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Osayuki Asemota, known professionally as Chuki Beats, was born on November 7, 1995. He started his career in 2013 when he set up his YouTube channel and started uploading Asemota he had composed. His music began reaching a large audience worldwide, and he began composing music on a larger scale, especially with other artists. He created another YouTube channel in 2017, where he spoke of his life as a music producer. Let’s celebrate this musical YouTuber’s birthday right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Osayuki Asemota

Birth date:

November 7, 1995



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Osayuki's Social Media:


Osayuki Asemota, known professionally as Chuki Beats, began his career in 2013 and has made a name for himself in the music industry, along with a successful YouTube career. The musician was born on November 7, 1995, in Belgium. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, and his ethnicity is Belgian. His parents’ identities are unknown, although he has revealed that he was raised by his mother.

Asemota created his YouTube channel, Chuki Beats, in 2013, and uploaded his first Beats to the channel. The very first upload, “Shut The Crowd,” gained thousands of views, and this success encouraged him to upload more Beats. “Grind,” a hard cipher hip-hop instrumental rap beat, which Asemota made in 2016, got more than four million views and was used as background music by many artists. As of 2022, it remains the most popular tune on the channel, which has more than 600 thousand subscribers. In 2017, the musical YouTuber started a second channel, Chuki Beats II. Here, Asemota makes videos that show his beat-making process and also speak about his life as a music producer. He also uploads tutorials for other producers, giving a step-by-step guide to making unforgettable Beats. Chuki BeatsII receives over 400,000 subscribers. In 2019, the YouTube star moved to Brussels from his hometown and began working with other musical artists, such as Krisy, Zwangere Guy, Frenetik, and Geeeko. He soon became a well-known music beat producer in the city. In 2021, Asemota released his first collection of Asemota, “INSIDEOUT.” It featured many of his friends and co-workers and was well-received.

The musical YouTuber, as of 2022, is working on a new beat tape titled “Cozy Tapes,” along with his debut album. Asemota has a website where he sells his Beats to artists to use for their content. He has a large fan following on Instagram, with over 100 thousand followers on the platform. The YouTube star is currently single and has kept details of his personal life under wraps since the beginning of his career.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel is Launched

Asemota starts his first YouTube channel and uploads his first composed beat to it.

The Most Popular Beat

Asemota’s hard cipher hip-hop instrumental rap beat, “Grind,” gets over four million views upon its upload on YouTube.

The Second YouTube Channel

Asemota starts his second YouTube channel, Chuki Asemota II, where he speaks of life as a music producer and uploads tutorials for making Beats.

The Moves to Brussels

The musical YouTuber moves to the capital and works with artists such as Krisy, Zwangere Guy, Frenetik, and Geeeko.

He Releases a Project

“INSIDEOUT” is a project that has been very well-received by Asemota’ fans, and it features his friends and co-workers.

Why We Love Chuki Beats

  1. He has the spirit

    Asemota's childhood may not have been tough, but it wasn’t easy either. He has the spirit and determination to make it big, and so far, he has been successful in doing so. He will not stop until he is at the top.

  2. He is very talented

    The YouTube star is young but filled with talent. He started making music as a child and soon gained enough experience and expertise to make tutorials for aspiring producers. He has a real talent, and he uses it to make great Beats and teach those who want to make it in the industry too.

  3. His appreciation for his mother

    Asemota had seen his mother struggle to raise him, and that only ignited his drive to work hard. He appreciates his mother’s support for his career.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is reaping big from YouTube

    Asemota is one of the richest YouTube stars from Belgium.

  2. A popular YouTuber used his tune

    Deji Olatunji, who is known as ‘Comedy Shorts Gamer,’ on YouTube, used Asemota’s instrumentals for his videos!

  3. He took guitar classes

    Asemota got started in music by taking guitar lessons when he was young.

  4. He has tattoos

    Asemota has one tattoo of a snake on one of his arms, it represents rebirth, like a snake shedding its skin; the other arm has a scorpion, like his zodiac sign, Scorpio.

  5. He is in music platforms

    Asemota’s music can be streamed through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Deezer, and Anghami.

Chuki Beats FAQs

What songs did Chuki Beats produce?

He produced many songs, including ‘Ride or Die,’ ‘Aladdin,’ ‘Chameleon Flow,’ etc.

What nationality is Chuki Beats?

He is Belgian.

How can one collaborate with Chuki Beats?

To collaborate with Asemota, you can go to his website and contact him.

Chuki Beats’s birthday dates

2024November 7Thursday
2025November 7Friday
2026November 7Saturday
2027November 7Sunday
2028November 7Tuesday

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