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TueNov 26

International Cake Day – November 26, 2024

International Cake Day takes place on November 26 each year. Cake is a baked food usually made out of flour, sugar, and other ingredients. In their oldest forms, cakes were modifications of bread, a more sophisticated type, but these days, cakes cover a wide range of baked sweets such as pastries, pies, et cetera. Cake is often served on ceremonial occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. There are numerous cake recipes, many of which are centuries old.

History of International Cake Day

Our favorite confection, cake, has a pretty long history. The word ‘cake’ itself is of Viking origin, and is derived from the Old Norse word ‘kaka.’ The Greeks also had their own cake which was baked using flour mixed with other ingredients such as eggs, milk, nuts, and honey. They also had a cake called ‘satura,’ which was flat and had a heavy consistency.

The word “cake’ took on a different name during the period of Roman rule, and that was ‘placenta,’ a Greek dish derived from their term for cake. A placenta was made from many layers of dough and was typically baked on a pastry base or inside a pastry case. The Greeks used beer to leaven it and included in the mixture was cheese made using goat’s milk. The basic bread dough was sometimes enriched with butter, eggs, and honey, as a sophisticated kind of bread that produced a sweet and cake-like baked good. This way of cooking was a common ancient Roman practice.

Early cakes in England also started off as regular bread, with the most obvious difference between them being their shape, that is, the more rounded, flat shape of cakes. Another difference is the method of production, where cakes are turned over while baking, as opposed to bread which was left upright throughout the baking process.

International Cake Day timeline

1200 — 1300
The Word ‘Cake’ is Derived

The word ‘cake’ comes from the Old Norse word, ‘kaka.’

1600 — 1700
The Earliest-Known Cakes are Made

According to historians, the earliest form of modern cakes are first made.

An Early Book of Cake Recipes Released

A book titled “The Cassell’s New Universal Cookery Book” is released and it contains several cake recipes.

The First Cake Mix Surfaces

The first cake mix containing flour and other ingredients is first sold.

International Cake Day FAQs

What is International Cake Day?

International Cake Day, celebrated on November 26, is also known in the United States as National Cake Day, is an unofficial holiday that celebrates the yummy magic of cake.

Does cake make you happy?

The real question here is, doesn’t it? Cakes are said to contain oxytocin, the “love hormone,” which is responsible for causing happiness in humans.

Should you refrigerate cake?

If you want the best out of your cake, then you should definitely refrigerate it to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

International Cake Day Activities

  1. Bake a cake

    One of the best ways to celebrate International Cake Day is to bake some cake. There are now so many online recipes that are readily available, so you don’t have to bother finding a cookbook.

  2. Eat some cake

    Of course, you should enjoy some cake on International Cake Day. It’d be an absolute shame if you didn’t.

  3. Share the fun online

    Whether it’s a recipe you came up with, a video of you making some cake, or a picture of you enjoying a yummy slice, don’t forget to share it on social media. Use the #InternationalCakeDay hashtag.

5 Decadent Facts About Cakes

  1. Cupcakes surfaced in the 19th century

    Cupcakes as we know them today were first referred to as cupcakes in the 19th century.

  2. Cakes were once called placentas

    Cakes were referred to as placentas during Roman times because of their flat shape.

  3. A world record for eating cupcakes

    The world record for eating cupcakes is a staggering 72 cupcakes in six minutes.

  4. Cakes are simply an upgrade from bread

    Cakes are pretty much a sophisticated form of bread — the major difference is in the ingredients, method of preparation, and varieties.

  5. Cakes are similar to biscuits

    The only difference between both is that cakes harden when stale, while biscuits do the opposite and soften over time.

Why We Love International Cake Day

  1. Cakes are delicious

    Cakes are very delicious when made properly. Indulge in as many as you desire this International Cake Day.

  2. Cakes literally provide happiness

    It’s not a myth. Eating cakes releases oxytocin which is responsible for causing happiness.

  3. Cakes are healthy

    Cakes are actually quite healthy when consumed appropriately. This is because they contain a high nutritional value.

International Cake Day dates

2024November 26Tuesday
2025November 26Wednesday
2026November 26Thursday
2027November 26Friday
2028November 26Sunday

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