Coco Quinn

Coco Rochelle Quinn was born on June 7, 2008. She is a dancer, singer, actress, model, and social media personality from the U.S. Quinn appeared on “Dance Moms” with her mother. She is a YouTuber. Quinn has worked with several well-known YouTubers. She appeared in popular YouTube series, such as “Mani,” “Stitchers,” and “Chicken Girls.” She was a member of Molly’s Monsters, a mini-elite competition squad. She is Katie in the popular Brat series “Mani and Chicken Girls.”

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Coco Rochelle Quinn



Birth date:

June 7, 2008



Zodiac Sign:



4' 8"

Net Worth:

$400 thousand

Coco's Social Media:


Coco Rochelle Quinn was born in Los Angeles, California. Her father is a businessman. Jeannie Quinn, her mother, is a housewife and dancer. Her brother is Tyler. Her sisters, Rihanna and Kaylee, are also dancers.

Quinn started to dance and do gymnastics at two years old. She’s well-trained in rhythmic gymnastics, classical ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, tap, jazz, and tumbling. Quinn was one of 20 invited to Youth Squad for the U.S.A. rhythmic gymnastic squad. She has won numerous dance awards. Quinn holds a National Award title in dance. She got featured in “Dance Spirit.” In 2016, she worked on “A.B.C. Family Stitchers.” Later that year, she appeared on “Dance Moms.” In 2018, Quinn had a principal role in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” Quinn got principal roles in commercials like Disney and Pixar. At the Showbiz Talent Competition in Riverside, California, she won first place in the little diamond line. Quinn sings. Her debut single, ‘What I Love About Me,’ was released in July 2020. Quinn frequently collaborates with the GoatFamLA influencer group.

She dated Gavin Magnus, a popular social media personality, from 2020 to 2021. The couple met at Instabeach, an event for social media influencers. Gavin initially found it difficult to approach Quinn because he was intimidated by her. After a while, they started talking and became friends. With time, their bond deepened, and they started dating. However, the duo broke up not long after.

Career timeline

Her First Film Appearance

Quinn debuts in “Good luck Charlie” at only two years old.

The Golden Coyote Paws Awards

Her film “Bunker” wins Best Short Film Award.

Her First Major Film Appearance

Quinn is Katie in “Chicken Girls”.

Quinn’s Single Debuts

She releases ‘What I Love About Me.’

Why We Love Coco Quinn

  1. She preaches self-love

    Quinn wants her music to empower listeners and teach them to embrace every part of themselves. Her debut single, ‘What I Love About Me,’ talks about self-love.

  2. She’s competitive

    Quinn is determined and ambitious. At such a young age, she has achieved a lot in her career.

  3. She’s involved in charity

    Quinn and her sister attended Sawyer Sharbino's 13th Birthday/Anti-Bullying Charity Event in 2019. It was held in Sherman Oaks, California. At just 11, Quinn deserves applause.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She loves Barbie dolls

    Quinn enjoys playing with Barbie dolls and has a large collection.

  2. She's self-conscious about her height

    "My 2018 goal is to grow! Everybody is so tall at my school”, she said.

  3. She loves pizza

    Her favorite is cheese pizza with olives and barbeque sauce.

  4. She loves ice cream

    Cotton candy is her favorite ice cream flavor.

  5. She has a favorite Starbucks drink

    Her go-to Starbucks drink is peach green tea lemonade.

Coco Quinn FAQs

What grade is Coco Quinn today?

Quinn is in the eighth grade.

What is Coco Quinn’s favorite color?

Her favorite color is Pink.

What is Coco Quinn’s middle name?

Rochelle is her middle name.

Coco Quinn’s birthday dates

2024June 7Friday
2025June 7Saturday
2026June 7Sunday
2027June 7Monday
2028June 7Wednesday

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