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David Guetta is a French D.J. and music producer born November 7, 1967. He has rightfully earned the nickname “The grandfather of E.D.M.” for popularizing electronic dance music and releasing consistent chart hits in collaboration with the most popular artists across a variety of genres. He has amassed over 10 million in albums and 65 million in singles sales and has more than 10 billion streams to his name. He was voted the number one D.J. in the “D.J. Mag” in 2011, 2020, and 2021. Pick your favorite tune and join us in celebrating his profile.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Pierre David Guetta


The grandfather of EDM

Birth date:

November 7, 1967



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$150 million

Pierre's Social Media:


Pierre David Guetta was born in Paris, France on November 7, 1967. His father, a sociologist, was from a Moroccan Jewish family and his mother is of Belgian descent. He has two half-siblings from both parents’ previous marriages — Bernard and Nathalie from his father’s side and Dominique and Joelle from his mother’s side. Guetta was married to Cathy Lobe, a nightclub manager, for 22 years from 1992 to 2014. They have a son, Tim Elvis Eric, and a daughter, Angie.

Guetta initially played popular songs as a D.J. in the ‘80s. He discovered house music on the French radio in 1987 and soon after began to host his own club nights. In 1990, he released a hip-hop collaboration titled ‘Nation Rap’ with French rapper Sidney Duteil. He continued to play at popular French clubs and released a second collaboration in 1994 titled ‘Up & Away’ with American house vocalist Robert Owens. That same year, Guetta began to manage Le Palace nightclub. In 2001, he founded Gum Productions with Joachim Garraud and released his first single titled ‘Just a Little More Love.’ The next year, Guetta released his first album by the same name. This was followed by his second and third albums, “Guetta Blaster” (2004) and “Pop Life” (2007). His fourth album — titled “One Love”, released in 2009 — featured hit singles like ‘When Love Takes Over,’ ‘Gettin’ Over You,’ ‘Sexy Bitch’ and ‘Memories.’ With this success, he cemented himself in mainstream music and became one of the most popular D.J.s on international charts. He continued to churn out hits with follow-up albums “Nothing but the Beat” (2011) and “7” (2018). These albums included hit collaborations with Sia, J Balvin, Jason Derulo, G-Eazy, Nicki Minaj, and many more artists. Around the same time, Guetta created an alias “Jack Back” that produces music similar to Guetta’s original underground E.D.M. style. He was appointed the music ambassador for the U.E.F.A. Euro 2016, providing the official tournament song ‘This One’s For You’ featuring vocals from Zara Larsson. Apart from his studio albums, he has released 11 compilation albums, three extended plays, 90 singles, and 42 music videos. He’s written and produced singles for popular artists like The Black Eyes Peas, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna, and remixed chart hits for artists like Kylie Minogue, Bob Sinclair, Charlie Puth, Bebe Rexha, and Bad Bunny. In 2019, he started a movement called “Future Rave” involving a new style of E.D.M. with fellow producer MORTEN. The next year they released an E.P. titled “New Rave” which fans could enjoy at home during the pandemic.

Upon entering “D.J. Magazine’s” top 100 D.J.s list in 2005, Guetta has won the top position three times and currently still occupies the top spot. He has been nominated for multiple prestigious music awards and has won at least 30 awards including an American Music Award, Billboard Music Award, Grammy Award, Teen Choice Award, three M.T.V. Europe Music Awards, and 11 International Dance Music Awards. His concerts are one of the most eagerly anticipated in the world and his music is popular across the globe.

Career timeline

He Discovers House Music

Guetta discovers house music on French radio when he hears a Farley ”Jackmaster” Funk track.

Guetta’s Debut Track

He releases his debut single titled ‘Nation Rap’ in collaboration with French rapper Sidney Duteil.

He Releases his First Album

Guetta releases his debut album titled “Just A Little More Love.”

One of his Biggest Hits

A hit track ‘Titanium’ is released featuring vocals by Sia.

He Records the Euro 2016 Song

U.E.F.A. appoints Guetta as the official music ambassador for the U.E.F.A. Euro 2016.

He Introduces the World to “Future Rave”

Along with MORTEN, Guetta starts a movement called “Future Rave.”

He Wins Top D.J. in the World

He is awarded the prize for the number one D.J. in the world by “D.J. Magazine” for the third time.

Why We Love David Guetta

  1. He is the grandfather of E.D.M.

    Guetta is credited with bringing house music to America and popularizing the genre of electronic dance music. He is one of the most well-known D.J.s in the world with innumerable hits under his belt.

  2. He made collaborations a norm

    Guetta has written for, produced, and featured some of the world’s most popular artists. The time when D.J.s would use the vocals of lesser-known artists has passed with music stars eagerly jumping on board as featured singers.

  3. His ability to create hit tunes

    Guetta truly possesses the Midas touch; producing chart-topping hit after chart-topping hit. His 2009 track ‘When Love Takes Over’ featuring Kelly Rowland was crowned by Billboard as the number one dance-pop collaboration of all time.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His favorite album is “Thriller”

    He considers Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” to be his benchmark in dance albums since that was the dance music of the time.

  2. He has two billion streams on Spotify

    Guetta is only the third artist to reach two billion streams on Spotify.

  3. He enjoys making music in the air

    His favorite place to create music and work on new tracks is in planes.

  4. He parties but doesn’t really party

    Guetta does not smoke, drink or do drugs.

  5. He sold music at a staggering price

    He sold his recorded music catalog in the bracket of $100 to 150 million.

David Guetta FAQs

Who is the richest E.D.M. D.J?

The top three richest E.D.M. D.J.s are Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and David Guetta with $300 million, $170 million, and $150 million respectively.

What kind of software does David Guetta use?

David Guetta’s main production software is Logic Pro. He has also posted a masterclass YouTube video where he is using the software

How much money does David Guetta make a year?

Releasing one hit after the other, David Guetta makes around $20 million a year.

David Guetta’s birthday dates

2024November 7Thursday
2025November 7Friday
2026November 7Saturday
2027November 7Sunday
2028November 7Tuesday

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