Ian Hecox

Ian Andrew Hecox was born on November 30, 1987, in the U.S. His life changed when he met his friend Anthony Padilla. They did not know it back then, but together the duo would create one of the most popular YouTube channels. In 2005, Hecox and Padilla started ‘Smosh,’ a sketch comedy YouTube channel. As of 2022, ‘Smosh’ has over 25 million subscribers. Today, we help you celebrate Hecox’s birthday!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ian Andrew Hecox

Birth date:

November 30, 1987



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$18 million

Ian's Social Media:


Ian Andrew Hecox was born in Fair Oaks, California, in the U.S., on November 30, 1987. There is not much information about Hecox’s childhood and family. Hecox’s mother, Sharon Hecox, often appeared in his videos. His father, whose name is unknown, also occasionally appeared on Hecox’s videos. The YouTuber has a sister named Melissa and a brother named Adrian. In the sixth grade, Hecox met Anthony Padilla, and they quickly became close friends. Hecox and Padilla attended Del Campo High School in California, and after graduating, the friends enrolled at American River College in Sacramento.

Hecox’s friend, Padilla, was eager to create online content. In 2002, Padilla created a website called smosh.com. Soon enough, Hecox started joining Padilla on his content creation venture. In 2005, only five months after YouTube was launched, the duo created a YouTube channel titled ‘Smosh.’ Hecox and Padilla started by uploading funny videos of themself. Their channel quickly grew, earning several awards for being one of the YouTube channels with more subscriptions. Even though the content of ‘Smosh’ changed throughout the years, the channel always remained true to making its fans laugh and have a good time while watching the videos.

In June 2017, Padilla decided to leave ‘Smosh’ to pursue a personal project, and Hecox took over ‘Smosh.’ As of 2022, ‘Smosh’ has over 25 million subscribers and over 200,000 views per video. Hecox continues creating great content along with a group of YouTubers.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel is Set Up

Hecox and Padilla co-create the ‘Smosh’ YouTube channel

The Channel Earns an Award

‘Smosh’ wins an award for being one of the channels with the most subscribers.

Padilla Leaves

Hecox takes over as head of ‘Smosh.’

The People's Voice Award

Hecox wins a People's Voice: Social Food & Drink (Series & Campaigns) Webby Award.

Why We Love Ian Hecox

  1. He is a pioneer YouTuber

    Hecox ventured into the world of YouTube content creation right from the beginning of YouTube. He opened the door for many YouTubers who followed his steps.

  2. He is handsome

    Hecox is captivating with his dark brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. He has a polished appearance and a genuine grin. But apart from being good-looking, Hecox is also a wonderful human being.

  3. He is great support

    Hecox has been Anthony's best buddy through the toughest of times and has helped him through the period of his anxiety disorder. He is not only a devoted friend but also takes full responsibility for his family and is a fantastic son and brother.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He speaks Spanish

    Hecox is fluent in Spanish.

  2. He likes fancy cars

    Hecox has owned two Subaru Impreza W.R.X.s.

  3. His favorite cartoon

    Hecox loves “Pokemon.”

  4. His favorite Pokemons

    Hecox's favorite Pokemon is Ditto.

  5. His role in “The Angry Birds Movie”

    Hecox plays Bubbles in “The Angry Birds Movie.”

Ian Hecox FAQs

Does Ian Hecox have a kid?

It’s believed that Hecox doesn’t have any children yet.

Who is the girl from ‘Smosh?’

Courtney Miller. She is an actress and writer.

Do Hecox and Anthony live together?

They used to live together in Sacramento.

Ian Hecox’s birthday dates

2024November 30Saturday
2025November 30Sunday
2026November 30Monday
2027November 30Tuesday
2028November 30Thursday

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