Pigeon John

John Kenneth Dunkin, popularly known as Pigeon John, was born on November 30, 1972. He is an American rapper and former member of the L.A. Symphony. Pigeon John got his stage name from his friend’s mother, who suggested it instead of ‘Chicken John.’ Pigeon John has released several albums and singles to date, two of which have been used by two popular brands to promote their products. Let’s celebrate Pigeon John’s special day with his brand of music!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

John Kenneth Dunkin


Pigeon John

Birth date:

November 30, 1972



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

John's Social Media:


Pigeon John, born John Kenneth Dunkin, is a rapper based in the U.S. John is a former member of the L.A. Symphony. Pigeon John said that he got his stage name from a friend’s mother. He explained that he was discussing his need for a stage name with a friend who suggested he go with the name ‘Chicken John.’ The friend’s mother interjected saying that Pigeon John looked more like a pigeon than a chicken and should therefore be called ‘Pigeon John.’

In the early 1990s, Pigeon John and his friend named B-Twice formed a hip-hop duo and named it Brainwash Projects. The duo released an album titled “The Rise and Fall of Brainwash Projects.” In the late 1990s, Pigeon John recorded several songs which later comprised his first solo album titled “Is Clueless.” The Telephone Company released the album in 2001 and re-released it again the following year with three new tracks and new artwork. In 2003, Pigeon John signed to Basement Records and released the “Is Dating Your Sister” album. Two years later, he released another album titled “Sing the Blues.” That same year, fellow rapper Lyrics Born saw Pigeon John on the Cali Comm Tour and was impressed by his skills. Lyrics Born then brought Pigeon John over to Quannum Projects. Towards the end of the year, Pigeon John’s single ‘Deception’ was featured in Nestle Crunch commercials.

In 2006, Pigeon John released his fourth album “And The Summertime Pool Party” under Quannum Projects. The album was a success and received positive reviews from numerous sources including the “L.A. Weekly” and “Vibe” magazines. In 2010, Pigeon John released another album titled “Dragon Slayer” with the help of General Elektriks’ Herve Salters. Cartoon Network used ‘The Bomb’ single from this album to promote the premiere of its live-action T.V. film, “Level Up.”

Career timeline

The First Solo Album

Pigeon John releases his first solo album, “Is Clueless,” under The Telephone Company.

The Signing on a New Record Label

Lyrics Born brings Pigeon John over to Quannum Projects.

The Fourth Solo Album

Pigeon John releases his fourth solo album, “And The Summertime Pool Party.”

The Single as a Film Soundtrack

Cartoon Network uses a single from Pigeon John’s album to promote the premiere of a live-action T.V. film.

The Single for an Ad

Pigeon John releases ‘The Don’t Make Em Like Me’ as a single, which was later included in the official Motorola Razr advertisement.

Why We Love Pigeon John

  1. He has a unique style

    Pigeon John raps under the genre of underground hip-hop. He has released several albums including “Dragon Slayer,” “Is Dating Your Sister,” and “Encino Man,” among others.

  2. He’s got talent

    Pigeon John’s music has been used by famous brands including Motorola, Volkswagen, and Cartoon Network to promote their products. Of course, he received a huge payment for this.

  3. He is hardworking

    Pigeon John is not only talented but also hardworking. He has released several solo albums and more with his team.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His single was featured by Volkswagen

    Pigeon John’s single ‘The Bomb’ was featured in a Volkswagen commercial.

  2. He is good friends with B-Twice

    Pigeon John and B-Twice formed a duo band named Brainwash Projects.

  3. He worked with Jackson Bubio

    During his time in Brainwash Project, Pigeon John and B-Twice released their first album on Jackson Studio.

  4. Brainwash Projects released two albums

    These albums were titled: “The Rise and Fall of Brainwash Projects” and “Ride the Dolphin E.P.”

  5. He was a founding member

    Pigeon John was among the founding members of the L.A. Symphony in 1997.

Pigeon John FAQs

Is Pigeon John alive?

Yes, he is still alive but off the spotlight.

Where is Pigeon John from?

He is from Omaha, Nebraska, United States.

What group is Pigeon John from?

He has recorded with Brainwash Projects and L.A. Symphony.

Pigeon John’s birthday dates

2024November 30Saturday
2025November 30Sunday
2026November 30Monday
2027November 30Tuesday
2028November 30Thursday

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