Charlie Axel Woods

Charlie Axel Woods is a golf prodigy, born on February 8, 2009. He is the son of celebrated golfer Tiger Woods but is fast creating an identity for himself in the sport. Woods is a star golfer in the making, so join us to celebrate his birthday today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Charlie Axel Woods

Birth date:

February 8, 2009



Zodiac Sign:



4' 9"

Net Worth:

$5 million


Golf prodigy Charlie Axel Woods is well known for his abilities. Born to Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren on February 8, 2009, he is an Aquarius. Woods is of Swedish and African-American ancestry. Sam Alexis Woods is the name of his sister. Woods has been appearing at the gallery to support his father for as long as he can remember.

Woods’ rise to fame began at age four when he was spotted swinging a golf club. His interest in the sport only seemed to grow. In 2020, Woods teamed up with his father at the P.N.C. Championship, where he hit a career milestone of 175 yards, hitting his first eagle. Woods won a U.S. Kids Golf event by five shots. He also won his nine-11 age division by three shots at the P.G.A. South Florida Section Tournament. In 2021, Woods and his father returned to the P.N.C. Championship. Aside from playing golf, Woods is passionate about other kinds of sports.

Woods is still a child and has experience and skills to hone. He is currently focusing on his career as a golfer and other interests. Woods is far too young for a romantic relationship. Hence, he shares his time with his friends and family. Woods idolizes his father, and they often have cute father-son moments on the green picked by the media. He enjoys golfing with him.

Career timeline

His Birth

Woods’ birth makes headlines.

Even Father's Aren't Perfect

Tiger Woods' cheating scandal makes breaking news, claiming the star slept with 120 women while married to his then wife.

The Golf Club Swinging

Woods swings a golf club and gets media attention.

A Career Milestone

At the P.N.C. Championship, Woods hits a career milestone of 175 yards.

A P.N.C. Championship

Woods and his father return to the P.N.C. Championship.

Sport Fanatic

Woods made an appearance at the first round of the 2023 US Open.

Why We Love Charlie Axel Woods

  1. He’s making a name for himself

    It’s difficult to step out of the shadow of a father as famous as Tiger Woods. Woods has accepted the challenge and is excelling.

  2. He’s a prodigy

    Woods is a golf prodigy. He’s growing into an adept athlete.

  3. He’s achieved a lot in a short time

    He’s very young yet has already achieved so much in the sport.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was named after his uncle

    Woods was named after his uncle, Axel.

  2. He’s bilingual

    Woods speaks Swedish and English.

  3. He was into soccer

    Woods was more interested in soccer than golf.

  4. He talks trash too

    Like his father, Woods also talks trash to his opponents on the green.

  5. He’s picky about his clubs

    Woods is very picky about his golf clubs and has a taste for the more expensive ones.

Charlie Axel Woods FAQs

What does P.N.C. stand for in golf?

It stands for Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation.

How far can Charlie Woods drive the golf ball?

Woods is honing his skills to reach 200 yards.

How are Tiger Woods and Cheyenne Woods related?

She is his half-niece.

Charlie Axel Woods’s birthday dates

2025February 8Saturday
2026February 8Sunday
2027February 8Monday
2028February 8Tuesday
2029February 8Thursday

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