Nicole Laeno

Nicole Laeno, born December 8, 2005, is a professional dancer, reality T.V. show star, content creator, and makeup artist. She created a YouTube channel to share some of her dance videos, and it has gained millions of subscribers since then. Now, she shares various types of content on her YouTube channel. She is a model as well, and her Instagram account has millions of viewers who are interested to see her pictures and videos. We will help you celebrate this dancer’s special day who is quietly building a digital empire.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Nicole-Noel Pham Laeno



Birth date:

December 8, 2005



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$3.9 million

Social Media:


Nicole Laeno’s smile is the first thing you will notice about her, and her beauty, relatable content, and captivating dance moves keep many people returning to her YouTube channel. She was born on December 8, 2005, in Bellflower, California, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She is the daughter of Noel and Linda Laeno, and her ethnicity is partly Vietnamese and partly Filipino. She moved to Los Angeles, California, and currently lives there with her parents. She started dancing at the age of seven, and she joined Fusion Studios’ Advanced Competition Team when she was eight years old. She is experienced in various dance genres, including ballet and contemporary dance. She works with Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention as a dancer and often goes on tour with them. She launched her YouTube channel to share her dance videos with everyone.

Laeno is also an actress. She worked as a host on the YouTube series, “Lego Buildzone.” In 2017, she had her acting debut in Disney’s YouTube Red series “Hyperlinked,” where she played a character named Harlie. Later in 2018, she played Brianna on “Boss Cheer,” which aired on Brat T.V., a digital network affiliated with Snapchat. In the same year, she also worked on the T.V. series “So Janelle” as a guest star. Laeno works as a brand influencer, and she has worked with brands like Fox, H&M, Disney, Mattel, LEGO, Popchips, networks like DanceOn and A.B.C., and Nickelodeon. She has crossed paths with superstar artists such as Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, and the Black Eyed Peas in her acting career.

Laeno also works as a makeup artist, and she has a dedicated YouTube channel for makeup videos. She has an older brother, Christian, who is also a YouTuber.

Career timeline

She Begins Her Dance Lessons

Laeno's parents enroll her at a dance school to become a professional dancer.

She Launches a YouTube Channel

Laeno launches her YouTube channel, where she posts family content, makeup videos, and dance videos.

She Competes in “Dance-Off Juniors”

Laeno competes against other kids in a dancing competition to win $5,000.

She Wins an Award for Her Dancing

Laeno is named Hollywood Vibe Dancer of the Year.

Why We Love Nicole Laeno

  1. She is a dedicated person

    Laeno has laser focus, and we love this about her. She's focused on her career, her education, and her religion.

  2. She enjoys spending time with her family

    Many children lock themselves away from their families. Laeno enjoys spending time with her family, and we think this is so sweet.

  3. She is humble and kind

    Despite her fame, Laeno has remained humble and kind to her fans. We think this is a great attribute, and we wish her the best.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her favorite season of the year

    Laeno enjoys spending her winters indoors.

  2. Her favorite singers

    She loves Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, and her favorite songs from them are 'I'm the One' and 'That's What I Like.'

  3. Her favorite food

    She loves noodles, and she says she can have noodles for a week and not get tired of them.

  4. Her favorite YouTubers

    She loves noodles, and she says she can have noodles for a week and not get tired of them.

  5. Her favorite princess movies

    Laeno loves Rapunzel from “Tangled” (2010) and Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” (1989), and she has watched them many times over.

Nicole Laeno FAQs

Where does Nicole Laeno live now?

Laeno lives in Los Angeles, California, with her family.

What is the name of Nicole Laeno's dog?

She calls her dog Sadie, which she also treats like a little sister.

What is Nicole Laeno's favorite color?

Laeno’s favorite color is pink.

Nicole Laeno’s birthday dates

2024December 8Sunday
2025December 8Monday
2026December 8Tuesday
2027December 8Wednesday
2028December 8Friday

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