Kaylyn Sans

Kaylyn Sans is an American Instagram star and model born on July 16, 1998. Sans is best friends with the child actor Peyton List, but she has lots of potential and strives to make a name for herself. Her career began with a “Teen Vogue” video she made with List. Sans is a beautiful star, and we’re celebrating her today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kaylyn Sans



Birth date:

July 16, 1998



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$200 thousand

Kaylyn's Social Media:


Kaylyn Sans is an American Instagram star and model. Sans’ originality and personality have won her fans on Instagram. She was born on July 16, 1998, in New York City. Sans is of Polish and Puerto Rican descent, and she was born into a family of five. She has two sisters whom she adores. Sans is a Cancer and started her modeling career at age four. She attended the Frank Sinatra School of Arts in N.Y.C. and Hofstra University. She has received lots of recognition in her line of work.

In July 2014, Sans filmed a video with her best friend List for “Teen Vogue.” The video revealed the depth of their beautiful friendship. In May 2017, Sans began working with renowned photographer Lee Clower of Lee Clower Photography. This photographer’s work with Sans is featured all over her Instagram page. Within the same year, she modeled for Coca-Cola. Sans goes on several more photoshoots with Lee Clower before modeling for Reunited Beauty in February 2022. At the same time, she does some promotional photoshoots for List’s makeup brand, Pley Beauty.

Sans is a beautiful model and Instagram star who has an endearing personality. She is hardworking and strives to advance her career as a model. Sans has a sizable Instagram following of 63,000 and has worked with multiple brands. As a model on the rise, Sans explores different countries at leisure. She loves the outdoors and shares her life with her friends and family. Sans has never been married, nor does she have any children.

Career timeline

The “Teen Vogue” Video

Sans films with List for “Teen Vogue.”

Lee Clower Photography

Sans begins working with the photographer.

She Models for Coca-Cola

Sans models for Coca-Cola with a picture ad.

She Models for Pley Beauty

Sans models for her best friend's makeup brand.

Why We Love Kaylyn Sans

  1. She’s pretty

    Sans is gorgeous inside and outside. We can lose ourselves in her charming grin and soulful eyes.

  2. She is determined

    Sans is balancing a modeling career while in college. That is something you can only do with hard work and determination.

  3. She’s a doting best friend

    When they were just four years old, Sans and List became friends. Even today, they remain the closest of friends, frequently sharing photos of one another on social media. Everybody wants the kind of friendship that these two have.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her first kiss

    List’s twin brother, Spencer, was Sans’ first kiss.

  2. She played soccer

    Sans played soccer in high school.

  3. Her first Instagram post is with List

    In a 2012 picture captioned “You can tell we missed each other,” Sans and List are all smiles.

  4. Prom

    Sans attended her high school prom in 2016.

  5. She can’t skate

    Although she is pictured with rollerblades on her Instagram, Sans cannot skate.

Kaylyn Sans FAQs

Where did Kaylyn Sans and Peyton List meet?

The pair met at a modeling audition in New York.

How long have Kaylyn Sans and Peyton List been friends?

Sans and List have been friends for about 20 years.

What is Kaylyn Sans’ natural hair color?

Sans is a natural brunette.

Kaylyn Sans’s birthday dates

2024July 16Tuesday
2025July 16Wednesday
2026July 16Thursday
2027July 16Friday
2028July 16Sunday

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