Shereen Jenkins

Shereen Jenkins, born February 8, 1996, is a professional dancer and performer. She is a self-taught dancer. Jenkins practiced dancing in her basement before she perfected the art and was confident enough to showcase her talent on “YouTube.” She currently has over 80,000 subscribers on her channel. She also has a “Vine” channel with over 280,000 followers. Jenkins usually posts videos of herself dancing to popular songs or taking part in viral dance challenges. She is also popular on a viral video-sharing platform, “TikTok.”

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Shereen Jenkins

Birth date:

February 8, 1996



Zodiac Sign:


Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Shereen's Social Media:


Shereen Jenkins was born on February 8, 1996. She hails from Ohio, U.S., and is the youngest of three children, with a brother named Jeremiah and a sister named Latoya.

Jenkins found the inspiration to become a professional dancer after watching Chris Brown’s “Video Music Awards” performance in 2007. She then took part in her high school talent show and came in first place.

Jenkins spent many hours in her basement, practicing and learning the skills needed to be an excellent dancer. She created her YouTube channel in December 2009 and started posting videos of herself dancing to popular songs. Her subscribers on the platform have flourished ever since. She currently has close to 90,000 subscribers and well over four million total views. Jenkins also posted videos on the short video platform, Vine, where she got over 50,000 followers in two days. She’s pretty active on Instagram and TikTok, where she posts a lot of dancing videos, advises her admirers, and reacts to other dance videos.

Jenkins’ dancing has earned her recognition from celebrities and professional athletes. She has also been featured on the video blogging platform, Worldstar Hip Hop.

Career timeline

The Career Inspiration

Chris Brown’s performance at the “American Video Music Awards'' inspires Jenkins to become a dancer.

The YouTube Channel is Launched

Jenkins joins “YouTube” and creates her channel to post dancing videos.

The Most Viewed Video

Jenkins dances to American pop singer Ciara’s hit song “Body Party,” which is currently her most-viewed YouTube video with over 330,000 views.

The Instagram Milestone

Jenkins hits 200,000 Instagram followers in September.

Why We Love Shereen Jenkins

  1. Her dedication and focus

    Jenkins is hard working and so dedicated to perfecting her skill as a dancer that she spent countless hours practicing. She is an inspiration to many.

  2. Her dancing skills

    Jenkins is an energetic dance. She oozes positive energy and vibes while dancing.

  3. Her inspirational videos

    Besides posting dance videos, Jenkins also posts videos where she advises her fans and followers about their career choices. She encourages them to pursue their goals and do what makes them happy.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She’s a star on Vine

    Jenkins’ first Vine post earned her over 50,000 followers in just two days.

  2. She is self-taught

    Jenkins taught herself to dance.

  3. Her inspiration was Chris Brown

    Chris Brown’s performance at an awards show inspired her to dance.

  4. She has celebrity associates

    Jenkins has gained recognition from celebrities like R&B singer B. Smyth, as well as professional athlete Brittney Griner.

  5. Her birth flower

    Jenkins’ birth flowers are Violet and Primrose.

Shereen Jenkins FAQs

Is Shereen Jenkins currently in a relationship?

No, she is single.

How many children does Shereen Jenkins have?

She has no children.

What is Shereen Jenkins’s life path number?

Shereen Jenkins’s life path number is 8.

Shereen Jenkins’s birthday dates

2025February 8Saturday
2026February 8Sunday
2027February 8Monday
2028February 8Tuesday
2029February 8Thursday

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