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Teri Hatcher, born on December 8, 1964, is a world-renowned American actress who has enthralled audiences with memorable performances in numerous productions. She is best known for playing Susan Mayer in the comedy-drama “Desperate Housewives” and Lois Lane in the A.B.C. superhero series “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.” She was studying mathematics and engineering when she accompanied a friend to Hollywood, intending to provide her with moral support during a casting call. However, she earned the role, and at the age of 21, she began her career as a mermaid dancer in A.B.C’s popular series “The Love Boat.” She has also written a memoir about her life.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Teri Lynn Hatcher

Birth date:

December 8, 1964



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6.2"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$50 million

Teri's Social Media:


Teri Lynn Hatcher was born in the California town of Palo Alto. Hatcher was the only child of Owen Walker Hatcher, Jr., a nuclear physicist, and electrical engineer, and her mother, Esther, was a computer programmer. A few years after her birth, her parents relocated to the nearby Los Alto, where she took ballet training at the San Juan School of Dance. After some years spent in Los Alto, the family relocated to Sunnyvale, where she attended Mango Junior High School and then Fremont High School, where she was captain of the Featherettes dance team. Following in her parent’s footsteps, Hatcher enrolled at De Anza College in Cupertino, California, and studied mathematics and engineering. Concurrently, she also started attending acting lessons at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. However, she eventually gave up her studies to focus on acting.

Hatcher started appearing in television series from 1985 to 1986 when she played Amy in the series “The Love Boat.” Her career on television lasted another three years. She appeared in six episodes of the American action-adventure series, “MacGyver.” She also featured in an episode of “Murphy Brown” in 1990 as a guest star. From 1993 to 1997, Hatcher secured a role as Lois Lane, the “Daily Planet” reporter, in A.B.C’s “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.” When the series was at its pinnacle in 1995, a photo of Hatcher wrapped in a Superman cape became the most-downloaded photo for several months. Soon later, in 1997, Hatcher landed the role of Paris Carver in the blockbuster “James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies.” Hatcher received many acting nominations due to her fame and acting talent, including Best Actress in a Quality Drama Series (1994) for “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” and Best Supporting Actress (1998) for “Tomorrow Never Dies.” However, Hatcher’s biggest television role remains “Desperate Housewives.” After debuting in the pilot episode on October 3, 2004, she appeared in every episode of the series until its end on May 13, 2012. Her performance garnered her a Golden Globe, a Primetime Emmy nomination, and three Screen Actors Guild awards.

Hatcher married Marcus Leithold in 1988, but the couple divorced a year later. In 1994, she married Jon Tenney, with whom she has a daughter, Emerson Rose, born on November 10, 1997. However, the couple divorced in 2003. Hatcher continued to work in 2007, writing a column for the magazine “Glamour.” Apart from her talent and charisma, Hatcher is now a mother who inspires many of her followers.

Career timeline

Her Acting Debut

She makes her acting debut on the television series, “The Love Boat,” playing Amy.

Her First Starring Role

She has her first starring role, playing Laura Matthews in the 13 episodes of “Karen’s Song.”

Superman Series

She is cast as a lead character and plays Lois Lane in the 87 episodes of “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”

Best Actress Performance

She takes home the award for Best Actress Performance in a Comedy or Musical Television Series.

Her First Book

Her first autobiography, “Burnt Toast: And Other Philosophies of Life,” is released.

Why We Love Teri Hatcher

  1. She gives back to charity

    Hatcher supports several charities, including the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Her support of the Aviva Family and Children's Services center earned her a Spirit of Compassion Award in 1996 and an Aviva Impact Award in 2010. She also received a Nobel Award at the 2009 Nobel Humanitarian Awards.

  2. She spoke up against abuse

    Hatcher finally spoke out about being sexually abused by her uncle when she heard a 14-year-old girl had killed herself after suffering at his hands. Her testimony helped send Richard Hayes Stone to jail for 14 years.

  3. She is health conscious

    Other than running a marathon to challenge her athletic ability, she cares more about making exercise a way of life. Improving her health is way more important to her than just looking good.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is a victim of sexual assault

    At the age of five, she was sexually assaulted by an uncle but kept it a secret until he molested another child in 2006.

  2. She really enjoys fishing

    This is something she has enjoyed doing ever since she was young.

  3. She loves to cook

    “I love to cook and fantasize about being on Top Chef Celebrity. If they had that,” she was quoted by “US Weekly.”

  4. She does not like roses

    Unlike many other women, Hatcher does not like roses.

  5. She's obsessed with Disneyland

    She cannot get enough of Disneyland's Space Mountain.

Teri Hatcher FAQs

What ethnicity is Teri Hatcher?

Her father is of English, Welsh, and Irish origin, while her mother is of Syrian, Czech, and Irish ancestry.

Was Teri Hatcher a cheerleader?

She is a former N.F.L. cheerleader.

When did Teri Hatcher leave “Desperate Housewives?”

Her last performance was on September 4, 2012.

Teri Hatcher’s birthday dates

2024December 8Sunday
2025December 8Monday
2026December 8Tuesday
2027December 8Wednesday
2028December 8Friday

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