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Steven Lim was born on November 10, 1990. He worked for BuzzFeed as a junior video producer in 2015 by catching their attention with his original YouTube video content. After two years, Lim was promoted to executive producer, and after two more years, he co-founded his production studio, Watcher Entertainment. Lim began his career making videos about Asian-American young adult experiences but shot to fame for hosting BuzzFeed food shows such as Worth It. Let’s celebrate Lim’s birthday with a look at all his fun endeavors.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Steven Lim


Steve, Stevie

Birth date:

November 10, 1990



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

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Net Worth:

$1 million

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Steven Lim was born in Ohio, United States, on November 10, 1990. He is a Christian of Chinese-Malaysian descent. Lim’s father is a mechanical engineer and the president of NJIT, and his mother worked at a local fast-food restaurant. He has a brother named Alvin. Although he is widely recognized as a YouTube personality, he is a chemical engineer by profession, having graduated from Ohio State University. In 2012, he immediately joined Procter & Gamble as an R&D engineer after graduation. However, Lim continued to create content for his YouTube channel in February 2008. He ultimately quit his job to work full-time on his posts and videos.

As an American with a mixed heritage, Lim constantly struggled with his identity. Along with comedic skits and vlogs, his YouTube content comprised Asian-American cultural and societal subjects. He uploaded The Things I Carried on August 13, 2014, about things he had to deal with being Asian stereotyped. He soon found a niche audience of Asian Americans looking for people with similar experiences, which inspired him to create more related content. In 2014, one of his videos, Asian Parents React to I Love You, went viral, gaining millions of views on Reddit. Lim was discovered by a senior producer at BuzzFeed, who offered him a fellowship in Los Angeles.

Lim officially joined BuzzFeed in 2015 as a junior video producer, where he was motivated by the creative working environment. He initially continued to create content directed at Asian Americans, such as Asian Parents Have The Sex Talk With Their Daughters, but soon realized most of the audience could not relate. He worked on rebranding himself and created food-related content. First, he started a show titled Feast Mode Hunger Squad, where colleagues would search for the best version of specific dishes in restaurants in Los Angeles.

The series was a massive hit, and after a few episodes, he focused on Taiwanese brunches. His co-producer wanted to try it out and, in return, wanted him to try her favorite brunch. They created Co-workers Try Each Other’s Favorite Brunch Spots. Lim realized he could still produce Asian-related content while making it relatable to wider audiences by centering his topics on food.

Lim produced and directed Mom vs. Chef, a cooking competition show. In 2017, he launched Worth It, a food show that compares one dish or item of food across three different price points.

Worth It became the most popular show on YouTube, featuring famous international chefs and garnering billions of views. In May 2019, Lim co-founded Watcher Entertainment, a production studio creating unscripted television series to explore food and travel. He announced his engagement to his girlfriend Tammy Cho in May 2021, and they married on October 29, 2021. The couple owns an Australian Shepherd named after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Lim is an introvert and he likes to play basketball, watch TV, and relax at the beach. As of 2023, his YouTube channel has reached over 219k subscribers.

Career timeline

He Creates a YouTube Channel

Lim launches his YouTube channel titled “Steven Lim” on February 18.

He Graduates From University

He graduates from Ohio University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and joins Procter & Gamble.

Lim Joins “BuzzFeed”

He officially starts work as a junior video producer at “BuzzFeed.”

He Launches “Worth It”

Lim launches and features in the food show “Worth It,” along with Andrew Ilnyckyj and Adam Bianchi.

Lim Co-Founds a Production Studio

Lim launches the production studio Watcher Entertainment.

He Writes an Anti-Racism Article

Lim writes an article about racism on YouTube’s official blog website.

Why We Love Steven Lim

  1. He connects with Asian-Americans

    By openly sharing his struggles with cultural identity, Lim created a special connection with members of the Asian-American community who have had similar experiences. In his own words, he makes videos “because it’s important for people to know that they’re not alone.”

  2. His reputation precedes him

    Lim did not find “BuzzFeed,” “BuzzFeed” found him! His clever YouTube videos caught the attention of a senior producer who offered him the opportunity to work with them.

  3. His love of (Asian) food

    Lim’s most popular show “Worth It” evolved from another show titled “Co-workers Try Each Other’s Favorite Brunch Spots” where he introduced his co-producer to Taiwanese brunch. He discovered that food has the power to connect everyone, so he continues to produce enjoyable food-related content.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He struggled to make ends meet

    Lim did not end up making enough money from his videos when he quit his engineering job, so he had to wait tables at night to get by.

  2. He almost turned the “BuzzFeed” job down

    Lim initially believed “BuzzFeed” only generated top 10 lists and cat videos and almost did not consider the fellowship offer.

  3. His food show is massively popular

    With over two billion minutes of watch time, “Worth It” won the Streamy Award for the ‘Best Online Food Show’ in 2017 and 2018.

  4. He was in a movie

    In 2018, Lim played a role in a short comedy film titled “Asian Bachelorette 2.”

  5. He is close pals with a superhero

    Lim and his wife Tammy are close friends with Simu Liu from “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”

Steven Lim FAQs

Does Steven Lim cook?

Yes. He uploads videos of recipes he has tried and dishes he has recreated, in a show titled Dish Granted.

How many followers does Steven Lim have on social media?

As of May 2022, Steven Lim has 345,000 and 95,800 followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively, and over 219,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Is Steven Lim still doing “Worth It?”

Lim is hosting a food show on his network Watcher Entertainment. The last season of Worth It aired in 2021.

Steven Lim’s birthday dates

2024November 10Sunday
2025November 10Monday
2026November 10Tuesday
2027November 10Wednesday
2028November 10Friday

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