    Monique revealed that she hates guacamole and would only eat avocado for its health benefits but not for its taste.

  5. Her birthstone is a Topaz

    The Topaz stone symbolizes love and affection.

Briana Monique FAQs

Who are Briana Monique’s parents?

Not much is known about her childhood, but she describes her parents as supportive of her goals. Her father was in the military.

Does Briana Monique have any siblings?

Monique revealed that she has a younger brother.

Where does Briana Monique live now?

Monique uploaded a video onto her YouTube channel about her move to Florida.

Briana Monique’s birthday dates

2024November 7Thursday
2025November 7Friday
2026November 7Saturday
2027November 7Sunday
2028November 7Tuesday

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