Emily Skinner

Emily Noelle Skinner was born on November 30, 2002, in California. Skinner dreamt of becoming an actress since she was a little girl. Her family supported her goals. When Skinner was only six years old, she started taking acting classes and landed her first job when she was seven. Skinner had her breakthrough in 2017 when she landed the role of Amber in the Disney Channel series “Andi Mack.” Join us as we celebrate her special day today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Emily Noelle Skinner

Birth date:

November 30, 2002



Zodiac Sign:



5' 3"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Emily's Social Media:


Emily Noelle Skinner was born in Mission Viejo, California, U.S. on November 30, 2002. The actress grew up in Trabuco Canyon, California, with her parents and her older sister Lauren. Information about her elementary and high school studies is unknown. Since she was a little girl, Skinner had dreamt of becoming a famous actress. Her parents, Jennifer and Steve Skinner, fully supported her dreams. When the young actress-to-be turned six, her parents signed her up for acting lessons. Skinner’s hard work in the acting classes paid off as she landed her first acting job a year later.

In 2009, Skinner got her first professional job as an actress. She was only seven years old and landed a role in an episode of the series “NUMB3RS.” Skinner appeared in three short films, “The Swimming Lesson,” “Sodales,” and “Eternity Road.” Between 2009 and 2016, the young actress was invited as a guest star in many television series. Skinner mainly appeared in teen and family-oriented shows such as “Shake It Up,” “Austin & Ally,” and “Sam & Cat.” She was a guest star in prominent series such as “Criminal Minds,” “C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation,” “The Mindy Project,” and “Days of Our Lives.”

This talented actress got her big break in 2017 when she landed a recurring role in a Disney series. Skinner was cast as Amber in the Disney Channel show “Andi Mack.” The actress played the role of Amber from 2017 to 2019. The actress is currently employed with Brat T.V, a digital media network.

Career timeline

The First Professional Job

Skinner lands a role in “NUMB3RS.”

The First Short Film

Skinner acts in the short film “The Swimming Lesson.”

The Music Video Debut

Skinner appears in Avicii’s music video.

The Recurring Role

Skinner lands a recurring role in “Andi Mack.”

Why We Love Emily Skinner

  1. She followed her dreams

    Since she was a young child, Skinner has been set on becoming an actress. She is an excellent source of inspiration for all females with lofty goals.

  2. She supports L.G.B.T.Q.+

    Skinner is in favor of the L.G.B.T.Q+ community. She also opposes bullying L.G.B.T.Q+ students in schools. She believes everyone should receive the same treatment, regardless of their sexual orientation.

  3. She loves her sister

    Skinner’s older sister, Lauren, looks like her identical twin. Lauren and Skinner have a lot in common. The girls share not just their appearance but also their hobbies. The sisters are very close, and Skinner always devotes sweet words to her sister through social media.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her passions

    Skinner loves horses and collecting crystals.

  2. She likes painting

    Skinner enjoys painting.

  3. “Stranger Things” fan

    Skinner is a big fan of the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

  4. She loves her dog

    Skinner has a cute dog; she is her best pal.

  5. She loves her dad

    On Father’s Day, Skinner said he is one of the most influential people in her life.

Emily Skinner FAQs

What school does Emily Skinner attend?

Skinner attends the Carnegie Mellon University

Who is Emily Skinner dating?

As of 2022, Skinner is not dating anyone

What movies are Emily Skinner in?

She has been in several movies, such as “Secrets in the Water” and “Blood Ransom.”

Emily Skinner’s birthday dates

2024November 30Saturday
2025November 30Sunday
2026November 30Monday
2027November 30Tuesday
2028November 30Thursday

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