Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., born September 1, 2017, is the daughter of Serena Williams, a world-renowned American tennis player. Serena conceived Ohanian before her wedding to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and the couple was also gifted with the arrival of their beautiful daughter before tying the knot. Ohanian Jr. was destined for stardom from the moment she was born. Her parents built a verified Instagram account and a Twitter account for her to keep their admirers updated on her, making her an Internet sensation at a very early age. This adorable internet celebrity now resides in West Palm Beach. Let’s celebrate the birthday of our favorite junior.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.



Birth date:

September 1, 2017



Zodiac Sign:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Alexis's Social Media:


Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. was well-known on social media long before she was born. A surge of enthusiasm swept social media and internet news sites just a few months after Serena became pregnant with her. Serena’s pregnancy has been a hot subject on the internet since she mistakenly posted a picture of her baby bulge on her social media profile. On September 1, 2017, Ohanian Jr. was born at St. Mary’s Medical Center, located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Serena Williams officially introduced Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. to the world on September 13, when she released a photo of her baby on her official Instagram profile. Ohanian Jr. became an Internet celebrity when the photo received over a million likes. It instantly made her famous. Serena and Alexis Ohanian created social media accounts for their daughter and began uploading her pictures. Ohanian Jr’s Instagram page currently has millions of likes and thousands of followers, and it is full of her photos. The page also includes pictures of her with world-famous figures like Novak Djokovic and, of course, her parents. It’s safe to say that the page is generating enough income for her to buy an entire candy shop or two. Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. became the youngest person to appear on the cover of “Vogue” magazine in February 2018.

Ohanian Jr. is the mother of her favorite doll, Qai Qai, according to her social media profiles. She looks after Qai Qai and is frequently seen lavishing her attention on her. Her Twitter account is full of photos of Qai Qai and shows how she spends precious time with her favorite doll. Her doll, Qai Qai, surprisingly, has her own Instagram account with almost 27,000 followers.

Career timeline

September 1, 2017
Ohanian is Born

Williams gives birth to Ohanian in St. Mary’s Medical Center, located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

September 13, 2017
Her First Picture is Released

12 days after she is born, her mom releases her first picture.

February 2018
She Becomes a “Vogue” Feature

Ohanian becomes the youngest person ever to adorn the cover of the iconic “Vogue” magazine.

September 1, 2019
Her Mom Celebrates Her Birthday

Williams marks her daughter's second birthday with a throwback photo of her birth and the words, "The last two years have been my greatest accomplishment."

Her Instagram Following Reaches New Heights

In 2022, her Instagram account accumulates a massive 640,000 followers, which is no small feat for a five-year-old!

Why We Love Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

  1. She adores her mom

    She and her mom regularly take their couple's photos and post them on their social media pages. These photos are picture-perfect of their loving family.

  2. She is a proud mom herself

    She’s growing up to be a responsible person. She’s a proud mother to a doll named Qai Qai, and judging by her social media photos, Qai Qai receives extra love and care from her mom.

  3. Looks like tennis is in her blood

    She’s currently a student at Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in Biot, France. If she keeps this up, we’ll no doubt see some world-class tennis from her.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She was born through C-section

    Williams reveals that her plummeting heart rate reached dangerously low levels during contractions, leading to an emergency cesarean section.

  2. Healthy champ right from the start

    At noon on September 1, 2017, she was born a healthy baby girl weighing six pounds and thirteen ounces.

  3. Sharing her mom’s victory

    Williams won the Australian Open while Ohanian Jr. was still a teeny-tiny baby in her belly.

  4. Following in her mother’s footsteps

    Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, located in Biot, France, is currently having her as their student.

  5. Mario Testino took her “Vogue” photo

    Mario Testino, the well-known Peruvian fashion and portrait photographer, directed Ohanian’s photoshoot at “Vogue.”

Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. FAQs

Does Serena Williams have a child?

Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. is the only child of Serena Williams.

Why is Olympia Ohanian a Jr.?

Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. is referred to as “Junior” by her father. But her mom prefers to call her “Olympia.”

How did Serena Williams meet Alexis Ohanian?

Ohanian’s parents met by chance at the Cavalieri Hotel in Rome, during breakfast.

Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.’s birthday dates

2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday
2026September 1Tuesday
2027September 1Wednesday
2028September 1Friday

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