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WedNov 27

What Do You Love About America Day – November 27, 2024

What Do You Love About America Day is an annually celebrated holiday that falls six days after the third Thursday in November. This year, it takes place on November 27. This day falls around Thanksgiving but it is dedicated to giving thanks to America. Often people forget how many in the world are struggling to get basic rights when others are afforded privileges they don’t even recognize. There are so many reasons this country is great, but this is the time for you to take a moment and remember what makes America great for you. Celebrate by showing your appreciation and expressing your gratitude.

History of What Do You Love About America Day

The first inhabitants of the United States of America were Siberian migrants, who came 12,000 years ago, followed by three waves of immigration of Athabaskan, Aleuts, and Eskimos. The inhabitants lived there for centuries, developing a rich culture and forming advanced societies. They advanced in agriculture and built urban centers similar to modern cities, as well as multiple-story buildings. Between 500 and 200 B.C., native American tribes formed a trading network with each other, trading food, furs, tobacco, and other luxury items such as pearls and pottery figures.

The first European to find North America was the Norse explorer, Leif Erikson. The Vikings discovered what is now parts of Newfoundland, the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and New Brunswick, then named “Vinland.” Many other explorers found parts of America. The first Europeans to arrive in the continental U.S. were Spanish explorers in 1513. This began the colonization of the land. The French founded a colony in what is now New Orleans and the English started a settlement in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607. This was a very difficult time as Native American tribes went to war with European settlers. Most tribes began trading resources with the settlers and teaching them to cultivate crops. The Europeans, however, had a very negative view of the Native Americans as they found their European practices and traditions to be the only civilized and correct way to live. The English went on to establish thirteen colonies.

The founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776. This document helped form the current values of modern Americans: equality, unalienable rights, and most importantly, the right to abolish government and institute a new one, which is exactly what happened. The American Revolutionary War fought against the British from 1775 to 1783 and America became an independent country.

What Do You Love About America Day timeline

1000 A.D.
First European Contact

The Viking Leif Erikson visits North America.


A German cartographer is the first to use the name “America.”

First Colony

The British found the first British colony in Jamestown, Virginia.

British colonization

America is fully colonized by the British.

American Revolution

The thirteen colonies fight against the British and win.

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is written, rallying troops and declaring the creation of a new country.

What Do You Love About America Day FAQs

What do foreigners love about America?

There are many things that foreigners love about America. The biggest celebrities in the world are either American or reside in America. It’s also where most movies are made. Americans are also known for their friendliness, whether it’s genuine or not. This is not a given in every country.

What is America best at?

America is in the lead when it comes to space exploration and aviation.

What are the most American things?

Some of the things that symbolize America more than anywhere else are apple pie, pickup trucks, football, country music, and bald eagles.

What Do You Love About America Day Activities

  1. Reflect on what you love about America

    Put together a family dinner or a gathering of friends and take a minute to appreciate all the privileges you experience by being born an American. Talk about all the things you love and be thankful.

  2. Enjoy what America has to offer

    There’s so much to love about America. Go on a road trip or make some apple pie from scratch, enjoy a B.B.Q. with your friends or watch a football game. Take the day to do something typically American.

  3. Hold on to your beliefs

    Many Americans are fighting for your right to freedom, so don’t let go of your beliefs. The most important thing you can do for your community is to vote, write letters to your senators, and participate in protests to express your values.

5 Lesser-known Facts About America

  1. It experiences all climate zones

    The U.S. is the only country to experience all five climate zones: tropical, dry, temperate, continental, and polar.

  2. It has the most immigrants worldwide

    The U.S. has the highest number of immigrants in the world, welcoming 45 million immigrants.

  3. It had the first president

    The U.S. is the first country to use the title of President, for George Washington.

  4. All presidents have a giant rock statue

    The presidents from Mount Rushmore are not the only ones commemorated with a rock statue — plans to make a president park failed due to a lack of visitors and the 43 giant president heads now lie in Hankins’ field, both breathtaking and ghastly.

  5. The creation of the flag

    The U.S. flag was made by a seventeen-year-old Robert Heft in 1958 for a high school project.

Why We Love What Do You Love About America Day

  1. We become appreciative

    Very often people take for granted the fact that they live in a developed country with endless opportunities. It’s important to take a moment to be thankful and reflect on what we have.

  2. Pride makes us patriotic

    Being thankful and prideful of your county makes you more patriotic. Take that pride and turn it into action by being a helpful member of your community.

  3. It’s a reminder to exercise our freedom

    Not everyone has the freedom of thought, let alone the option to vote and shape their community. It might not be a simple or easy process, but it’s important that every American votes and makes their voice heard.

What Do You Love About America Day dates

2022November 23Wednesday
2023November 22Wednesday
2024November 27Wednesday
2025November 26Wednesday
2026November 25Wednesday

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