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Joshua Michael Peck, born on November 10, 1986, is most recognized for playing Josh Nichols in the hugely successful Nickelodeon sitcom “Drake & Josh” (2004 to 2007). He reprised the role in three television films, has appeared in many movies, television films, and series, and lent his voice to animated features such as the “Ice Age” film franchise. Peck has cemented his status as one of America’s most loved child actors and comedians and continues to entertain fans with his work. He is currently an active social media influencer with 13.5 million followers on Instagram, 7.7 million on TikTok, and 3.63 million on YouTube. Peck has also hosted a podcast and published a book. Let’s celebrate his talents and his birthday!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Joshua Michael Peck


Josh, Pudge Master Flex, Snowday, Joshman

Birth date:

November 10, 1986



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$6 million

Joshua's Social Media:


Joshua Michael Peck was born on November 10, 1986, in New York City. He grew up in Hell’s Kitchen and was raised by his mother Barbara, a career coach, and his maternal grandmother. Peck is Jewish like both his parents. As a child, Peck struggled with asthma and spent much of his time indoors watching sitcoms. He developed an interest in stand-up comedy at eight years old and appeared on the “Rosie O’ Donnell Show” when he was 10. He attended P.S. 40 and The Professional Performing Arts School. Peck appeared at TADA! Youth Theater and Carolines on Broadway performing stand-up comedy for the Audrey Hepburn foundation. At 13, he was offered a part on Nickelodeon’s “The Amanda Show” and subsequently moved to Los Angeles to further his acting career.

Peck was a regular on “The Amanda Show” for the entirety of its run (2000 to 2001). He appeared as a voice star and in minor roles on many shows such as “E.R.”, “Family Guy,” and “Samurai Jack” until being offered the role of Josh Nichols in “Drake & Josh” in 2004. Peck gained popularity among young audiences in the successful Nickelodeon show. During his time on the show, he sang a duet and made his debut as a director for one of the episodes. Along with his co-star Drake Bell, he starred in the T.V. movies “Drake & Josh Go Hollywood” (2006), “Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp” (2007), and “Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh” (2008). He was nominated for ‘Favorite Television Actor’ for “Drake & Josh” at the 2008 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Peck also appeared in several movies during the 2000s. He made his debut on the silver screen in “Snow Day” (2000) and starred in several independent films such as “Spun” (2002), “Mean Creek” (2004), and “Special” (2006), which earned him critical praise. Peck has been active on television and in movies throughout his career. He has appeared or provided his voice to mostly youth-focused television shows such as “What’s New, Scooby-Doo?” (2006), “Victorious” (2011), “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (2013 to 2017), and “iCarly” (2022). He voiced Eddie in the animated movie “Ice Age: The Meltdown” (2006) and reprised his role in the sequels in 2009 and 2012. In 2012, he also featured in the remake of “Red Dawn”. Peck currently stars in the Hulu series “How I Met Your Father” and hosts a podcast titled “Curious with Josh Peck.” Peck conducts discussions with celebrities about current topics and their personal lives on the podcast. On March 15, 2022, he released a memoir called “Happy People Are Annoying.” He is active on social media posting regularly on Instagram and TikTok.

He regularly contributes to David Dobrik’s vlog and “The Vlog Squad” while running his own YouTube channel. Peck’s upcoming projects include a role in the biographical drama “Oppenheimer” set to release in 2023. Sometime around the fourth season of “Drake & Josh”, Peck made a conscious effort to work on his health and body. He adopted a healthier lifestyle, hired a professional trainer, and was noticeably slimmer. In June 2017, he tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Paige O’Brien. A year later in December, they welcomed their first child Max Milo Peck. In 2022, Peck spoke up about his past struggles with addiction and mental health. Since 2008, Peck has been sober.

Career timeline

He Moves to L.A.

He is offered a role in “The Amanda Show” and moves to L.A.

He is Cast in “Drake & Josh”

He achieves one of the lead roles in the Nickelodeon sitcom “Drake & Josh.”

He Joins the “Ice Age” Franchise

Peck voices Eddie, one of two possum brothers, in three successive “Ice Age” films and a T.V. special.

He is Nominated for Favorite Television Actor

He is nominated for Favorite Television Actor for “Drake & Josh” at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

He Starts a Podcast

He hosts a podcast titled “Curious with Josh Peck” for two years.

He Publishes a Book

Peck releases a memoir titled “Happy People Are Annoying.”

Why We Love Josh Peck

  1. He focuses on his health and fitness

    Peck understands he is a role model for young children and takes it upon himself to be a motivation for his fans. While he doesn’t necessarily believe one’s looks should matter, he made a conscious effort to adopt a healthier and happier lifestyle by hiring a personal trainer and adopting a dietary regime.

  2. He has a fun and cheerful personality

    Peck has proven his comic talent throughout his career but continues to entertain fans as an active social media influencer. He frequently collaborates with David Dobrik and actively uploads fun and entertaining content.

  3. He has overcome addiction

    Peck has opened up about his past struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. By admitting when and how he realized he needed professional help, he inspires his fans to focus on their mental health and seek guidance.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He grew up in a single-parent household

    Peck is not in touch with his father and has never met him.

  2. The youngest member of the Friars Club

    He was inducted into the private comedy club New York Friars Club at 19, making him one of its youngest members in history.

  3. He has interesting pets

    Peck has a dog named Monster, and he used to have a pet fish named Beefy.

  4. A recipient of a prestigious award

    He shares an Independent Spirit ‘Special Distinction’ Award with the cast of “Mean Creek.”

  5. His favorite actor is Ben Kingsley

    Peck has stated Kingsley is his favorite actor saying “Nobody is as good as him, in my opinion.”

Josh Peck FAQs

How much did Josh Peck make for each episode of “Drake and Josh?”

He earned about $15,000 per episode which was an average amount compared to fellow child stars such as Victoria Justice, but much lower than Miranda Cosgrove.

Is Joshua Peck still friends with David Dobrik?

Yes. They continue to appear in each other’s social media content. On a podcast, Peck addressed and quelled rumors they were no longer friends.

Why didn’t Josh Peck invite Drake Bell to his wedding?

Unlike their on-screen relationship, Peck and Drake are not very close in real life. At the time he was getting married, he hadn’t spoken to him for many years.

Josh Peck’s birthday dates

2024November 10Sunday
2025November 10Monday
2026November 10Tuesday
2027November 10Wednesday
2028November 10Friday

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