Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera, born June 7, 2001, is an American social media celebrity, professional Instagrammer, and YouTuber. She’s also a social media sensation and a web video star. She was born and raised in a middle-class family and is known to be of American descent. She finished her education at a local Huntington Beach school. We are here to help you celebrate her birthday.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Alexa Brooke Rivera

Birth date:

June 7, 2001



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$3 million

Alexa's Social Media:


Lexi Rivera was born Alexa Brooke Rivera in California, United States. She has three siblings — Blake, Brice, and Brent and she is the youngest. Rivera’s father, Mr. John Rivera, is a shop owner by trade, and her mother, Mrs. Laura Rivera, is a housewife. According to Rivera’s social media posts, the family is very close. She has yet to enroll in any of the universities. She was always more interested in dancing than in studying since she was a child. She devotes significant time to exercise, enjoys staying in shape, and binge eating but does not sacrifice her fitness. She competes in numerous competitions and has put in a lot of effort throughout her life.

Rivera began her YouTube career in 2010, but her account was deactivated in 2012. But that was not the end of her — she gained a new fanbase after appearing on her brother Brent’s YouTube channel. When she began to gain popularity, she decided to relaunch her YouTube channel and posted her first YouTube video on July 1, 2018. She usually shares pranks and funny videos and is active on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. In 2019, she shared a video titled “I’m PREGNANT.” This was a phony pregnancy video that drew a large number of her fans. She also collaborated on a video with Andrew Davila.

Thanks to her older brother Brent, she has grown into a successful vlogger and YouTuber. She now has her own channel, but she still works with her brother on some videos. Rivera’s YouTube channel has 7.8 million subscribers, and she uploads videos every Saturday. As a result, she has a sizable fan base, especially considering she only started posting on her channel a little more than a year ago.

Career timeline

She Creates Her YouTube Channel

Her brother launches Lexiloulouu for her, and she shows off her gymnastic skills.

She Relaunches Her YouTube Channel

Rivera revives her channel and publishes pranks and funny videos.

Her Most Popular Video

She releases "I'm PREGNANT," a fake pregnancy prank video on Andrew Davila.

She Becomes Popular on TikTok

Rivera quickly becomes one of the platform's most popular stars, with over 21 million followers.

Why We Love Lexi Rivera

  1. Her mom is her role model

    Despite her close relationship with her brothers, Rivera claims that her mother is her greatest inspiration. She told “A-list Nation” that she admires her mother.

  2. She inspires her fans to workout

    Rivera enjoys dancing and is very interested in gymnastics and fitness. She maintains her fitness and encourages her followers to do the same.

  3. She loves her brothers equally

    Rivera is frequently asked by fans which of her brothers she prefers. She always responds that she loves them all equally.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her favorite T.V. show

    Rivera has stated that she enjoys watching "Happy Friday" and "Blades of Glory."

  2. She acted with her brother

    Rivera made her acting debut in the movie “BROBOT” alongside Brent.

  3. She speaks Spanish fluently

    Rivera has become very good at it, as her mother, Laura Rivera, is of Mexican origin.

  4. She loves shopping

    Rivera enjoys buying new clothes and outfits, and her favorite stores include Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom.

  5. She is a Will Ferrel fan

    Rivera is a huge fan of American actor and comedian Ferrell and has seen almost every film in which he appears.

Lexi Rivera FAQs

Can Lexi Rivera sing?

Rivera was seen in videos with her brother Brent singing, but she doesn’t have any songs of her own.

What does Lexi Rivera eat in a day?

Rivera maintains a balanced and healthy diet by eating a variety of healthy foods. For breakfast, she eats oats, fruits, juice, or coffee, and for lunch, she prefers rice, chicken breast, and vegetables. She eats a variety of meals for dinner, including salad, sushi, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

Does Lexi Rivera have a dog?

Rivera adores puppies. In September 2021, her brother surprised her with Tahoe, an eight-week-old golden retriever. Tahoe is a therapy dog in addition to being the family dog.

Lexi Rivera’s birthday dates

2024June 7Friday
2025June 7Saturday
2026June 7Sunday
2027June 7Monday
2028June 7Wednesday

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