Paige Hyland

Paige Hyland was born on November 1, 2000, in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, to Kelly and Randy Hyland. She was a former dancer with the Abby Lee Dance Company and starred in the hit reality show “Dance Moms.” She and her older sister, Brooke, danced at A.L.D.C. until they left in 2014. She also has an older brother, Josh. Chloe Lukasiak and Nia Frazier, who also danced with her, are her best friends. Hyland enjoys modeling and auditioning for a television show with Lukasiak, in addition to dancing. Read more to get more familiar with the life and career of Hyland!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Paige Mackenzie Hyland


Paigey Mack

Birth date:

November 1, 2000



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$2 million

Paige's Social Media:


Paige Mackenzie Hyland was born on November 1, 2000, in Pennsylvania, United States (U.S.). She is well-known for her appearances on “Dance Moms,” a prominent television dance show. She was born to dance and began training at the age of two. Her mother and siblings are also successful dancers, indicating that dance runs in the Hyland family. Brooke, her older sister, and Josh, her older brother, have the same enthusiasm for dance as she has. She has a fantastic relationship with both of her siblings, but she has fewer quarrels with her brother than she does with her sister.

Hyland first appeared on “Dance Moms” at the age of nine. She had been a student of Abby Lee Dance Company since she was a small child. Despite Abby’s assessment of her as the weakest member of her squad on the reality show, she was the one who gained a lot of fans, accumulating a fan base. Hyland and her mother frequently complained about Abby’s indifference toward her, claiming that she didn’t give her enough chances to succeed on the show. After their first two seasons of success, her mother and Abby had an ugly fight, and Hyland quit the show, never to return to the dance series. This young girl didn’t allow the sad turn of events to define her life. She promptly restarted her YouTube channel and began uploading videos with her family, which primarily consisted of question and answer sessions, dance uploads, and routines. She swiftly racked up thousands of subscribers — much to her astonishment. She even makes it a point to post a new video on her Facebook once a month. As a result, she keeps her channel’s content fresh and up-to-date. Hyland hasn’t appeared on any other television series since her disagreement with the show “Dance Moms.”

She’s recently developed a strong interest in sports and practices volleyball often. Hyland hasn’t given up on dance; she continues to study it at several academies. She stated in an interview when asked about dance classes, “Different teachers teach in different ways, so that’s good.” Her enthusiasm for learning is reflected in her optimism. She is still in the spotlight thanks to YouTube and Instagram. She revealed in an interview that she enjoyed working with youngsters and hoped to build a studio where she could teach dancing.

Career timeline

Hyland’s Birth

Hyland comes into the world.

Her First Appearance in “Dance Moms”

Hyland makes an appearance as one of the cast members in “Dance Moms.”

Starting Her YouTube

Hyland starts her YouTube channel, which has been growing over the years.

Leaving “Dance Moms”

After constant conflicts with Abby Lee Miller, Hyland and her mother decide to leave “Dance Moms.”

Going to College

Hyland begins her college years at West Virginia University.

Why We Love Paige Hyland

  1. She does not give up

    Despite the constant pressure that Abby Lee Miller gives her in “Dance Moms,” Hyland refuses to give up or lose her confidence. Even when she decided to quit the dance show, she didn’t lose motivation to expand her career in other fields.

  2. She has a goal of teaching

    Even though she doesn’t teach anymore, Hyland has a dream of opening her own dance school. She has the willingness to share her skill and motivate others to achieve their dreams.

  3. She has a sweet personality

    From “Dance Moms” to her current career as an influencer, Hyland never fails to charm fans with her sweet personality. Not only is she talented, but as an influencer, she can always radiate positivity via her social media accounts.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her dance style

    Hyland’s favorite dance style is gymnastics.

  2. She plays volleyball

    Hyland was a member of Franklin Regional High School’s volleyball team.

  3. Her best friends

    Hyland’s best friends, Chloe Lukasiak, Nia Sioux, and her sister, Brooke Hyland, were all once part of Abby Lee’s dancing school.

  4. She had braces

    Hyland had braces in 2012, and they were removed in 2014, just like her sister, Brooke.

  5. Her YouTube hasn’t been active

    Hyland’s YouTube page hasn’t uploaded any content for some time since 2015.

Paige Hyland FAQs

Is Paige Hyland a twin?

No, she is the youngest of three siblings.

Are Paige Hyland and Chloe still friends?

Yes, the two have confirmed that the friendship is very much alive.

Does Paige Hyland have a boyfriend now?

Based on her Instagram post, Hyland currently seems to be dating a guy named Jayvon Thrift.

Paige Hyland’s birthday dates

2024November 1Friday
2025November 1Saturday
2026November 1Sunday
2027November 1Monday
2028November 1Wednesday

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