Jayo Sama

Jayo Sama was born on November 1, 1996. He was a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Jayo loved music and started his career at a young age. He was only 20 when he began posting his music on SoundCloud in 2016 and went on to create several mixtapes. He is best known for his song ‘Intro,’ which has 2.7 million views on YouTube. Jayo used to upload his music on YouTube where he got nearly 16 million views. His music gained much success and he began collaborating with several other rappers and making music videos. He died in an unfortunate shooting accident on January 27, 2019.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jonas Joseph

Birth date:

November 1, 1996

Death date:

January 27, 2019 (age 22)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Net Worth:

$300 thousand

Jonas's Social Media:


Jonas Joseph, known professionally as Jayo Sama, was born on November 1, 1996, in West Palm Beach, Florida. His parents were born in Haiti and immigrated to the U.S. where he and his siblings were born. He has two siblings, a brother, who goes by Rip T.J., and a sister, Ermika Joseph. Sama loved music and began singing and rapping from a young age. Sama and other kids at school were bullied for being Haitian and he would often defend them.

He attended high school in Florida but eventually dropped out. He spent some time in prison due to drug-related charges. After being released, he decided to pursue a career in music. He began releasing music in 2016 on SoundCloud. He released a few singles that he later turned into a mixtape. His first mixtape, “Bringin’ Drama Vol. 1,” was released in 2017. He began releasing his music videos on YouTube and gained millions of views and new fans. The first song he released on YouTube was ‘Intro,’ which gained over 2.7 million views. He began growing in popularity in 2018 with almost 60,000 followers on Instagram and over 16 million views on his YouTube channel. The rapper wrote and produced his own music and was getting recognition.

Sama and his girlfriend Sofia Veronica, a fellow rapper, announced they were expecting a child together in 2018. The couple were together for several years and had a baby boy. Jayo Sama sadly passed away in 2019 at the age of 22. He was found dead from a gunshot wound in a car near Palm Beach Lakes High School. His girlfriend and other loved ones paid him a tribute on social media.

Career timeline

His YouTube Channel

Sama begins his YouTube channel where he shares his music.

His Music Debut

Sama releases his first song ‘Juice’ on SoundCloud.

His Mixtape

Sama releases his mixtape, “Bringin’ Drama Vol. 1”.

His Second Single

Sama releases his second single, ‘Intro,’ on YouTube.

Why We Love Jayo Sama

  1. He was a loving father

    Sama was excited to be a father and was a dedicated partner. His girlfriend gushed about his love and kindness after his passing.

  2. He was a dreamer

    Sama worked hard and was extremely talented. He had hopes of making it big and had the chance to live that dream before his death.

  3. He had immense talent

    Sama started his career at a young age. He managed to gain fans very quickly. His music had millions of views on YouTube and other social media.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He collaborated with Soldier Kidd

    The fellow rapper, Soldier Kidd, was featured in Sama’s mixtape, "Zumb Freestyle."

  2. He wrote a tribute song

    His song ‘You Sleep’ was a tribute to loved ones he lost in a car accident.

  3. He wrote music in prison

    During the time Sama was in prison, he continued creating music in his head that he was later able to produce.

  4. He was a Lil Pump fan

    He often used Lil Pump’s catchphrase ‘ESKETIT.’

  5. He released music on WorldStarHipHop

    He gained more exposure when he began releasing music on the video blog, WorldStarHipHop.

Jayo Sama FAQs

What happened to Jayo Sama?

He was fatally shot.

What is Jayo Sama’s best song?

His songs ‘Intro’ and ‘What It Is’ are some fan favorites.

Was Jayo Sama Haitian?

He was Haitian but he was born in the U.S.

Jayo Sama’s birthday dates

2024November 1Friday
2025November 1Saturday
2026November 1Sunday
2027November 1Monday
2028November 1Wednesday

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