Gregg Allman

Gregory LeNoir Allman, commonly known as Gregg Allman, was born on December 8, 1947, and passed away on May 27, 2017. He was an American singer, songwriter, and musician who is famously known for being part of The Allman Brothers Band, a band he co-founded with his brother Duane Allman, and as a solo artist in his personal band. He recorded songs in the blues, rock, and country music genres and specialized in vocals, keyboards, and the guitar. He and his brother were so good as a band that they defined the genre now referred to as Southern rock.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Gregory LeNoir Allman


Gregg, Coyotus Maximus, BayBrah

Birth date:

December 8, 1947

Death date:

May 27, 2017 (age 69)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Net Worth:

$18 million

Gregory's Social Media:


Gregory LeNoir Allman, popularly known as Gregg Allman, is a familiar figure in the world of rock music. Each time his name is mentioned, what comes to mind are the strides he made in the industry before his death. The second son in a family of four, Allman was born in Nashville, Tennessee, to Willis Turner Allman — a soldier in the U.S. Army, and Geraldine Robbins Allman. After Willis got fatally shot by a hitchhiker in Virginia in 1949, Allman’s mother relocated with her sons to Nashville and chose not to remarry. She went back to school to improve the family’s situation and sent Allman and his brother, Duane, to school.

Allman’s love for music was inspired by two events. First, he and his brother attended a 1960s concert in Nashville. The concert performance thrilled and planted music in Allman’s heart. The second was when a disabled neighbor introduced him to playing guitar. So much was Allman inspired by this that he began to work as a poster boy to purchase his guitar. After performing with the Y Teens, the Allman brothers saw a bright future in music and dived into it. In 1967, they secured a deal with Liberty Records and recorded under the name HourGlass. Their second album, “Power of Love,” was released in 1968. The popular Allman Brothers Band was established in 1969, after they left their deal with Liberty Records. The Allman Brothers Band got a breakthrough in the industry with the 1971 live album “At Fillmore East.” Allman was saddened by the sudden loss of his brother but he eventually bounced back and recorded his solo album “Laid Back” in 1973, as well as several other successful albums and singles.

As a member of The Allman Brothers Band, Allman won several awards, such as a Grammy Award for ‘Best Rock Instrumental Performance,’ a Billboard Touring Award, and the ‘Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.’ In 1995, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

Career timeline

Allman Establishes His Band

He and his brother, Duane, establish their band, The Allman Brothers Band.

He Releases His Solo Album

Allman releases his first solo album, "Laid Back."

He Enters the Hall of Fame

Allman enters the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his outstanding performance.

His Final Home

Allman relocates to Richmond Hill, Georgia, where he buys five acres of land.

He Announces His Chronic Disease

Allman announces he suffers from Hepatitis C.

He Receives an Honorary Doctorate

President Jimmy Carter presents Mercer University's honorary doctorate to Allman.

Why We Love Gregg Allman

  1. He understood the importance of mental health

    He sought treatment to get over his addiction. He understood the importance of mental health and the well-being of the body.

  2. He coined “Southern rock”

    The famous musical genre was coined by Allman and his brother. It is described as a blend of rock, blues, and country music.

  3. He was empathetic

    Allman knew what it was like to be sick with or no financial support, so The Allman Brothers Band hosted a hepatitis C fundraiser and awareness concert at the Beacon Theatre in New York and raised about $250,000. An award was created in his honor — the Allman Hepatitis C Leadership Award for people living with the disease.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He once schooled in a military academy

    Allman and his brother Daune were sent to Castle Heights Military Academy by their mother.

  2. He shot himself in the foot

    Allman had purposely shot himself in the foot to avoid being drafted for the Vietnam war.

  3. He was left-handed

    He did everything with his left hand but learned to play guitar with his right hand like his brother.

  4. He missed his graduation

    Allman was absent at his school graduation because he was performing that evening.

  5. He raised money for President Carter

    The Allman Brothers partook in fundraising event for former President Carter's campaign.

Gregg Allman FAQs

Did Cher attend Gregg Allman's funeral?

Cher and Jimmy Carter, the former President of the United States, were at his funeral.

Was Gregg Allman a good musician?

Allman was an exceptional musician. He is credited for coining the South rock musical subgenre.

Did Cher date Gregg Allman?

Allman and Cher were married but divorced after nine days of marriage. They later reconciled and finally separated in 1977.

Gregg Allman’s birthday dates

2024December 8Sunday
2025December 8Monday
2026December 8Tuesday
2027December 8Wednesday
2028December 8Friday

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